Omega-3 and Vitamin E combo shows potential for Autistic speech

A combination of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E may lead to speech improvements in autistic children with verbal disorders, suggests a new study.

Verbal apraxia is a speech disorder common in an estimated 50 percent of children with autism. Furthermore, many thousands more are reported to have apraxia but are not autistic.

According to new research published in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, daily supplements of omega-3 and vitamin E were associated with improvements in speech, imitation, eye contact, and behaviour.

Claudia Morris from the Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland (CHRCO) and Marilyn Agin from the Saint Vincent Medical Center in New York recruited families with experiences of omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E supplementation. The majority of families used doses of 800 IU of vitamin E, while the average omega-3 consumption was 280 to 840 mg DHA and 695 to 2,085mg EPA.

The ratios and dosages determined through the work with the study led to a patent for Dr Morris through the CHRCO (US patent # 2008/002216).  Kate Bolton, VP of speech nutrients at NourishLife, told NutraIngredients:

“The results of the study are significant in that 97 percent of the participants with apraxia and/or on the autism spectrum reported dramatic improvements while taking a combination of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

The study represents the largest summary of children with apraxia to date, she added.

Antidotal evidence had previously shown that omega-3 can help children with apraxia and those known as ‘late talkers’. The researchers discovered that they symptoms presented by children with apraxia mirror those of vitamin E deficiency, said Bolton.

The addition of high dose vitamin E with omega-3 fatty acids is the breakthrough.”
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Source: Stephen Daniells, NutraIngredients

This is the Autism Breakthrough we’ve been waiting for!

“97% improvement scores” don’t happen by accident. This is Mother Nature coming to the aid of the party and giving the body and the brain the means with which to rectify and overcome an insidious diesease, “AUTISM”.

This is dramatic news for any parent trying to cope with the challenge of autism. If you know anyone suffering from verbal apraxia, get a bottle of Omega 3vitamin E and this article to them just as soon as you can.

Have them call me if desired and I will take them through the research personally.

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