Stay Clean in 2015

Detoxing is life changing.

While you may not be finished with your detox, you’ll need to know how to continue to reap the health benefits of your cleanse for weeks or months to come, with our post-detox program.

We encourage you to make cleansing a seasonal part of your life and schedule your next detox now!

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Pamela did it and so can you!

Image:  Pamela Van Zee

Time for a Change – Part 2
– by Pamela Van Zee

After I finished the cleanse, I started using the Weight Loss Trio, eating sensibly, taking other supplements and exercising daily.

Here is my post-cleanse routine:

First thing in the morning-
1/2 lemon with 8 oz warm filtered water

I workout 45 minutes a day. This includes either a brisk walk, 45 minutes on the circuit at the gym or a workout DVD at home (from 15 year collection :-) ).

I usually have a protein smoothie, oatmeal or fruit salad

Mid morning:
8 oz. of Juice (carrot, celery, apple, spinach, beet or any combination of these…fresh)
1 cup of tea Peppermint (digestion), Red Clover (energy) or Burdock Root (weight-loss)

For lunch, I like to eat soup, salad, maybe a grilled portobella or veggie burger

Mid Afternoon:
2 handfuls of raw green veggie (broccoli, cucumber, jicama, celery, green beans and or cup of green tea)

For dinner, I love making a rice dish with whole grains with a hearty salad. This is a time where you can be creative!

Click Here to look at recipes you may want to try.

Supplements – (you may need to add others based on your own personal health goals.)

Before Breakfast –
2 Garcinia ‘Chrom’-Bogia

With breakfast:
1 Green Coffee PLUS+
2 Ultra D3
2 Miracle of Life
3 Balanced Woman
2 Thyroid Energy

1 Green Coffee PLUS+
2 Ultra D3
3 Balanced Woman
2 Thyroid Energy

Before bed:
2 Age-less Anti-Inflammatory
3 Night Time Fat Burners
1 oz of Emperor’s Ch’i with 6oz hot water

You can continue this plan until you reach your wellness goals!

We’ve been thrilled to walk with you through this process and you’ll find it’s much easier to lose weight and feel healthier when you have a cleansed body.

You are one of the 8% to actually accomplish a New Year’s Resolution.


If you need help starting your detox, or getting to the next step in your wellness goals, take a moment and set up a consultation with our Plant-Strong Nutritional Support team.

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