My Startling Theory Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death

No doubt you’ve heard that high-profile media personality, Anna Nicole Smith, died under tragic circumstances last week.

Unless you live under a rock or have no access to newspapers, television, radio or the Internet,  you know that Anna Nicole Smith died under tragic circumstances last week.

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Smith’s body, said it could take weeks to determine the cause of death.

A medical mystery? I don’t think so.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward County medical examiner, said Friday that no illegal drugs were discovered in the 39-year old Smith’s room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood where she “collapsed” Thursday. (my emphasis added)

The media have gone mad, nearly ballistic, over the story. One fan wrote on a bulletin board this morning, “it doesn’t even seem real. If someone wrote this or it was on a TV show,  no one would think it had any realism to it. But these insane new developments keep popping up.”


No less than 5 different men now claim to be the father of Smith’s new born daughter, likely because they are eyeing the $500 million inheritance from Smith’s ex-husband, an octogenarian Texas oil billionaire.

There is even late-breaking news that the father of the child may be a ghost, as Smith is rumored to have used her dead husband’s frozen semen to fertilize the child.

Behind all this media circus and tragedy, lies the truth and I have a simple, very qualified theory of what happened to this tragic, young woman.

And it could very easily happen to you.

Toxic Shock Syndrome – Revisited

First the facts as we know them, about her death:

  • No prescription drugs were found in her stomach, nor any illegal drugs
  • The medical examiner called her death, “sudden, unexpected and unexplained”
  • No prior symptoms of any kind were reported, although she had apparently been sick for several days with flu-like symptoms
  • She had a bruise on her back from a minor fall in the bathroom several days ago
  • The medical examiner said he had ruled out blows to her body or asphyxiation as possible causes of her death
  • No illegal drugs were found in her room
  • Smith had just mothered a baby daughter

So, why the BIG MYSTERY?

This is a classic re-run of the Toxic Shock Syndrome medical disaster of ten years ago.

  • Smith “collapsed” and died
  • Her death was “sudden, unexpected and unexplained”
  • Drugs were not found in her body
  • She was “run down” from something like the flu

Whenever someone “suddenly” and “unexpectedly collapses” and dies for no apparent reason, the first thing that goes through my mind is Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Just a few years ago, this “syndrome” had medicine baffled. Perfectly healthy, young women in their prime were dropping dead, “suddenly and unexpectedly” with no drugs or foul play being involved. Cardiac arrest had occurred – and very suddenly.

It wasn’t until a very astute coroner in San Francisco conducting an autopsy on yet another young woman, decided to do an autopsy on a tampon found in the body, that the mystery was solved.

All the deaths occurred while the women were in the midst of their menstrual cycle, a time of high blood loss. The tampon in the dead woman revealed massively concentrated amounts of Magnesium in the fibers of the tampon, far more than normally expected.

The coroner ordered a sample of the same tampon the dead woman had been using at the time of her death. She pulled some fresh blood from a lab assistant and placed the new, unused tampon into the blood, and took samples of the blood every ten minutes to see what the reaction would be.

Within just fifteen minutes, all the Magnesium in the blood had been sucked up by the new tampon! An electrical action caused by the rayon fibers used in the tampon, acted like a “magnet” to suck out all the vital Magnesium in the blood.


Without sufficient Magnesium, the heart stops beating. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. Regardless of your cardiovascular health condition.

This is what is known as “Cardiac Arrest”.

All rayon fiber tampons, like Tambrands, are now manufactured in a way that this “magnet” action does not occur. (Although I urge all women to use natural fiber tampons to be doubly safe and secure. Or better yet, natural fiber sanitary pads. You can find these at any good health food store.)

It will be very interesting to learn if Anna Nicole was in the midst of her menstrual cycle at the time of her death.

As she had just mothered a new-born child, her mineral levels would be automatically low anyway, IF she wasn’t taking nutrients to correct this (and I can only guess that she wasn’t, as these were not found in her hotel room.)

The RDA for Magnesium is a pitiful 400mgs a day, which I consider woefully short of what the body requires. Particularly if you have just had a child, stay up all night gambling in casinos and are involved in messy court proceedings over your inheritance from a dead husband.

I believe we all need 1200mgs a day of Magnesium, just to do the basic jobs of running our heart, converting Calcium into bone, and triggering Vitamin B-factors into action.

How do you get this much Magnesium each day?

  • Eat right for a start. Magnesium rich foods include dark green vegetables, seafood, whole grains, nuts, legumes, organic tofu and tempeh, cocoa.
  • Take my ultra-high Magnesium supplement called, appropriately enough, Life Transfusion Complex. Two or three teaspoons in juice throughout the day is all you need to get your 1200mgs of life supporting/generating Magnesium.

For just 50 cents a day, you’ll be taking out a life insurance policy on your heart and making sure you don’t “suddenly” and “unexpectedly” drop dead or “collapse” without reason.

Download my eBook, The Key to All Health and Healing, to learn more about the vital importance minerals play in our health.

In closing, may Anna Nicole rest in peace now, and find the serenity she missed in life. God be with her. And please say a prayer for her little daughter Dannielynn, that God will protect her from the storms that surround her.

Dr. Garland

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