Flu shots are virtually worthless

The Flu Season is fast approaching and with it comes the usual medical madness of having a flu shot. I urge, urge, urge you not to have another flu shot, ever again. You are just pumping your body with the Flu Virus!

Mother Nature knows how to beat the flu, naturally! We have her remedies that work far better and with the body, not against it. Get the FACTS, NOT THE FICTION about the dangers of flu shots.”

Flu shots are virtually worthless, says British Medical Journal

Flu season is coming and so are the CDC recommendations that you to get one. But according to the October 28, 2006 issue of the British Medical Journal, the evidence to do so may be suspect. Dr. Tom Jefferson did a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of flu vaccines on hospital admissions, death rates and time off work.

“I looked at the evidence described by systematic reviews and confronted it with policy and I found that there is a massive gap,” he said. “Almost none of the benefits that these policy documents list are actually given by inactivated vaccines or, if they are, they are given in slighter measure.”

Mike Adams, author of “Conquering the Common Cold,” has written that flu vaccine shots are

“one of the greatest medical cons perpetrated on the populations of the world,” and questioned new U.S. policies pushing the vaccines on young children and expectant mothers.  “Flu shots only prevent colds in about 1 percent of people who get them, making them 99 percent useless,” Adams said. “They also inject unhealthy substances such as mercury preservatives directly into tissues, poisoning the patient with a chemical burden that accumulates with each flu shot.”

Further Tips and Suggestions:

  • Dramatically boost your immune system faster and safer than a dumb flu shot with our Super-Enhanced “AKG” Shark Liver Oil Formula. Works wonders, naturally. Sharks dont’ get cancer or the flu. Never have. This is why
  • Also, get our amazing “Third Lung” Formula, the Respiratory Lung Support Formula. It super oxygenates the lungs and helps them breathe deeper, easier. People swear by its effectivness.
  • Oregano Oil Gelcaps help too, Oregano knocks the flu virus out, cold in no time at all.
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  • Exercise every day for 45 minutes, even if you have a cold or the flu. Harry Truman said that the key to long life was to walk two miles before breakfast each day. Harry was right.

As always, Here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. G

2 Replies to “Flu shots are virtually worthless”

  1. Dear Jason,

    Thank you for your comment – it is so timely to ask about this and we will be publishing a major report as a newsletter about this soon.

    In the meantime this is what we strongly recommend:

    1 Lots of Vitamin D-3, the Sunshine Vitamin. Latest research says that six gelcaps a day is vital to build the immune response to any flu virus, double if you get it.
    2. Our Respiratory formula. This dramatically increases lung function. Six capsules daily.
    3. Our Shark Liver Oil formula (mentioned above). This formula captures the power of the shark’s immune system in a gelcap. (Shark’s don’t get cancer, their immune system is too strong.) Take six a day. Double if the condition is severe.
    4. No more milk, cheese or ice cream or butter. All dairy creates mucous in thelungs. Switch to soy, hemp milk or almond milk instead. And no more red meat, pork or chicken.
    5. Daily exercise. This cannot be more emphasized. Walking/jogging/biking for 45 minutes daily, 30 minutes to start, will work wonders on every organ in the body and especially the immune system.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Dr. G

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