World's Healthiest Diet: In a Bottle

Every day now it seems a breathless publicity announcement hits my desk about yet another “Miracle Diet” that is the secret to a life free of disease and the fabled Fountain of Youth.

There’s only ONE DIET in all of recorded history that the pillars of medical science ALL AGREE is the key to Contagious Health. The Mayo Clinic approves of it, the Journal of the American Medical Associaiton (JAMA) has studied it, the American Heart Foundation and now even the FDA approve of the key benefits of the diet!

We’ve bottled the magic of this diet for you to start giving to your body the power and help it needs to run far, far longer in the race of life.

In 1970 Yiannis Karimalis got a death sentence. Doctors in Pennsylvania diagnosed the Greek immigrant with abdominal cancer and told him he’d be dead within a year. He was not yet 40 years old.

Devastated, Karimalis left his job as a bridge painter and returned to his native island of Ikaria. At least there he could be buried among his relatives, he thought – and for a lot less money than in the United States. Forty (40) years later, Karimalis is still alive and telling his amazing story to anyone who will listen. And when he returned to the United States on a recent visit, he discovered he had outlived all the doctors who had predicted his death.

Dead doctors don’t lie.

On Ikaria, a mountainous, 99-square-mile island in Greece, they do something they’ve known all their lives. It obviously works because on average, Ikarians outlive just about everyone else in the world.

And the reason is their special diet and with it, a lifestyle of simplicity and respect for the body and everyone around you.

The Mediterranean Diet: Endorsed by the Mayo Clinic

An amazing one in three Ikarians reaches 90 years of age. Compare this with only one in nine baby boomers. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)   What’s more, Ikarians suffer 20 percent fewer cases of cancer than do Americans and have about half our rate of heart disease and one-ninth our rate of diabetes. Most astonishing of all: among the islanders over 90 (~1/3rd of their population) there is virtually no Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. In the United States more than 40 percent of people over 90 suffer some form of this devastating ailment.

How do we explain these numbers?

History tells part of the story. In antiquity Ikaria was known as a health destination, largely for its radioactive hot springs, which were believed to relieve pain and to cure joint problems and skin ailments. But for much of the ensuing two millennia, civilization passed over this wind-beaten, harborless island. To elude marauding pirates, Ikarians moved their villages inland, high up on the rocky slopes. Their isolation led to a unique lifestyle.

Over centuries with no outside influences, island natives developed a distinctive outlook on life, including relentless optimism and a propensity for partying, both of which reduce stress. Ikarians go to bed well after midnight, sleep late, and take daily naps. Most Ikarians over 90 are sexually active.

The “fuel” for all of this is what the Ikranians eat every day and have for centuries – maintain a Mediterranean diet. Around the world, people who most faithfully stick to this region’s diet, emphasizing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish (all very high in Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9 fatty acids) outlive people who don’t by about six years. The Ikarian version features more potatoes than grains (because they grew better in the mountains) and less fish (because the sea was a day’s journey away).

This diet is massively enriched with Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids.

By contrast, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is practically devoid of these “essentials to life”.

And we are paying the price with some of the highest “deadly” disease rates in the world; heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, clogged arteries, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cancer and more cancer than our hospitals and doctors can cope with.

Now even the famed Mayo Clinic, the AMA and even the FDA have come out and said that getting more Omega 3 into the body has profound effect on the heart, brain and bones. But you also need the support Omegas; Omega 6 and Omega 9.

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Our Omega 3/6/9 formula is like having the Ikranian diet from Greece in the palm of your hand, with Omega’s sourced from 100% plant oils – no fish oils. A totally Vegan formula.

The Mediterranean Diet in a Bottle

Flax Seed Oil – One of the richest sources of Omega 3.
Canola Oil – another prime source of Omega 3.
Evening Primrose Oil – High in Gamma Linolic Acid (GLA) to dramatically reduce inflammation.
Black Currant Oil – Rich in Omega 3’s and GLA and especially good for eyesight and female hormonal sustenance.
Pumpkin Seed Oil – The “unknown” oil. Very rich in both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and also contains high Vitamin B’s; C, D, E and K along with Calcium, Potassium and Phosphorous. Renowned for fighting prostate problems and severe depression.
This combination, identical to that found in the Mediterranean Diet, provides a unique balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential Fatty Acids, plus Omega-9, a non-essential, but beneficial fatty acid.

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Further Tips & Suggestions (from the Island of Ikaria):

  • Graze on greens – More than 150 varieties of wild greens grow on Ikaria. Some have more than ten times the level of antioxidants in red wine. Grow your own on your rooftop or balcony, this is the new health fad sweeping America or shop at Farmer’s Markets.
  • Sip herbal teas – Steeping wild mint, chamomile, or other herbs in hot water is a lifelong, daily ritual. Many teas lower blood pressure, which decreases the risk of heart disease and dementia.
  • Throw out your watch – Ikarians don’t worry about time. Work gets done when it gets done. This attitude lowers stress, which reduces the risk of everything from arthritis to wrinkles.
  • Nap daily – Ikarian villages are ghost towns during the afternoon siesta, and science shows that a regular 30-minute nap decreases the risk of heart attack.
  • Walk whenever possible – Mountainous terrain and a practice of walking for transport mean that every trip out of the house is a mini workout.
  • Phone a friend – With the island’s rugged terrain, family and village support have been key to survival. Strong social connections are proven to lower depression, mortality, and even weight. In particular, phone your Mother once a week, she got you here.
  • Have a tablespoon Virgin Olive Oil a day – It must be “virgin” to bring peak benefits, have it straight from the bottle. Ikaria’s consumption of Olive Oil is among the world’s highest. Residents drizzle antioxidant-rich extra-virgin oil over food after cooking, which preserves healthful properties in the oil that heat destroys.
  • Enjoy some Greek honey – The local Ikarian honey contains anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. If you can’t buy Greek honey, order Australian honey from Tasmania, which I think is just as good. You won’t believe how strong this honey is. (Unfortunately the health benefits of American honey do not deliver as well as those from Ikarian honey.)
  • Get religion – Ikarians observe Greek Orthodox rituals, and regular attendance at religious services (of any kind ) has been linked to longer life spans.
  • Bake bread – The island’s sourdough bread is high in complex carbohydrates and improves glucose metabolism and staves off diabetes.Get the best, organic sourdough in America at Serenity Farm Bread and they’ll ship it to your door or call 870-447-2211.

We can’t guarantee that Ikarian wisdom will help you live to 100. But if Yiannis Karimalis’s example is any indicator, it may help you outlive your doctor.

That’s the magic of Contagious Health!   Click here to order.

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