Vitamin D Lowers Risk of Death by 150%

Is there anything that Vitamin D-3 can’t do???

I am urging everyone I know to load up on it. In this latest study, just published in Nutrition Research, is further confirmation of the benefits of adding it to your daily regimen.

“Low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of dying from all causes by 150 percent, suggests a study with over 700 elderly women.”

Women with blood levels of the vitamin lower than 15.3 nanograms per millilitre were more likely to die from causes such as heart disease and cancer, than women with higher levels (above 27 ng/ml), according to findings published in Nutrition Research.

“The present findings from this population-based cohort of ageing are consistent with the association between low serum 25(OH)D and mortality that has been described in the general population,” wrote the researchers, led by Richard Semba from the Johns Hopkins University.

“In addition, a recent meta-analysis suggested that vitamin D supplementation was associated with decreased mortality,” they added.

Source: Nutrition Research
Volume 29, 525-530

Click here to read the full report.

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