Avoid Flu Shots Like the Plague

Most of us are led to believe we either get the flu shot or we get the flu. This could not be further from the truth.

Think about it – why in the world would you put the very thing you are trying to avoid into your body?

This is absolute medical madness. You can stay absolutely healthy all winter long without any shots.

I’ll even go one step further… getting the flu shot will more than likely increase your probability of contracting the flu – or worse!

Skip the ridiculous flu shot. I’ll show you how you can avoid the flu – and any other virus that might circulate this winter.

Do You Know What the Risks Are?

According to the CDC, the following substances are found in vaccines:

“aluminum (a brain toxin), antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde (a carcinogen), MSG or monosodium glutamate (a neurotoxin),and thimerosal (antother neurotoxin from mercury)”

The flu shot carries HUGE RISKS due primarily to mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

There is also emerging evidence that flu shots cause Alzheimer’s disease, most likely as a result of combining mercury with aluminum and formaldehyde.

Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, a world renowned immunogeneticist, announced recently there is a ten-fold increased chance of developing Alzheimer’s after receiving five flu shots.Dr. Fudenberg’s study was conducted from 1970 through 1980. He and his research team consider this increased risk of Alzheimer’s resulted from the combination of mercury (thimerosal) and aluminum building up over time in the brain.

Interestingly, Alzheimer’s has been on a steep rise over the last few decades, coinciding with the advent and increased promotion of flu shots for senior citizens.
(Source: Natural News – Flu shots often result in delayed side effects and long-term injury)

A 1998 John Hopkins newsletter predicted a quadrupling of Alzheimer’s cases over the next decade. This is stunning information in light of what we now know.

Other serious, and potentially deadly, adverse reactions to the flu vaccine include joint inflammation and arthritis, autism, anaphylactic shock (and other life-threatening allergic reactions), and Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralytic autoimmune disease.

Flu Vaccines are at Best 1% Effective!

Despite billions and billions being spent on high tech, pharmaceutical drugs, no drug company has ever been able to figure out a cure for the flu OR the common cold! Every year the health police come out forcing people to get a useless, and potentially dangerous, flu vaccine.

Flu vaccines, according to the latest scientific evidence, achieve a 1 percent reduction in influenza symptoms. Did you catch that? 1% reduction. That’s ludicrous.
(Source: Natural News – Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines)

I’ve said it countless times – there is no “Magic Bullet” to beat any disease – cancer, diabetes or the common cold. It takes a total “PROGRAM” to beat the problem.

In 2009, we had the Swine Flu pandemic and the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control spent hundreds of millions, along with the drug companies to hurry and make a vaccine. It is estimated between 11-21% of the world population came down with the H1N1 virus anyway, over 18,000 people died from it and the vaccine didn’t even work – and most likely further compromised everyone’s immune system who took it.
(Source: Wikipedia)

We take pride in the fact that customers who took our Flu Protection Program, did not report one single case of Swine Flu.

My 12-Step Winter Wellness Program

This is pure gold in it’s value. Print it out, follow it and you can kiss the common cold and dreaded flu virus, as well as most other viruses, goodbye this winter.

  1. Drink more water. Our body composition is 74% water. Fluid and electrolyte balance is a major function of homeostasis (balance), which is our body’s ability to maintain its internal environment as it adjusts to challenges and stress. Do you have any of these signs of dehydration?

    Thirst, dry mouth, cramping, headaches, weakness, foggy thinking, fatigue, bloating, dark yellow urine, significant weight loss or decreased sweat during exercise.

  2. Cook more meals at home. Winter weather is the perfect time for heavier soups and stews with root vegetables and garlic.
  3. Increase whole grains.
  4. Increase sweet vegetables. Red and yellow peppers are deliciously sweet raw or stir-fried and an excellent source of Vitamin C. Carrots and beets are sweet and rich in carotenoids, potent phyto-nutrients that fight free radicals and support immunity. Use these along with other root vegetables to create your comfort food the winter nights.
  5. Increase leafy green vegetables – especially Kale, which is one the most nutrient dense foods available. Experiment with protein.
  6. Experiment with protein. If you are a vegetarian and you get cold easily, experiment with adding small amounts of homemade beef both, grass-fed buffalo or wild-caught fish to your diet once or twice weekly during the winter. Studies show this may enhance regulation of body temperature.
  7. Eliminate dairy, sugar, coffee and alcohol. I don’t really need to mention the need to eliminate highly-processed, chemically-infused, artificial junk foods and sodas, do I?
  8. Nurture yourself more often. Spend more time with friends and deeper relationships that support you. Make an appointment for a massage. You will be amazed in the results!
  9. Add more fermented foods with “healthy bacteria” (called probiotics) to your diet.
  10. Find a physical activity you enjoy and do it regularly. Daily exercise is vitally important to your health and well being.
  11. Find work you love or a way to love the work you have.
  12. Develop a spiritual practice. Studies have shown prayer or meditation enhances your health and life.

