"Meals that Heal" Recipe Book

Nearly 30 years now in my extraordinary journey fighting cancer, the one thing that kept me alive and strong enough to fight another day, were the gifts that God’s messengers – healers and herbalists, doctors and believers, gave me in the form of special “Meals that Heal”.

I collected these special meals in my bulging notebooks and on scraps of paper all these years, passing them out to others I met along the way who were also on their own personal journey of recovery.

Hippocrates, who many consider to be the original doctor, is credited with saying,

“Your food should be your medicine; your medicine should be your food.”

Truer words have never been said or more powerfully in the understanding of how important our diet is in first preventing and then overcoming disease. “Dis-ease” occurs because we are out of balance for a prolonged period of time. We are literally “with out ease”.

The demands of life today are starkly different from those of our parents and grandparents. Most of us rush through our day, eating breakfast on the run, lunch at our desk and if we do stop and sit down for dinner, the food is often take-out, fast food, or pre-packaged, processed foods. No wonder we have an epidemic of diseases!

Our “Meals that Heal” use fresh fruits, vegetables and grains available at any grocery or health food store, delivering the vital nutrients our bodies desperately need to heal and restore the natural balance and “ease” in our lives.

The recipes and messages of the healing power of foods are available to you to start using for tonight’s first dinner with God. They are simple to make and can be stored in the refrigerator or freeze to reheat when needed.

Click here or on the book cover to purchase your copy.  To help support our mission to Heal the World, One Person, One Pet, One Plant at a Time, we charge $14.97 per copy to keep our “Clinic Without Walls” going.

Try a new recipe each week and let us know your favorites, and also which have healed you in some way. I have my favorites, they’re all in the book!  Enjoy and remember to thank God for creating them.

“Look after yourself because no one else but God will.”


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  1. I’ve loved all the products I recieved from you, I,m sure this book will be a big hit also…
    Thank you,
    Linda Shaw

  2. Dr. Wayne Garland is a blessing from God. My family and I take almost all of the products and we loved the products so much.
    Thank You

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