The End of Alzheimer's and ADHD?

Alzheimer’s and ADD/ADHD did not exist when I was growing up. They have both only appeared in the last few decades and were simply unknown until very recently.

Other modern epidemics are running rampant as well, like diabetes, hypertension, breast and prostate cancer.

We are having these new epidemics because we are doing things humans have never done before. These record rates are confined to industrialized nations, especially America.

No people in the history of the entire world have ever hogged down so many calories, fat, sugars, and nutrition-less food than we do.  No one.


Alzheimer’s disease is basically based upon inflammation and oxidative stress – the same factors causing coronary heart disease. Once Alzheimer’s takes hold, it cannot be cured. The most significant causes are excess sugar intake (more than 160 pounds per person each year,) high blood glucose, high insulin, and insulin resistance.

Our mad devotion to eating double bacon cheeseburgers only adds fuel to the fire as we stuff over 40% saturated (animal) fat calories into ourselves each day.  GROSS!

The percentage of fat we consume should only be 10 to 20%, and come directly from vegetable oils.

Of course, we all need to stop our addiction to animal protein and stop eating pig and dairy. That’s definitely the first step. But, there’s more.

Our incredible Mind Power formula is the most super-powerful, all-natural anti-Alzheimers and anti-ADD/ADHD product available today.

Nothing compares.

Our Brain has a “Sixth Sense” Quality About it

Like so many of our formulas, Mind Power has seemingly a thousand and one ingredients.

Every conceivable thing I discovered or was told about in my journeys would increase intelligence and enrich the brain is in this formula.

Specifically, Mind Power helps anyone who does a lot of what I call “Volume Thinking”.

Mind Power is also beneficial for anyone suffering from ADD/ADHD or Autism and can stop the brain from aging prematurely.

Over 6 million children suffer the effects of this horrific brain disease, and the saddest part to me is that up to 70% of these children continue to suffer into adulthood.

Students of all ages discover an entirely new way of studying things and storing up tons of information for later use or analysis!

Mind Power is also simply wonderful for memory enhancement so you can remember your own phone number – and your wife’s birthday!

This is one formula there is no debate about using! It is one all of us need every day for the enormous benefits it delivers.

But enough reading! I’ve put my thoughts about this miraculous formula into a video presentation you can watch yourself .

CLICK HERE now to view the video on YouTube and discover the Einstein-ian brilliance that awaits you with our Mind Power formula.

Mind Power:  THE Anti-Alzheimer’s, Anti-ADHD Formula

Image:  Bottle of Mind Power FormulaThe brain controls our entire body. It is our primary health maintenance organ and the seat of energy production. Without a healthy functioning brain, we are essentially useless.

Today’s stressful lifestyle, information overload and horrific diet means many of us are plagued by short-term memory loss, foggy and confused thinking. Worse is the epidemic of dementia and Alzheimer’s which renders people to a life of darkness, confusion and loss of identity.

Millions of our children are also suffering with ADD/ADHD and Autism! Help them – without giving them dangerous amphetamines!

This extraordinary formula dramatically increases oxygen flow to the brain to allow it to “thinking clearly” while conducting high electrical thought patterns and increased volume of thinking.

Unfortunately our brain can experience a type of rusting called oxidative stress. This is the #1 reason for mitochondrial dysfunction, which depletes brain energy and therefore alters our bodies functional energy.

Mind Power is like an “Einstein-pill” fueling the genius inside of you.

If you’ve never taken this formula – Don’t wait!  Order today and start giving yourself and any children in your life all the amazing benefits this formula provides!

Retail Price: $54.95
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Mind Power makes me “smart” and “witty”! I have been a student and a customer of Dr. Garland for 18 years. I am 56 years young and will continue to grow younger as the years progress!! Thank you, Dr. G, for your commitment to excellence and to God.” – Mitzi

“I started taking this Mind Power formula a little over a month ago. From day one I noticed one thing…..FOCUS! I have been able to recall multiple tasks I’m working on in the blink of an eye, and multi-tasking is happening at an accelerated pace! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new formula! I will be using this as I continue to age. I look forward to being clear-thinking for a long, long time!” – Lisa

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