"God Pitched a Shutout!" Audio

Earlier this week, I shared with you the story that changed my life forever.

In fact, just reading the story caused me overwhelming emotion!  I still can’t comprehend, even after all these years, I had the experience of working with terminally ill patients during the early days of the AIDS crisis, in the 1980’s, and saw God Himself provide the answer we needed to save lives.

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I decided to share this story with you after a recent radio talk show visit.  As I shared this story on the radio, I just knew I had to get the message out to the masses. I wanted to give you the chance to hear the story, in my own voice, for yourself.

Please take just a few moments to listen to the extraordinary account of the most significant breakthrough in my journey to help you and countless others achieve wholeness and healing.

It is why I am so utterly passionate about our Body as Doctor message.

This is my gift to you!  Enjoy!

(Click the image to launch the 13 minute radio interview.)

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