MRSA Superbug, Cancer and Sugar – My Solution

Like everyone else right now, you’re probably terrified of getting a fatal staph infection from the much-feared MRSA super bug. There’s no trick involved in beating it. And no expensive pharmaceutical solution, either. The answer, plain and simple, is to keep yourself healthy.

And the only way I know to do that, short of moving to a tropical island where you’re the only living thing, is to get your immune system as strong as a Mack truck. And the fastest way to do that is to totally eliminate sugar. We’ve become a nation of sugar-holics. This article is one everyone must read and react to immediately.

Sugar is Your Immune System’s Worst Enemy

A healthy immune system has as much to do with what you DON’T put into your body, as to what you do. And when it comes right down to it, your immune system’s worst enemy is processed sugar. It rots your teeth and forces you to carry around a few extra pounds, but how could it make you sick? 

When I was fighting cancer at Dr. Muhammad’s Ashram in Goa, he told all of his students and patients that “sugar is the most deadly cancer in the western world.” It gets people “hooked” while it destroys the body, insidiously and silently.

Sugar affects your body right at the cellular level. So it can be found at the root of just about any disease – from colds to diabetes to cancer.  But I’d be willing to bet that, of the 6 million or more cancer patients living in the U.S., you’d be hard-pressed to find one whose doctor told him cancer feeds on sugar. 

So let me be as clear as I know how. When you have cancer, sugar is the absolute worst thing you could put into your body, along with poisonous-pus milk and cheese. Not only does sugar help to fuel the very cancer that you’re fighting, it also beats down the only thing that can help you defeat it – your immune system. 

And for those of us not fighting cancer, well, there is no “get out of sugar jail free” card. It is the number one cause of being fat and sick. “But I don’t eat a lot of sugar,” my patients say. 

Even if you don’t pour teaspoons of the stuff in your coffee or over your oatmeal, I bet you’re in the dark about how much of it actually sneaks into your body. The first culprit is labeling. Just because you don’t see sugar in the ingredients doesn’t mean it isn’t lurking. Look for any of the following words and, if you see them, don’t consume it:

  • corn syrup
  • fructose
  • sucrose
  • dextrose
  • fruit juice concentrate
  • maltose

Sugar Intake Is Up Over 5000%

In the late 1800s, the average person consumed 5 pounds of sugar per year. Per Year!  Care to take a guess at what the amount has jumped to today? Our intake has increased to 2 to 3 pounds of sugar per week. 

No wonder the richest nation on the planet is also the sickest. We indulge on candy bars and processed food that wouldn’t even be edible if it didn’t have a ton of sugar dumped in it. No wonder kids these days are hyperactive: their morning meal consists of sugar-laden cereal (drowning in dead milk), their lunches consist of processed meat piled between processed white bread, and every meal is chased with a soda or – just as bad – a fake fruit juice drink. 

With the list of sugar’s negative health effects piling up, you’d think we would think twice about consuming it. Maybe it’s time to take a different approach. We usually care more about how we look than how we feel.

Sugar Causes Wrinkles. If the threat of cancer, diabetes, kidney damage, tooth decay, depression, hypertension, moodiness, depression, or migraines isn’t enough to get you to minimize your sugar intake, I have one word –  wrinkles. You may or may not know that collagen is your skin’s major structural protein, and it’s what’s responsible for keeping your skin looking young and healthy. 

But when you fill your body with sugar, it acts as a double whammy against your collagen. 

When you eat sugar, you develop AGEs (advanced glycation end products). AGEs damage your collagen and elastin, making your skin less “springy.” They also take Type III collagen (the longest-lasting and most stable form) and turn it into Type I collagen (the more fragile form). 

DiabesityObviously the best thing you can do for your body (both inside and out) is to cut sugar completely. But since it’s nearly impossible these days, you could also try supplementing with Vitamins B1 and B6. Both are AGE inhibitors.

Better yet, get my special Anti-Sugar Formula, called Diabesity Blood Glucose FormulaIt works wonders!

Ever since I studied with Dr. Muhammad, so many years ago, I have carried his Anti-Sugar Formula in my back pocket to share with people with sugar disease such as cancer, diabetes, Lupus, MS and now, fatal staph infections.

It has near-100% success in controlling sugar in the body and “washing it away”.

It is an essential formula for anyone with cancer or diabetes or high glycemic scores. And it is a MUST for children to have, to ensure their future, disease-free.

  More Tips and Suggestions:

  • Never drink RED BULL, it’s full of cancer-causing Nutrasweet. (aka Aspartame – read my October 16, 2007 newsletter titled, What Really Causes Lupus and MS.)
  • Don’t eat desserts ever again.
  • Apart from our Diabesity Blood Glucose Formula, also get Protein Plus Chromium Formula for a double-whammy on Diabetes.
  • Walk or exercise as vigorously as you can for 45 minutes each and every day. The exercise sucks up the sugar in your blood, immediately.
  • Add some ordinary Cinnamon Powder to your food or drinks or water. It has an amazing effect on blood sugar.
  • Wash your hands constantly after any contact with a person, a pet or a gas station pump. Staph is lurking everywhere. Get wipes, and wipe your hands constantly.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health! 

Dr. G

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  1. Just wanted to say “thank you” Dr Garland. The advice that you give on your website has been very helpful to me. I suffer from a terrible aggressive strain of PVL positive MRSA, and it has desroyed my life almost completely over the last 4 years. I am down now unable to work and have lived with constant infections since Nov 2011 but Im still here thanks to your sugar advice. I didnt have health insurance or a medical doctor when I first aquired MRSA and still really dont outside of my local ER. I have since pretty much given up completely on the mainstream medical establishment because they have done nothing to help me. Your website has done more for me than my local ER. Thank you! Also was wondering if you have a private practice? I like your approach and attitude toward wellness. Thanks again! God Bless you.

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