"I'm all yours, for one hour."

Every day now it seems, we get requests to come and give one of our special, one-hour presentations in cities all across the country.

I’d just love to give one every single day if I could, like I did years ago with the giant Equinox International company.

Well, we’ve come up with the next best thing.

With special thanks to John Street of Inpoint Productions, a long time customer who runs a video production company, we have a professional recording of a presentation I delivered in Miami recently in front of a live audience of over 4000 people.

The presentation runs for an hour, and will give you everything you need to know about me, how I develop our formulas and why they will trigger the greatest health you’ve ever experienced – “Contagious Health” is what I call it.

Sit back, put out a bowl of organic popcorn and hit the Play button – away we go! (Click on on the photo below and a new window will open on YouTube to play the video.)

We have created a special page on our website where you can send friends and family to watch this video and read more about my personal journey to healing, including my educational studies and background.

This page can be found across the top navigation buttons on our website. Rollover the About Us tab and then click on Dr. Garland’s Story.

My very best wishes for your health and happiness.

Dr. Wayne Garland´╗┐

"Beat Osteoporosis? Just watch me"

Last week we launched our introductory video sharing the philosophy and concepts that go into making our “smart bomb” nutritional formulations.

This week, I’ll show you the three crucial formulas you need to not only fight osteoporosis, but beat it! You don’t have to do anything but hit the “Play” button on each of the three videos and watch while I explain each formula in detail.

These 3 formulas combine as a super-powerful “TROIKA” to nourish hormones, increase mineral action and generate new bones in a way that leaves Sally Field, Boniva and Fosamax on the dustheap!

Retail: $19.95
Preferred: $14.97
Retail: $34.95
Preferred: $25.97
Retail: $42.95
Preferred: $30.97

Sit back, take notes and then, please tell me what you think.

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Face to Face with Dr. G

The favorite part of my day, every day, is talking with you, our customers, and sharing the science and reasoning behind each of our formulas. I wish we could sit down in person, face to face, instead of just talking on the phone.

Well, with the magic of the internet and YouTube, at least now you will be able to see me.

Below is the first sit down with me, explaining how and why our formulas are designed to be “smart bombs” in delivering the right nutrients, right where the body needs it most.

Click the Play button on the video below for our first installment – and look for many more coming.

As always, “Here’s to your Contagious Health!”

Dr. G

Live to be 150, Can You Do It?

Can You Live to 150?
Secrets to Longer Living with Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters, the doyenne of investigative tv journalism, broke the news on Resveratrol in April 2008 when she interviewed Dr. David Sinclair, co-founder of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals and professor at Harvard Medical School, in her news special on aging, Live to be 150, Can You Do it?

Dr. Sinclair and his research colleagues discovered the amazing anti-aging capacities in Resveratrol, a substance naturally ocurring in red wine grapes, pomegranates and other foods. In their clinical trials, Resveratrol is showing promise in fighting Type-2 Diabetes, one of the most crippling diseases afflicting millions and millions around the world.

This is an interview everyone should see to learn about the power of mother nature over drugs.  See also my article, Can Red Wine Stop Aging? to learn more about Resveratrol.