Are You a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?

If your systolic blood pressure reading is continually above 120, you are a ticking bomb, just waiting for a heart attack to happen!

February is National Heart Awareness Month and for good reason. Heart Disease is America’s #1 Killer. There are over one million unnecessary deaths each year from strokes, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, severe angina and clogged arteries.

Yet it shouldn’t be this way.

Did you hear about what happened to former President Bill Clinton last week? He required emergency surgery to have two stents placed in one of his coronary arteries due to chest pains – this after having quadruple bypass surgery in 2004.

Over two-thirds of Americans suffer from some kind of cardiovascular disease; heart attacks, strokes, clogged-up arteries, dangerously high cholesterol and homocysteine, hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes. It is estimated by medical researchers that in excess of one million people die each year from heart related problems, and all unnecessarily.

Obesity is also a chronic problem in all age groups and getting worse by the second. The first lady, Michelle Obama, last week launched an initiative to fight Childhood Obesity.

Conquering what I call the Foot and Mouth Disease; a lack of exercise (foot) and eating too much food (mouth) – has an immediate impact in reversing both of these epidemics.

Digging A Grave with Our Teeth

The absurd truth of the matter is that the majority of Americans are among the most malnourished people in the world. Fatness doesn’t mean fitness.

The meat and dairy industries have brainwashed the country into believing that these highly dangerous sources of food, calcium and protein are safe, when in fact the reverse is the case. And the medical and pharmaceutical industries are either highly ignorant or purposely so to make huge profits.

Plagued by obesity, cancer and heart attack rates that are the highest in the entire world, Americans are literally being killed by what we eat.

It starts at birth and gets worse. The concepts of health and nutrition today are so far removed from the truth, that our lives are threatened from the very day we are born. Babies suckle from bottles containing a synthesized mixture of foreign proteins and chemicals that rob them of their natural protection against viruses and bacteria, subjecting them to life-threatening reactions that double their chances of crib death and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.)

These infant formulas are recommended by well-meaning pediatricians, obstetricans, family physicians and nurses who ironically are not trained in nutrition and lack the understanding of just how vital the role is that milk from a mother’s breast plays in developing a child’s immune system.

Americans are the Most Malnourished People on the Planet

Everyone knows that we need protein to build muscle and maintain our bodies. Meat, dairy products and eggs are promoted by the respective industries as concentrated protein sources.

But did you know the recommendations to eat these sources of protein are based on research dealing largely with the nutritional needs of rats! Rats at birth require ten times the amount of protein that a human baby does.

Want to know the real protein story?

The average person living in a modern society today consumes enough excess protein every day to cause a mineral imbalance. This overload of protein actually pulls calcium from the body and into the kidney system, leaving calcium-deficient bones and an increased risk of kidney stones!

The Atkins Diet craze from a few years ago, with its massively high protein intake, is a time-bomb waiting to explode. The emphasis of protein and fat from animal sources fuels the production of two highly dangerous substances called Homocysteine and C-reactive protein. These compounds fuel inflammation in the blood, the cells and the arteries, and are being directly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Milk is puss. Cheese is hard puss. Ice Cream is sweet frozen puss.

The dairy industry has one of the most successful advertising messages with famous Hollywood stars and rock music personalities proudly wearing a milk moustache and proclaiming, “Got Milk?”.

Their message is that milk is nature’s most perfect food and that poor health and low calcium intake will be the inevitable result of a diet that fails to provide generous amounts of milk and cheese. Calcium deficiency of dietary origin is a myth and is virtually unknown in humans. The majority of the nearly seven billion humans on this planet do not consume milk from an animal after weaning

The real truth is that dairy foods are the most harmful of the four food groups! Dairy is high in fat, protein and environmental contaminants, while being deficient in fiber and carbohydrates. Countries that consume the most dairy products have the highest rates of osteoporosis or aerated bones. Visit for the full story.

Dairy protein creates an acidic condition in the stomach that the body must then neutralize by pulling calcium from the bones, similar to how Tums works for acid indigestion.

Do you know why milk and cheese are white? Because animal milk consists largely of dead white blood cells, generated by the animal’s body to protect the udder. As you know, white blood cells fight infections, dead white blood cells are called puss. If you drink animal milk, you are drinking puss!

The commercials should say, “Got Puss?”

Mother Nature to the Rescue

Circulatory bottle photoDespite all the doom and gloom this report presents, there is a answer and a dramatic one. The core of this program is our Circulatory Support formula for the heart. It works wonders and starts the moment you take just one capsule.

This clot-busting miracle rapidly defuses the high blood pressure time-bomb ticking away inside you. Any good cardiologist will tell you that the biggest culprit in heart disease is blood clots that lodge in arteries and cut off the supply of oxygen to the heart and brain.

Circulatory Support is a blockbuster formula stops this from happening the moment you start taking it.

