DIM: The Magic Bullet?

One of the BIGGEST MYTHS of modern medicine is this – We are all Estrogen deficient.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, most of us are flowing over with too MUCH Estrogen! Where do you think the breast and prostate cancer epidemic came from?

The REAL truth is this: Basic daily exercise and a vegetarian/zero saturated fats diet will correct the problem!

Westerners are generally up to their ears in Estrogen due to gobbling down endless amounts of saturated fat, drinking alcohol, not getting any exercise, lack of fiber, and epidemic obesity.

For the past twenty years I have talked extensively about the power of a thing called Indole-3-CARBINOL or I3C, a miraculous compound found in cruciferous vegetables.

I3C, which is a precursor to DIM, can about eliminate out-of-control Estrogen and Estriol levels in both men and women.

We used to sell I3C for years, but we discovered that Diindolymethane or DIM, is safer and more stable than I-3-C. (Two I3C molecules combine in the digestive tract to create DIM.)

I highly recommend DIM rather than I3C because, once absorbed, DIM acts to promote and support a favorable metabolism of estrogen and related hormones.

Should You be Using DIM? YES!

DIM is a powerful super-antioxidant, and performs a myriad of jobs in the body, as an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, weight loss compound!

DIM isn’t a hormone or hormone replacement. It’s a plant-based compound that improves our hormone balance.

DIM improves the metabolism of our estrogens, helping to reduce high levels in the body, which can remedy estrogen dominant conditions. DIM can be used at any age as part of a weight-loss or strength training program. DIM promotes healthy hormone balance that can help you achieve peak exercise efficiency and healthy aging.

For many years now, the powerful anti-cancer properties of many foods, herbs, minerals and vitamins have been shown to have profound benefit, without the horrendous side effects experienced with mainline chemotherapy and radiation.

THE STAKES ARE ENORMOUS – Breast and Prostate Cancer diagnoses are out of control. DIM might be your magic bullet!

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