Breast Cancer "Cure"

The world media exploded earlier this month with the news that a “cure” or breakthrough treatment for Breast Cancer had been found.

The news was incredible, but if you’ve been reading my newsletters regularly, you knew all about it way in advance.

Vitamin D is a high potent treatment and possible preventative “cure” for Breast Cancer.

And we have the most powerful, total Breast Cancer protection formula available.

Vitamin D may lower Breast Cancer Risk

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor WASHINGTON (Reuters)

Breast cancer patients with lower levels of vitamin D were far more likely to die and far more likely to have their cancer spread than women with normal levels, Canadian researchers reported on Thursday.

Women deficient in the “sunshine vitamin” when they were diagnosedWoman in sunshine with breast cancer were 94 percent more likely to have their cancer spread and were 73 percent more likely to die than women with adequate vitamin D levels.

More than three-quarters of women with breast cancer had a vitamin D deficiency, the researchers reported to a meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

“The women with the lowest vitamin D levels had the highest risk of death from breast cancer,”

Dr. Richard Schilsky, of the University of Chicago and president-elect of ASCO, told Reuters in an interview.

“We are seeing an association. It is possible that vitamin D is simply a marker for healthy lifestyle. We don’t think that is the case,”

said Dr. Pamela Goodwin of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, who led the study.
The study adds to a growing body of evidence that vitamin D, made when sunlight hits the skin and used to fortify many foods including milk, is important for preventing chronic diseases. It is key to maintaining strong bones.

Goodwin’s team studied 512 women (average age of 50) who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer and treated at three University of Toronto hospitals between 1989 and 1995. They were followed until 2006, a median of just under 12 years.

Only 24 percent of the patients had adequate levels of vitamin D when they were diagnosed with cancer.

Earlier, More Aggressive Cancer

Goodwin said optimal levels are considered to be somewhere between 80 and 110 or 120 nmol/L (nanomoles per liter) of blood, although there are no standard guidelines. They considered anything less than 50 nmol/L to be deficient.

After 10 years, cancer did not spread or come back in 83 percent of women with normal levels and 85 percent of these women were still alive. But just 69 percent of women with low vitamin D levels were cancer-free 10 years later and just 74 percent were still alive.

My comments: Did you catch that?

After 10 years, cancer did not spread or come back and 85% were still alive?  If that’s not a cure, I don’t know what is!

Women with low vitamin D levels were also likely to have developed cancer before reaching menopause, had higher body mass indexes — a measure of being overweight — had higher insulin levels and had more aggressive tumors.

“It is something that is going to make us think a lot harder about what the relationship is between vitamin D and breast cancer,” Schilsky said. “Vitamin D may turn out to be far more important in cancer than we realized.”

Associations have also been found between vitamin D and prostate and colon cancer, they noted. And Goodwin said low vitamin D levels had also been linked with heart disease. Goodwin noted that her study had only found an association. A randomized trial in which some women were assigned to take vitamin D and others took placebos would be needed to prove that it was in fact a lack of the vitamin causing the disease.

“It is really hard to know what a woman’s vitamin D level is now,” Goodwin said in a telephone interview.

“That’s why we have taken the fallback position to say at least for breast cancers patients, they should talk to their physician and get their vitamin D level checked,” she added.

Wonderful news for all women!

I took this and created possibly the most wonderful breast protection formula ever – with more than just Vitamin D-3.

Bone Density bottle graphic
Bone Density for Breast Nutrition

I hate to say it but I’ve been preaching the benefits of Vitamin D-3 for years now, it’s something the body just can’t live without.

It affects the brain, the heart, the immune system, increases intelligence, is better than any anti-depressant drug (read my May 13 article to learn more), and now we find it can beat breast cancer, the number one killer of women in America.

And at long last, the mainstream media have discovered it.

But to fight breast cancer, you need more than just Vitamin D-3.  You need high potency, high assimilation Calcium, they work together to fight breast cancer.

Then you need to get the Calcium to activate itself.  This requires high Magnesium and Manganese and Phosphorous and Boron and Strontium. Plus another little-know vitamin called “Vitamin K”. This is crucial to the body utilizing Calcium. So I added these to this new Super Formula.

But to fight cancer and any immune dysfunction, you need more than even these. You need Zinc, the brutally powerful immune function mineral. And Copper too.

I also added for good measure, “Horsetail”, a fabulous old herb that is very high in Silica, the building block of all life and also rich in Calcium.

Plus Vitamin C, the anticancer vitamin and antioxidant, Vitamin B complex and Potassium, another anticancer mineral.

This Formula fights Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis too!

Not only is this Formula superb at short-circuiting breast cancer, it is a profound new bone builder and bone density creator, so you are getting a free Formula at the same time. This is one formula every woman needs to take every day!  The evidence is overwhelming.

More Tips and Suggestions:

  • Eliminate all dairy. No more milk, cheese, ice cream, butter or pizzas with melted cheese.  Milk and other dairy products contain a dangerous hormone that triggers and fuels breastMilk the Deadly Poison book image cancer. Switch to soy versions of these or the Rice Dream version.
  • Get a bottle of my Indole-3 Carbinol 13 Formula. It’s better than Taxol, Tamoxafin or Herceptin.
  • Get my Broccoli Concentrate Formula. Breast Cancer hates Broccoli. Now it’s available in tablet form. And cheaper than buying a ton of broccoli and cooking it yourself.
  • Get 15 minutes of early morning sunshine every day, no later than 11:00am.  The sunshine will trigger the body to make its very own Vitamin D-3.  God knew something when he gave us our sun.
  • Avoid mammograms. I believe they are unreliable and just plain painful. Opt for a sonogram instead. I think they are more accurate.
  • Exercise is vital. Walk as often as you can and at least 45mins each and every day.
  • Act now!

Dr.  G

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