My Blood Came Back from the Dead

Leslie Newman
Jean Newman

My name is Jean Newman and I just have to tell you my story. I truly believe I am alive today because of Dr. Garland and his natural healing program.

A little over a year ago I began experiencing extreme fatigue along with several other unusual symptoms, including canker sores on the insides of my cheeks, severe constipation, continual mental fogginess, and a host of other issues.

I went to a virologist who examined my blood and he said I had a “cancer virus” and showed it to me on the screen. Needless to say, he got my attention. I also had herpes, parasites and bacterial overgrowth. My blood literally looked like it was “dead” under the microscope – and that’s how I felt too.

The virologist put me on an herbal program to purge the parasites, which did a good job, but I still felt fatigued – like I was barely alive – and was basically unable to work. He also told me I needed to drink gallons of colloidal silver to handle the virus, but I was uncomfortable with this concept.

I was getting desperate and I didn’t have any other means of financial support if I didn’t work, so I didn’t know how to proceed.

I shared my situation with my chiropractor and he told me about Dr Garland and his success in treating all kinds of diseases with his naturopathic approach with Traditional Chinese Medicine, mineral compounds and special diets. So we arranged a meeting.

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My Thyroid Recovery Miracle

Andrea Billewicz

During a routine physical exam in April 2004, my doctor noticed that I had an enlarged thyroid.  He sent me to get a sonogram to get a better look and a few days later it showed two nodules or growths; one on each side of my thyroid gland.  One was 1.2cm, the other just over twice that size.

I was then scheduled for a biopsy to check for cancerous cells and of course, the “c” word scared the heck out of me!

The results of the biopsy were inconclusive; the pathologist called them “suspicious.”  I called my doctor and he said they could be benign follicular nodules or malignant tumors. To be safe, he recommended surgery to remove the growths  and part, or possibly all, of my thyroid gland. He said that the only way to find out for sure if they were cancerous was to perform a tissue biopsy after removal.

“But don’t you worry,” my doctor said, “if they are malignant, surgically removing them will 100% cure the thyroid cancer.  And if they turn out to be benign, then it’s no big deal.  We’ll put you on synthetic hormone replacement medicine for the rest of your life, and you’ll be just fine.”

He gave me the name of a surgeon and urged me to schedule surgery to remove my thyroid. I was afraid. The doctor is always right, isn’t he?  Nobody wants to mess around when he spouts words like “malignant” or “cancer.”  I did as I was told and got on the phone right away and scheduled surgery.

But I Wasn’t Ready to Cut Out My Thyroid on a Hunch

Fortunately a small, but saner part of my mind totally balked at the willy-nilly chopping out of my God-given thyroid gland, on the unsubstantiated hunch that it may have malignant tumors.

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"My Thyroid Should be on Oprah"

Sluggish Thyroid Syndrome (hypothyroidism) is perhaps the most common hormonal malfunction in America today. Women everywhere seem to suffer from it – from your mother, wife, aunty or girlfriend – even Oprah Winfrey.

The multi-billion dollar super drug “Synthroid®” is a disaster to my way of thinking. I’ve implored patients for years to seek a natural alternative. I got so tired of talking about it that I sat down and created a Super Natural Thyroid Formula of my very own, Thyroid Energy, to show the world what Mother Nature can do with her pantry of secrets.

Let one of my wonderful patients, a young single mother from our church here locally, who was going “nowhere” with Synthroid, tell you her story.

Kimmy & Drake Keech
Kimmy Keech

“Dear Dr. G.,

I had to tell you of my progress so far. I have been on Synthroid for 2 years, and the doctor says my levels are normal on the drug, but the past year I had started feeling worse instead of better. I felt so fatigued for over 6 months and nothing was helping.

Forty-five minutes after taking my first dose of Thyroid Energy I felt better!

Three days after taking the Thyroid Energy, I found that I just felt better over-all. I had more energy, I was no longer sleeping 12-14 hours, and even my mood was better. In fact, I haven’t even had a nap during the day since being on this product, and that is huge deal for me!

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Mother Teresa of Natural Healing

Lena Sanchez
Lena Sanchez

“My name is Lena Sanchez.

If you’ve got ten minutes, I’ve got a story I’d like to tell you.

It’s all about my lifelong search for health and peace, first for myself and then to everyone I can reach out to with my message, that doctors and drugs will kill you and to keep away from both at all times.

From the moment I was born it seems, I’ve had one medical crisis after another trying to stay alive. I got married at 21 and in the first 4 years, trying to start a family, I had four premature babies and one miscarriage.

After the birth of my 4th child, I was suddenly overwhelmed with pain in every part of my body. It was then that I started a search from some kind of relief from the never ending pain and constant fatigue.

The medication the doctors put me on made everything worse. I came down with Meinere’s Disease really severe; the vertigo seemed present every single day. For weeks at a time I couldn’t move my head without spinning out of control. Never a night went by without just turning over in bed triggering vertigo and vomiting.

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Live to be 150, Can You Do It?

Can You Live to 150?
Secrets to Longer Living with Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters, the doyenne of investigative tv journalism, broke the news on Resveratrol in April 2008 when she interviewed Dr. David Sinclair, co-founder of Sirtris Pharmaceuticals and professor at Harvard Medical School, in her news special on aging, Live to be 150, Can You Do it?

Dr. Sinclair and his research colleagues discovered the amazing anti-aging capacities in Resveratrol, a substance naturally ocurring in red wine grapes, pomegranates and other foods. In their clinical trials, Resveratrol is showing promise in fighting Type-2 Diabetes, one of the most crippling diseases afflicting millions and millions around the world.

This is an interview everyone should see to learn about the power of mother nature over drugs.  See also my article, Can Red Wine Stop Aging? to learn more about Resveratrol.

The Dog that Won't Die

Zeus Zeus – the wonder dog

One of the most satisfying and rewarding things to happen to me and my faithful team is the amazing results we get each and every day, many of them are truly miraculous.

For some strange reason, many of the greatest miracles happen to animals we are asked to treat, ranging from crippling arthritis to life-threatening leukemia and cancer.

I thought you would like to read one of these wonderful miracles, that just happened to Zeus the wonder dog.
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