30 lbs in 30 Days – Easy Cleanse Detox

I think we accidentally created a blockbuster new diet formula in making our new Easy Cleanse Detox formula. We incorporated a little known fact about fighting obesity: “If you get rid of the toxins in the body, you get rid of the excess fat at the same time!”

John Keefe, one of our customers in Massachusetts, lost over 30lbs in just 30 days following our Detox program and using this formula.

Quick, take this 30-second test.

Do you have:

  • Low energy or constant fatigue
  • Poor skin complexion or blotches
  • Mental cloudiness or inability to concentrate
  • Frustrated all the time
  • Lack of motivation
  • Irregular or constipated
  • Poor digestion or acid reflux
  • Poor immune function
  • Body odor
  • Bad breath
  • Irritable and lose your temper easily
  • Brittle hair, skin, nails
  • Chronically overweight

Congratulations! You’re toxic and your body is crying out for help, immediately. There is an old saying in the world of natural medicine and healing:

It isn’t “Are You Toxic?” –  It’s “How Toxic Are You?”

Last month, we alerted you to a landmark, 200-page report released from the President’s Cancer Panel. If you missed the article, read the store here: “Cancer Warning for Obama and You”.

The findings were direct and to the point: chemicals in our environment have a direct correlation with the major disease epidemics we now face, namely cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

I think all of these diseases are related! In my opinion, they are all really one major disease brought on by contaminants in our environment. A hundred years ago, we all farmed our own food and either ate it fresh or canned it (without preservatives) to eat during the winter. We didn’t spray pesticides and herbicides on the plants to grow more than we could consume.

But all that changed with the industrialized world we have enjoyed for two generations. Fortunately, due to the genius design of all life and all mankind, there is an answer! The human body is a miraculous machine and once it is purified and detoxified, it can and does heal itself.

Easy Cleanse – The 24-Hour a Day Detox Formula

Easy Cleanse Detox is a Total Digestive Cleansing Program in a capsule. We developed it to work a full 24-hours a day, not just an hour here or there. Easy Cleanse naturally supports the body’s own detoxification mechanisms, making it easier to eliminate toxins from the body. By supporting liver and intestinal function, this unique combination of herbal extracts and nutrients serves as a natural way to help eliminate unwanted compounds and encourage a healthy, functional digestive system.

  • The AM Detox contains a unique blend of specialized herbs, nutrients and green foods that support gastrointestinal health, working around the clock to assist the body in a natural detoxification and elimination of toxins, supporting optimal digestive system function.
  • The PM Cleanse works while you sleep to support a natural elimination of toxins that have accumulated throughout the day, with gentle, bulking fibers that naturally bind to undesirable metabolic byproducts, cholesterol and fat, and facilitates their elimination from the body.

“I detoxed my total body & lost over 30 lbs in 30 days!”

Two years ago I had unsuccessful knee surgery and I had put on extra weight. I was in need of a cleanse and tried that guy on TV’s cleanse and had no luck. I then tried a different cleanse and was starving the entire time and did not get any results. I also heard of the acia-berry cleanse which was a joke and a major rip off.

I said to my wife, “Does Dr. G have a cleanse?”

An image of John Keefe
John Keefe

We looked it up on his website and found his to be very unique and exactly what I needed. So my wife and I did the cleanse together for 2 weeks.

I started to work out 2 times a week for one hour a day and the results were incredible. My wife who is thin to begin with lost 7 pounds and looked much healthier and I lost 23 pounds!

I was so focused I decided to continue on my own for the full 4 weeks and increased my cardio workouts. I ended up losing 39 pounds! Since then it has been 3 months and I have been able to keep the weight off.  I have now lost a total of 44 pounds and feel relief throughout my entire body!

The results I received was a direct relationship with trusting Dr. G’s system and an extreme amount of discipline along with hard work. I followed the game plan exactly how it is laid out and did not cheat even once – not one bad drink or one piece of chocolate or one slice of pizza and it was all worth it!

Before I started, I said I know what eating poorly and not exercising has done to me and that was not working so I decided to go full tilt with Dr. G’s program and the rest is not history, but a healthier future.

My favorite saying during the cleanse was, “Just get me to the baked potato,” because that meant I made it one more day.

The few things I wished I had time for were the coffee enema, hot stone massage, and epsom bath; but with 3 kids, work, and coaching my daughters T-ball and softball teams I just could not fit it in this time. The next cleanse I will make the time for them because it will only increase my results.

I also must say that I never had any diarrhea, cramping, or felt overly hungry at all.

Once again I know I sound like I am always repeating myself but, “THANKS DR. G, YOU ARE THE MAN!”

Special Offer for Preferred Members:

If you went to one of the big-time, fancy spas for a month to detox, the cost easily runs in the thousands of dollars. In fact, one of our cancer patients was quoted over $6,000 at a famous healing retreat in Florida.

You can do the same detox yourself for just a few dollars a day!

Retail priced at $44.95, Preferred Members always save 29% at $31.97.

The dividends will last you a lifetime.

Click here to order.

Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • For the detail program that John followed, read the article, Tap Into the Power that Made Your Body and follow the instructions without fail.
  • John Keefe had our Miracle Potassium Broth every single day. He said it worked wonders.
  • Eliminate all dairy. No milk, cheese, ice cream or butter while on the program. Switch to soy or nut milks like Almond or the new Hemp milks. Hemp milk is delicious and high in essential fatty acids, Omega 3/6.
  • No candy of any kind.
  • No red meat or pork. These are full of toxins and are total saturated fat. Fat makes fat. Switch to Tofu and Tempeh and stir fried Chinese veggies with brown rice (no white rice.)
  • Add our Candida Cleanse formula for extra cleansing of accumulated fungus in the organs.
  • Drink far more water than usual – a minimum of 8 glasses a day and make sure it is pure, filtered water. Tap water (and even well water) contains more than 1,000 chemical contaminants. If you don’t have one, get a water filter and make your own “bottled” water for pennies per gallon. Add the juice of a lemon to the water to help the liver detoxify.
  • Walk for 45 minutes a day or join a gym, exercise is vital in detoxifying the body. Exercise burns off excess fat to help lose unwanted pounds.
  • Eliminate all alcohol, sugary sodas and visits to Starbucks.
  • Keep a diary so I can publish your story of achieving Contagious Health!

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. Wayne Garland

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