The Double-Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Sudden Death

Late Thursday this week, the world lost “The King of Pop”, much too early at the age of 50 from sudden Cardiac Arrest. Early reports indicate it was not a heart attack, but that Michael Jackson experienced Cardiac Arrest, an abnormal heart rhythm that stops the heart from pumping blood to the body.

Michael reportedly had been spending hours and hours with a team of dancers, preparing for a comeback series of 50 concerts, starting July 13th in London’s famed “02 Arena”.

What Causes Cardiac Arrest?
First, I believe this tragedy could have been avoided if Michael had been taking some elemental compounds to fuel his heart. The most vital one, is a major mineral called “Magnesium”. Without Magnesium being supplied to the heart every split second, making the heart contract, “cardiac arrest” occurs and you can literally drop dead or go into a coma.

Every organ in the body is a miniature factory and each factory needs a foreman to run the factory and keep it working. Guess who is the foreman of the heart factory? Magnesium.

Do you remember Toxic Shock Syndrome?
Many years ago perfectly healthy women were dropping dead for no known reason. Something “toxic” was “shocking” their bodies to death. It wasn’t until an astute coroner conducted an autopsy not just on the dead woman she was examining, but also on the tampon the woman was using at the time.

When examined, she discovered the tampon was overly-saturated in Magnesium. Most Toxic Shock Syndrome deaths occurred in the middle of a menstrual cycle, a time of high blood loss, and the rayon fibers in the tampons were acting like a “magnet” and sucking out the vital Magnesium. Resulting in sudden cardiac arrest.

If only Michael had been taking an ultra-high Magnesium supplement like our Life Transfusion Liquid Mineral Complex to deliver the vital minerals our body needs to function at peak performance, he would very possibly still be here today.

A double tragedy.

This weekend I will be working on an in-depth report on Magnesium and the essentiality of this mineral for our bodies. Don’t miss our newsletter on Tuesday (if you are not yet subscribed to our Contagious Health newsletter, you can subscribe here.)

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Michael, thank you for everything you gave the world. RIP.

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