I went down the rabbit hole and found the Miracle Of Life.

Connie’s Miracle of Life Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

My Miracle of Life story begins with me waking up early one morning and discovering the key to all health and healing was sitting on my kitchen table.  Literally.

Last week, I was asked to reintroduce this amazing super-nutritional wonder formula, and I didn’t have a clue about it.

It was a little like when Alice drank the potion in Wonderland.  I’ve taken a LOT of vitamins over the years, but this was like a trip down the rabbit hole.

This is the EXPLOSIVE trip Miracle of Life can take you on, and you won’t believe it until you experience it for yourself!

Wayne says this formula rigorously reads the body and mind – like nutritional acupuncture – triggering the body with it’s electronic intelligence to nourish and heal where it is most needed.

This is why some people take it and get gigantic energy, while others experience something totally different.  They go into the deepest sleep patterns they’ve ever experienced.

This is exactly what happened to me!  I started taking Miracle of Life and started sleeping like a rock!

Why? Because my body was screaming out for rest, recovery and healing sleep.

Quite amazing.  And might I even say, miraculous?

I jumped down the rabbit hole – will you join me?

Getting a bottle of Miracle of Life could very well be the single most amazing life experience I will ever have.  There is really nothing in the world this formula can’t fix.

I have discovered things about myself, and I’ve tapped into extraordinary phenomenon within my mind, body and soul.

It is exactly what we call our Body as Doctor philosophy – it’s where our body can achieve maximum health, free of disease, with maximum lifespan potential.

This philosophy is so startlingly simple, but genius in its underlying intelligence. And so simple to achieve.

The best doctor for your body is not a medical doctor – the best doctor is your very own body. You were not designed or created to be constantly sick and depressed.

  • Is it possible that you could get your body to become your doctor?
  • Available at all times, 24 hours a day, every split second?
  • Putting out fires before they start within you?
  • Repairing damaged cells and nerves and neurons?
  • Preventing disease from even starting in the first place?

When it seems like most people I know are suffering with some sort of mental, physical or emotional disease – is this really possible?

Could people actually get Contagiously Healthy? Instead of Contagiously Sick?

Wayne’s Miracle of Life Story
Years ago, Wayne was working as an analyst, solving complex problems for major corporations, and he was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 6 months to live.

Instead of giving up, Wayne turned his entire life upside down, and went on a worldwide quest to find an answer.  He went anywhere people were living long, disease free lives.

What he found out saved his life – and will probably save mine.

He unearthed truly amazing things – incredible facts about how to trigger the body to defeat disease, and basically become it’s own doctor.  He learned how to get off dangerous and expensive pharmaceutical drugs – and how to return to the abundant health of youth – with maximum potential.

And what he discovered is the very core of the Miracle of Life nutraceutical formula!

Body As Doctor is a profound change of attitude in generating a life force, free of disease and infirmity and our Miracle of Life formula will be the single most dramatic step you can take to implement this philosophy into your daily life.

What I’ve learned through Wayne is that the body is made up of organs that are miniature factories – in every instance, the foreman of the factory is a mineral.  Without the foreman (the mineral), the factory workers – vitamins, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and enzymes – don’t know what to do!

The workers are useless if the foreman (the minerals) isn’t there to tell them what to do – and THIS IS HOW ALL DISEASE BEGINS!

For example, the heart is a very important factory, and without sufficient Magnesium being available, cardiac arrest occurs.

THIS is what is happening all across America!

Heart Disease is our #1 killer – and people are dropping like flies, from of a lack of Magnesium – combined with too many Big Macs!

I am as shocked as you!  Can you believe something as radically simple as getting more magnesium in the body could eradicate heart disease?

The body needs 76 Minerals and Trace Minerals in order to achieve absolute health and we use this exact genetic code of all life as the core of our Miracle of Life formula.

(But that’s just the start. In all there are 145 individual compounds in the formula.)

Miracle of Life incorporates all 76 electronically-charged Ionic Minerals and Trace Minerals, in the same composition found in blood plasma. These are the foundation for all true health and longevity and they dramatically increase the cellular absorption of the other natural compounds in the formula.

  • Anti-Aging/Longevity with Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, Kelp & Resveratrol
  • Memory & Concentration compounds like Ginkgo Biloba, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Huperzine A
  • Infusion of RNA/DNA and cellular detoxification with Chlorella
  • All-day energy (not false, hyped-up energy) from B-vitamins and Guarana seed
  • Vitamin D (more than double the amount) for immunity, heart, bone and overall health and vitality
  • Magnesium, Potassium and much more.

Whether you’re 19 or 99, you want to live a longer and healthier life and fend off feeling older for as long as possible!

That’s why Miracle of Life was created – and why you need to start using it today.


Serving Size: 6 capsules
Servings Per Container: 33
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 4-6 capsules daily with breakfast or a morning snack. For added benefit, take 1-3 capsules in the afternoon with a light snack.  Six capsules contain about 30mg of caffeine, equal to approximately 1/3 cup of coffee.
CAUTION: This product contains Niacin which may cause temporary flushing, tingling or skin reddening. Pregnant or lactating women, anyone taking prescription drugs or with medical conditions should consult their health care provider before using this or any product. Discontinue if nervousness, sleeplessness or nausea occur.
Limit 3 per customer.

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