I spent four years perfecting this formula, which reads like a Who’s Who of Cardiovascular Herbal Wisdom. No less than 139 individual herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, circulation boosting compounds, natural diuretics and blood thinners and oxygenation compounds have been crammed into every capsule.

Here is a “peek” through the window of just some of what it contains:

  • Magnesium – the nutritional pacemaker needed for each heartbeat.
  • Potassium – the sister to Magnesium to create each heartbeat.
  • Butcher’s Broom – an amazing herb that increases blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure.
  • Bilberry – gets the blood flowing faster, increases oxygen flow in the blood.
  • Gingko Biloba – an ancient herb from the East that has amazing effect on blood and oxygen flow to the heart and brain.
  • L-Carnitine – the amino acid for the heart, L-Carnitine helps the heart to beat easier, stronger, smoother by providing the actual energy for the heart muscle to operate. I think it is possibly the single most effective anti-aging compound to maintain youthful cellular energy metabolism. (Interestingly, the FDA has approved L-Carnitine under the name “Carnitor”, as a therapy for low energy levels, congestive heart disease and angina.)
  • Hawthorn Berry – used for centuries in Europe for all heart disease AND good health. Stops clots from occurring, gets the total cardiovascular system to operate easier, reduces blood pressure.

119 more ingredients to go!

Cardiovascular Health Kit – 3 Super Formulas that Stop Heart Disease in Its Tracks
Heart doctors will tell you that you need to control 3 things to reverse or prevent heart disease:

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Blocked & Clogged Arteries

If you have just ONE of these problems, you are in serious trouble. If you have ALL THREE, you need help urgently, and pharmaceutical drugs are not the answer. Instead, Mother Nature We have created a special “Cardiovascular Health Kit” that will fight these 3 Heart Killers in one fell swoop.

Circulatory bottle photo - smallCirculatory Support
Dramatically reduces blood pressure scores, helps the heart beat easier, stronger without palpitations or irregular beats.
Retail price: $42.95, Preferred Members: $30.97
Cholesteine bottle photo - smallCholesteine – Cholesterol and Homocysteine Control
Fights both high cholesterol/triglycerides AND the secret killer ‘Homocysteine’ which heart doctors never mention. This formula fights both.
Retail price: $34.95, Preferred Members: $25.97
Vitamin D3K2 bottle photo - smallVitamin D3+K2 with Beta Carotene
We just released this formula a few weeks ago. Vitamin K2 is a prescription drug in Japan to declog veins and arteries by dissolving calcification. Read the article, Forgotten Vitamin Could Save Your Life, to learn more.
Retail price: $39.95, Preferred Members: $26.97

Further Tips & Suggestions

  • Eliminate all red meat, chicken and pork – eat vegetarian instead. Get the Passionate Vegetarian Cookbook, the meals will amaze you and your heart. Veggie Brothers and Amy’s Kitchen have fabulous prepared vegetarian meals. Ask your local grocer to stock these brands if you can’t find them.
  • Eliminate milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. Switch to nut milks like soy, almond, coconut or the new Hemp milks. These are all delicious and much better.
  • Instead of butter, get Earth Balance natural spread. It also reduces cholesterol. Never use Canola Oil in your cooking. Get Peanut Oil or the absolute best cooking oil is Rice Bran Oil.
  • Get Juniper Berries and have them as a tea four times a day. Juniper dissolves clots and clogged arteries. Add boiling water to ten berries and steep for ten minutes. Drink. Unclog.
  • Make up my Miracle Potassium Broth recipe and have a bowl each day.
  • Get Barlean’s Flax Seed Oil from the health food store. Have a tablespoon twice a day and use as your salad dressing.
  • Take six Circulatory Support each day. Double this if necessary.
  • Take two teaspoons daily of Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex in carrot juice or low-sodium V8 juice. Add the flax seed oil to this too.
  • Take two Cholesteine capsules with each meal to reduce Cholesterol, control Homocysteine and make your blood slippery.
  • Take two capsules of our new D3+K2/Abc formula each day. Increase depending on severity of condition.
  • Add two to four capsules of our Nattokinase Max formula a day depending on your need. This acts like a Roter Rooter to declog your arteries. Read the article, Double Breakthrough Defeats #1 Silent Killer to learn more about it.
  • If you have diabetes, add our Diabesity Blood Glucose formula.
  • Walk for 45 minutes at fast speed to kick start circulation, each step reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Never miss a single day of doing this, your heart will love you.
  • No more caffeine or hard liquor. Have one or two glasses of organic red wine a night, it relaxes the body and helps control fats in the blood.
  • Drink 8 glasses of pure water a day, with three drops of our liquid minerals added, this reduces blood pressure.
  • If you feel a heart attack coming on, use this ancient acupuncture “trick” – bite down on the tip of your little finger hard. Amazingly effective. (Good thing you read this far!)

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. Wayne Garland

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