How to naturally lower Cholesterol and Homocysteine

We all know someone who suffers from high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke or kidney failure.

Did you know there are two other “silent killers” lurking within us that strike without warning? They are dangerously high LDL cholesterol and Homocysteine.

Blood pressure and cholesterol drugs are huge money makers for the pharmaceutical industry. Statins generated $34 billion in sales last year and have raked in a quarter of a trillion dollars since they were introduced two decades ago, according to

But they just mask the problem – they don’t address it. The time bomb continues to tick away.

Wayne Garland's E-Book Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills YouIf you, or anyone you know, has high blood pressure or is at risk for heart disease, I’ve written a book to help you, Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You.

The book includes detailed step-by-step instructions and recipes I have used for years with patients to quickly and dramatically lower LDL cholesterol and Homocysteine levels, bringing blood pressure back into normal ranges.

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Two Cholesterol Miracles – “You’re Next”!

Look to your left, now look to your right. Of every three people in America, one has high blood pressure and the other has high cholesterol. (Source: CDC)

No wonder cardiovascular disease, including stroke, continue to be America’s #1 killer.

And the drug companies have most of the traditional medical doctors fooled, as they immediately reach for their prescription pad to treat the “symptom” instead of addressing the underlying “problem.”

Take a moment to read the stories of Judy and Ken who both DRASTICALLY lowered their cholesterol, without dangerous drugs.

Cholesterol and Homocysteine Control

Along with the dietary changes suggested in my book, we have developed a special formula called Cholesteine, the world’s first all-natural means to fight the “silent killers” of both high cholesterol and homocysteine.

This ultra-powerful formulation, with its unique use of powerful minerals, Chinese herbal compounds, amino acids and Trimethylglycine (TMG), the wonder-nutrient for Homocysteine control, has shown dramatic reversal in a noted 6-month trial.

TMG, derived from the beetroot plant, is widely grown and has amazing powers, particularly on Homocysteine. When combined with B-vitamins and heart-healthy Magnesium, you have a super cocktail of cardiovascular health.

It always amazed me that no one, not even those in the alternative medicine world of nutrition, could come up with a formula to fight both the heart-dangers of cholesterol and homocysteine, at the same time! So instead of sitting on my hands and doing nothing about it, I went to work.

With heart disease now our country’s number one killer, every person should consider the necessity and importance of cholesterol control, and make this formulation part of their daily regimen.

Leading medical researchers are now unanimous in their concern about cholesterol causing heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Wayne Garland's Cholesteine Formula For Cholesterol and HomocysteineHomocysteine causes atherosclerosis and abnormal blood clot formation inside arteries, which leads to heart attacks and stroke. (Learn more about Homocysteine in my book.)

Cholesteine uses ultra-powerful, all-natural substances proven to reduce “bad” cholesterol (LDL), boost “good” cholesterol (HDL), lower dangerous trigylcerides and lipid levels and dramatically lower Homocysteine counts.

Be free from your dependence on prescription drugs! Order Cholesteine today to get maximum, all-natural benefits.

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Alzheimer’s Connection?

Several new studies are discovering a link between Homocysteine levels and Alzheimer’s disease proliferation. A Belgian study has just revealed that patients with Alzheimer’s have far higher levels of Homocysteine in their blood compared to the norm. (Source NCBI)

In addition, read my in-depth report, “Homocysteine” – Is this what really causes Alzheimer’s?

So not only does controlling Homocysteine have distinct implications in fighting heart disease, but also for the next giant epidemic forming in front of us as we age. Taking this anti-Homocysteine formula will not only provide great insurance against heart disease, but also help you preserve peak mental functioning as you age.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Eat lots of vegetables and multi-colored salads. Stir fry or lightly steam vegetables to retain the nutrients. Extra Virgin olive oil (I like the Apollo Olive Oil brand best) and lemon juice make a good dressing for salads.
  • No more red meats or dairy. That means no milk, cheese, butter or ice cream. Switch to nut milks like Almond, Coconut, Hemp or Soy milk. These are all delicious. Get Earth Balance spread for butter. Daiya Foods and Vegan Gourmet make excellent cheese alternatives.
  • Eliminate heavily-processed foods, particularly foods containing white flour, white sugar, pizzas, hamburgers and fried chicken.
  • Make up a big pot of my Miracle Potassium Broth Soup (the recipe is also in my free book) loaded with broccoli and cabbage and have a bowl every day. Flavor with Bragg Liquid Aminos and ground pepper to taste.

Do all of this and you’ll Kill Cholesterol – instead of Cholesterol Killing You!

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