Heart Disease Wiped Out by Miracle Mineral

Just this past week, two major celebrities collapsed and died from sudden “Cardiac Arrest”. One was a true superstar, Michael Jackson. The second was an amazing TV spokesperson, Billy Mays, who touted laundry detergents and other products. I believe that neither of these super-talents needed to leave us, so far ahead of their time. I also believe I have the true answer behind their sudden deaths and how you can ensure it will not happen to you, or anyone in your family.

The answer is the massive necessity of daily supplementation with a Miracle Mineral, called Magnesium, the Mother Mineral of the entire Universe. If it ensures your heart will keep beating, what else can it be called?

The Double Tragedy of Michael Jackson and Billy Mays Deaths

If you’ve been following my messages on Facebook and Twitter, you will know my theory behind the tragic deaths of two superstars, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Both died suddenly, from a non-beating heart.

Neither of them, it appears, had any major heart problems. Their fate lay in a massive lack of the basic fuel to keep the heat beating.

That fuel is the extraordinary mineral called Magnesium. Without it, quite simply, the heart stops beating. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Olympic athlete or an ailing patient in a wheelchair. I have been screaming from the rooftops, about the essentiality of all minerals for years, but in particular, Magnesium.

If it makes your heart beat, what could be any more important to make sure you get enough of it each day?

Billy Mays’ autopsy, released Monday, said he had an “enlarged heart”. There is nothing wrong with that – it just means he needed three to four times the amount of Magnesium you and I need. The same with Michael Jackson. His dance routines and rehearsals would leave anyone exhausted and drained of electrolytes and vital fluids, again, particularly Magnesium. So both men died suddenly and without warning.

Drugs Don’t Fix the Underlying Problem

The two big signs of heart disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Hypertension is invariably the reason for high blood pressure and doctors immediately put patients on a drug to lower the scores. Total Nonsense!

High blood pressure is NOT a disease, it is a SYMPTOM only, of cardiovascular disease. Lowering your blood pressure with drugs will NOT FIX the underlying problem. The disease is blocked or clogged arteries, which pushes up the blood pressure just like a clogged water main, struggling to get water to flow easier.

And high cholesterol doesn’t need dangerous statin drugs that choke the liver function to death. Elimination of milk, cheese, ice cream, junk food and animal proteins, along with lots of daily exercise  will not only drastically reduce cholesterol, but CURE the problem as well.

The Miracle Mineral that gets to the “Heart” of the Problem

There is one gigantic missing element in nearly every single person today, and that is sufficient amount of Magnesium, the miracle mineral I have been harping about for over 14 years to anyone who will listen. Without it, your heart stops beating and you go into Cardiac Arrest.

Think about that for a second.

Using data from a study conducted by the Honolulu Heart Program, the National Institute for Longevity Science in Japan and the University of Virginia School of Medicine reviewed the dietary medical records of more than 7,000 middle-aged men (ages 45-68 years).   Following the information over the course of 30 years, the researchers found a clear association between the risk of coronary heart disease and a dietary intake of Magnesium. After adjustments were made for age and other risk factors, here’s what they found:

Those who consumed the lowest amounts of Magnesium were almost twice as likely to develop heart disease compared to those who consumed the highest amounts.

The Miracle Mineral doesn’t stop there. Magnesium is the crucial element required to convert Calcium into a useable nutrient by the body. When Magnesium is deficient, the body “calcifies” from the unused Calcium. This means arthritis and worse, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), as the calcification builds up and blocks the artery.   All because of a lack of one little mineral, Magnesium.

How Much Magnesium Do You Need to Experience Your Own Miracle?

life transfusion liquid mineral complex

A lot, far more than found in food. And in a form not found in the majority of nutritional supplements, either. It must be “ionic” and thus able to reach the heart of the cells.

The facts tell us that we need 600 – 1200mg, in divided dosages throughout the day. To get that much you’d have to eat a ton of cashews, 45 avocados and a gallon of wheat germ oil, all of which are all good sources of Magnesium.

Our extraordinary Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex is the world’s most powerful Magnesium supplement. Just 3 teaspoons a day gives you 600mgs of Magnesium, along with 83 additional minerals and trace minerals in the identical composition found in our blood.

I start every day with a big glass of organic carrot or beet juice with a teaspoon of Liquid Minerals stirred into it. It’s like drinking pure electricity!

If I could put a bottle on every doorstep in America, we would wipe out heart disease in no time.

The Honolulu Study bears it out – those with a high Magnesium intake have a heart disease rate that is 50% below those on a low intake. Not 5%, 10% or even 20%, but 50% lower!

Combine the Magnesium with a good, sensible diet and daily exercise and the statistics would go off the charts.

The Key to All Health and Healing

About 14 years ago, after ridding my body of cancer, I started out in the alternative medicine industry telling the story of high Magnesium liquid minerals at county fairs and farmer’s markets all across the west in California, Utah, Idaho and Colorado.   My passion for healing all stems from the knowledge of what minerals can do to trigger “Contagious Health” and in particular, the miracles that adequate intake of Magnesium can perform. My mentor, the nearly-ageless Korean Master-Healer, Dr Sook Kim, believed it to be the mineral at the very heart of the entire universe.

Key to All Health ebook image
I wrote an ebook titled, The Key to All Health and Healing, to share the message with a broader audience and help people learn why without minerals, your body cannot function and disease (dis-ease) immediately takes hold.

The book filled with facts and tips on how to become robustly healthy, as well as common sense about the incredible power of ionic minerals that every person should know about – but unfortunately does not.  Download your copy today.

Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • Magnesium is the “tranquility” mineral, it lowers blood pressure and reduces stress and tension while helping you sleep soundly. It converts Calcium and thus makes for strong bones and joints. Magnesium is also necessary to stop Diabetes and Asthma.
  • Add a quarter-cup of the Liquid Mineral Complex to a hot bath for an instantly-healing mineral bath.
  • The Liquid Minerals are wonderful for acne, psoriasis and dermatitis – apply directly to the skin.
  • Add a few drops to your pet’s water bowl, they’ll thrive on it.
  • All Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients are woefully depleted of Magnesium.
  • To bring down High Blood Pressure, use our Nattokinase Max formula instead of dangerous statin drugs.
  • To bring down High Cholesterol and Homocysteine, use our Cholesteine formula.
  • Eliminate all milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. Switch to heart-healthy, organic soy, nut or hemp milks.
  • Walk briskly for 45 minutes early each day. This does wonders to the heart, cholesterol and blood pressure readings. Do not miss a single day.
  • Have a bowl of the God’s Soup of Life. Click on the link for the recipe.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. G

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