Frankenstein Food – Send in the Clones

“Where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns.
Don’t bother, they’re here.”

Send In The Clowns, Stephen Sondheim, 1973

Despite a September survey that found that 64% of all Americans are repulsed by the idea of eating food from cloned animals, the FDA announced just this week that milk, eggs and meat from cloned animals will soon be allowed onto the market.

Ignoring a number of highly disturbing studies suggesting potential human health hazards, the FDA said “that meat and milk from cattle, swine and goat clones, is as safe to eat as the food we eat every day.”

Consumer advocates, food safety and animal welfare groups have condemned the announcement, pointing out that cloning is inherently unpredictable and hazardous, and that the practice of cloning has led to a high number of cruel and painful deformities in experimental animals and their offspring.

Remember “Dolly”, the first cloned sheep, who died a dreadful death, still unexplained?

Would you eat Dolly?

Why aren’t these terrible Frankenstein foods at least going to be labeled honestly so consumers can make a valued decision?

Follow the money.

Recognizing that requiring labels on cloned food would lead to a massive consumer boycott, the FDA bowed to strong industry lobbyists by stating that there likely will be no required labeling of food products containing ingredients from cloned animals.

The FDA’s controversial proposed regulations in the Federal Register will now be followed however by a three month “public comment period.”

So you have a strong chance to stop this madness.

Every sane person reading this, along with humane-minded individuals across this country, can now act to stop this outrageous and hazardous regulation from coming into force as Federal law. Read on and see what you can do, simply, easily and instantly.

But first, who is behind all this Frankenstein Food madness?

All of this cloned food scam is directly connected to Human Genetic Engineering.The FDA’s draft risk assessment document leans very heavily on the work of two infamous animal-cloning companies, Cyagra and ViaGen.

Over a quarter of the FDA’s 700-page draft is nothing less than a “data dump” from these two companies.

ViaGen is part of the highly secretive “Exeter Life Science Group”, which is owned by a mysterious billionaire, John Sperling, who also financed the notorious Genetic Savings and Clone caper.

(I am not making this up, read on.)

Viagen’s chief scientist, Irina Polejaeva, was once GSC’s head of research and when GSC closed, ViaGen took over their gene banking operation.

The cloned pets used, were rightly described by observers as “a footnote to John Sperling’s grand plan, and so are the cows and pigs”.

His plan very simply, is “people” and in turn, “people living forever”.

This is Jurassic Park gone mad.

The hidden agenda behind this latest announcement on cloned foods coming at us totally unlabeled and unannounced, without any chance to make a reasoned decision on what goes into our bodies, is in plain sight.

It’s nothing more than frothing-at-the-mouth commercial interests once again.

Driven by an ego-maniacal, secretive billionaire hell-bent on changing the destiny of the world and how God created it.

With good old greed hiding behind the curtain, looking gleefully on.

Behind all this lies the terrible specter of Human Genetic Engineering.

It’s a mutually reinforcing spiral: the animal cloners have been relying on human medical research to make their work seem less unacceptable.

And the human cloners rely on the animal work to make theirs seem more reasonable and acceptable in the “interest of scientific progress.”

These people are mad. They’re fiddling with Creation itself. For massive bucks and proportionate ego-satisfaction.

But a related and potentially more significant announcement probably escaped your notice.

Researchers for a United Nations agency reported last month that livestock breeds around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate, with as many as one-fifth of cattle, hog, goat, horse and poultry varieties facing extinction.

Some 190 breeds have totally vanished in the last 15 years alone, and perhaps another 1,500 are already thought to be at high risk.

These extinctions are driven by agricultural practices that perpetuate the most profitable breeds and neglect the rest. The results are a shrinking gene pool, and potentially, threats to global food security. The connection again is to cloning which will make matters far worse, not better.

Among many shoppers, there is growing awareness and fear that factory-like livestock operations produce animals in conditions ranging from misery to torture, while promoting the extinction of small-scale farming and farm-dependent rural communities.

But most find it easy to look the other way.

And the big problem with the possible coming of cloned livestock is the fear and uncertainty that “clone burgers” will be dangerous to human health, and the uncomfortable reality that animals produced this way are much likelier to be defective at birth. Which we will then consume.

Frankenstein-like engineering of foods will continue to narrow the scope of pure foods to exist for us to consume as God intended, and thereby enlarge our vulnerability to diseases, pests or other causes of collapse.

Send in the clowns!

Want to do something? Here’s what you can do, NOW

The FDA is seeking comments on using cloned cows for future milk and cheese production and meat consumption.

To record your email comments with the FDA, simply go to:

(Copy and paste)

Once you get to the FDA page, scroll down to the bottom. You will see SET 1-15.

Scroll forward about six times until you get to SET 91-95.

That’s where you will find the “docket” to add your comment. The proper docket will be the sixth one in the left column, of SET 91-95.

The number is: 2003N-0573.


Then, follow the instructions for posting your comments.

FDA claims that there is absolutely no difference between cloned animals and the non-cloned ones from which their sci-fi versions are made.

This is just not true.

PLEASE let them know in your own language how you feel.

One extra thing to do

Get yourself off all milk, cheese, butter and ice cream and switch to organic, non-GMO soy milk or cashew milk or almond milk.

Best of all make these yourself at home for pennies a gallon with the amazing SOY TOY milk machine. Mine churns away for an hour a day making the most wonderful, healthy and un-cloned soy milk you can imagine, I can’t live without it.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Your actions will create a tidal wave of opinion, please join us and forward this message to all you know.

Dr Garland

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