What Else Can You Do?

Shorter days and cold weather keep most of us indoors in the winter. Vitamin D deficiency = Immune system deficiency.

Our bodies need the right nutrients to fight against viral and bacterial invasion. In addition to the 12 steps above, supplementing with specific nutrients from Mother Nature’s cupboard will help to get you through this cold and flu season with barely a sniffle. It’s worked for thousands of our customers over the years – and it will work for you too!

Winter Proof Yourself with Ultra D3
A clinical study by Mitsuyoshi Urashima and conducted by the Division of Molecular Epidemiology in the the Department of Pediatrics at the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo, found vitamin D was extremely effective at halting influenza infections in children.
(Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, March 2010)

In the study, while 31 of 167 children in the placebo group contracted influenza over the four month duration of the study, only 18 of 168 children in the vitamin D group did. This means vitamin D was responsible for an absolute reduction of nearly 8 percent.

Wayne Garland's Ultra Vitamin D3 + K2 formulaThis means vitamin D appears to be 800% more effective than vaccines at preventing influenza infections in children.

Our Ultra D3 formula is without a doubt the most powerful and synergistic Vitamin D formulation available, combining 5000 iu’s of vitamin D with 55 mcg’s of vitamin K2 (MK-7), along with co-factors Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Trace Minerals and Beta Carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, to deliver incredible synergistic benefits ranging from building strong bones, improving cardiovascular health and antioxidant protection.

Retail Price: $42.95
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Shark Liver Oil – The Super Nutrient for your Immune System
Let me explain a little about this staggeringly powerful compound…

Wayne Garland's Super AKG Shark Liver Oil formulaThe brute strength of the shark is not just found in its jaws, but in its liver. Here, scientists found an amazing substance called ALKOXYLGLYCEROL or AKG. Alkoxylglycerol’s are found in only one other place – in your mother’s breast milk.

What did God know about Alkoxylglycerol to put them there? To protect the newborn child from the moment she arrived on our planet! AKG’s have a profound effect on bone marrow production and in turn, the production of white blood cells. These are the “leukocytes” that the body’s immune system factory makes and then uses as the front line of its defense system and attack system.

Just as babies need fresh mother’s milk each day, Shark Liver Oil in the pharmaceutical grade gelcap formula we call Super ‘AKG’ Shark Liver Oil, is Mother Nature coming to our rescue with her healing powers.

Retail Price: $34.95
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Immune Support: The “Mack Truck” for your Immune System
Our Immune Support formula is like having the famed Mayo Clinic in a bottle – I truly believe it is “that” good.

What makes it such a powerhouse? Mushrooms! Medicinal mushrooms have amazing healing power. The Chinese have been using these special mushrooms for over 5000 years for protection against disease.

Wayne Garland's Immune Support formulaScientists would later discover that mushrooms contain polysaccharide-protein complexes that enhance the body’s innate intelligence to defend itself against invasion by pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

In addition to these miraculous medicinal mushrooms, we hand selected supporting ingredients for their proven capabilities to stimulate our body’s natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease.

Immune Support is like a “Mack Truck” of immune boosting nutrients, delivering immediate and long-lasting results. Each ingredient is selected for its proven capabilities to stimulate our body’s natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease.

Retail price: $52.95
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Respiratory Lung Health – Winter Wellness for the Lungs
As all mothers know, inhaling warm, moist air aids release of mucus secretions in the respiratory system, helping congested babies to breathe easier.

If you have not had the good fortune of spending time in a steam room, I strongly recommend finding a local health club or recreation center and make it a weekly habit this winter.

Wayne Garland's Respiratory Lung Health formulaSteam rooms provide temporary relief from inflammation and congestion of the upper respiratory membranes by loosening secretions and acting as a natural expectorant, stimulating the discharge of mucous from the throat and lungs.

Our Respiratory Lung Health formula is like having a “3rd Lung” to help with breathing. It naturally enhances oxygenation in the lungs and promotes clearer, easier breathing by clearing congestion that occurs from colds or flu.

Designed as a dual-function formula, it is also beneficial for anyone who suffers from allergies, lives or works in areas with poor air quality or who recently quit smoking.

Retail price: $39.95
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photo of a man sick in bed suffering with a stuffy, red nose
You really do have a choice!

You can look like this poor guy for weeks this winter… or you can be absolutely healthy and have the best, most enjoyable winter season you’ve ever had!

Here’s to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland and Connie Albright

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