McDonalds = McDiabetes

Startling Statistics:

Rates of Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Childhood Obesity were found to be 70% higher in neighborhoods the closest to a fast food outlet.

Our children are being subjected to a highly sophisticated, mass-marketing campaign to eat more and more junk-food.

kids_playing_cropAnd school lunches aren’t much help either, which is why First Lady Michelle Obama last month launched an initiative to fight Childhood Obesity.

The implications are terrifying:

  • declining educational performance & learning disabilities
  • mental disorders like attention deficit syndrome now at epidemic proportions
  • massive instances of obesity, leukemia, cancer, diabetes and heart disease

All are evidence of a massive decline in our children’s health and well being.  And violence on a scale unheard of in my childhood is now totally commonplace in our schools.

But how do you as a parent cope?

Kid's Mins bottle
Kid's Mins bottle

We’ve developed a great tasting, chewable tablet called Kid’s Mins & Vits, in Orange Splash and Berry Blast flavors, that contain the key minerals found in our Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex, along with a blockbuster collection of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and other key nutrients like Lycopene for its antioxidant powers, Lutein to nourish young eyes and extra Chromium to reduce sweet cravings.

It’s like a nutritional candy but without all the dangerous sugar and additives. It means you can rest assured that with two or three chewable tablets each day, your kids will be getting the essentials their bodies need to fight disease and stay healthy.

I remember when my girls were little how hard it was to get them to eat a balanced diet, particularly vegetables. Kid’s Mins & Vits is a nutritional insurance policy that will provide your child with all the basic essentials to proper nutrition to support their rapidly growing bodies.

As a parent, you can’t be there every second of every day to monitor what they eat and drink. But with our Kid’s Mins & Vits, you know that at least the basics are being provided. Besides, kids love the taste – they think they are eating candy.

“My son loves Kids Mins. He likes to eat 2 or 3 at a time! I started him on these when he was about 6 months old. At the time I had to smash them nearly into a powder and coat pieces of Banana to feed him the Kids Mins as he had no teeth. I don’t know if it’s the kids mins or not, but his health, attitude, intelligence, etc has been and continues to be excellent.”
J Sage – Las Vegas, NV

Young Kids with “Old” Diseases

In every catastrophe, there is a “tip of the iceberg” that tells you in advance of something very serious that is about to happen. With our young children, this “tip of the iceberg” is the frightening incidence of diseases that were once the domain of middle-age or the senior years.

  • 60% or more of school age kids are on mind-altering, stupefying Ritalin for ADD/ADHD
  • Diabetes now strikes kids from 4 years of age upwards
  • Arthritis, Leukemia and AIDS were almost never associated with children until recently
  • High cholesterol and heart disease were once “adults-only” diseases
  • Now all of these and more are in our children!

What has gone so disturbingly wrong in such a short period of time? Just take a look at what is on TV these days!

Junk Food Culture Driven by Junk TV Propaganda

Diet for the body and the mind is the answer to this nightmare. Food is the most important way to keep a child’s body and defense mechanisms working. Pathogenic organisms and viruses are everywhere. Not just in our junk food but also in our “junk TV”.

Massively bankrolled propaganda campaigns devised by Madison Avenue, with battalions of research insight into the workings of a child’s mind, make the consumption of disease generating, sugar and fat-laden junk food a “wild and exciting adventure”.

Take a trip to a school playground or the mall and count the number of skinny kids you can find.  You’ll be lucky to find one. Most are dreadfully overweight, have early onset diabetes, heart disease and are a breeding ground for cancer or leukemia.

These kids are eating themselves to death.  They’re overfed and terribly undernourished.  You can help change that with our new Kid’s Mins & Vits. If we could get children in America would take this formula every day, we’d see these diseases stopped in their tracks.

And if we could get the kids away from junk TV programming, into a daily exercise program and maybe attend church once a week, this would turn this country around overnight.

Kid's Mins bottle
Kid's Mins bottle

Each Kid’s Mins & Vits bottle contains 120 chewables per bottle. That’s a 60-day supply for kids 4 years old and up. For younger kids, that’s a 4 month supply!

I believe it is vitally important that every child have the proper nutrition to support their growing bodies and minds, which is why our everyday price is within the affordability of everyone.

Retail priced at $19.95, Preferred Members save 25% at $14.97.

That’s the same price as a bottle of Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex that we adults take. My dogs love them too. If you have pets, just one chewable a day will bring the spring back into their step.

For less than one Starbuck’s Latte a week, you can know your child is getting the proper supplemental nutrition they need.

During our Spring Super Sale, you save even more!

Remember to login to receive the Preferred Member pricing.

Further Tips and Suggestions:

  • Eliminate all “diet sodas. Read my article, What Really Causes Lupus and MS to learn the truth behind Aspartame (aka NutraSweet).  It is a very dangerous neurotoxin.
  • Eliminate drinks with “High Fructose Corn Syrup”. The high sugar content does terrible damage and triggers diabetes and obesity.
  • Eliminate dairy like milk, ice cream or cheese and pizzas with melted cheese. Go to www.NotMilk.comto read the horror stories about what dairy can do to a child (and you.) Switch to organic soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk instead.
  • Limit the Big Mac’s and increase the healthy alternatives of wraps, pita sandwiches, beans, salads and my non-dairy Protein Smoothie. Download the recipe from our website.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health.

Dr. G

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