Say HELLO to Firmer, Younger Looking Skin

Put your hand over both sides of this picture and imagine your skin actually looking THIS YOUNG!

How many anti-aging creams, ointments, peels, or exfoliators have you used over the years and have actually given you the youthful skin on the right?

What if I told you the only product you need for “right side” skin, is found in the liver of a shark – Crazy?

Not if you knew that sharks don’t get cancer and their skin doesn’t age!

Of course, Sharks don’t spend their time outside in the sun’s damaging rays, but there is another reason for their incredible resilience.

Squalane, a special oil formed in the Shark’s liver, was the original secret cure-all of Scandinavian herbal healers.  The oil contains a vital component called Alkylglycerol, also found in Mother’s breast milk for newborn babies to build a strong immune system.

Several books have been written about this amazing oil, and in recent years, its astounding healing and strengthening effects on the immune system have been explored by doctors and researchers.

The results?

This miraculous “Shark Liver Oil” has not only been found to be highly effective in fighting, preventing and relieving symptoms of disease, this superior gift from the sea has the ability to renew aging skin, potentially reversing the outward signs of aging.

Claire’s Story:

“The most wonderful thing happened to me the other day.

I went to see my doctor for a regular check on my diabetes and he said “Claire you look wonderful for 71 and in fact, you look wonderful for 61”.

Now that coming from my doctor made me feel very good. I must tell you I am full blooded Italian, so some of my well being could come from my genes.

However, I’ve been using Shark Oil Squalene for about 8 years now and I honestly think it has something to do with my complexion. I have no wrinkles on my face at all. I am a sun worshiper, and use the oil every day before I go out and after showering.

People my age and younger comment on my face all the time and I tell them about the shark oil. Then I tell them I have a son who’s 54, daughter 53, son 48, and son 44, but no one believes me. Why would I lie about my age? I’m proud of it and how I look.

Most of my friends are in there 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. My husband is 62. I think I’m getting younger.


– Claire Marcey

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles – FOREVER!

If you are a regular reader of our newsletter, no doubt you’ve heard me rave about Shark Liver Oil.

It helps to normalize white blood cell counts, ease symptoms of psoriasis, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis and increase energy and strength of of patients with a variety of stress related disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia and depression.

On top of all of these astounding benefits, when applied to the skin, Squalane can reduce the visible signs of aging by repairing damaged and aged skin, potentially stopping the hands of time.

How Does Squalane Work?

Squalane is an organic substance found in animals, plants and humans, rich in alkylglycerol compounds in human bone marrow and mother’s breast milk. The highest concentrations of squalane are found (can you guess?) in the livers of deep ocean sharks.

Sebum, our body’s lubricant and primary skin protectant, contains up to 25% squalane.

Sebum is vital for keeping skin young looking, trapping precious moisture on the surface of the skin.  Used topically, Squalane carries oxygen molecules to our skin cells and is a powerful anti-oxidant!

The reason this product works, when your other moisturizers don’t, is because our sebum levels begin to decline as early as our 20’s!  Our skin is able to recognize the sebum in Squalane Oil and deeply absorbs it like a drink of water.

Squalane also:

  • helps to prevent oxidative damage from ultraviolet light, preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin – producing younger, youthful skin!
  • is 100% natural and completely pure – free of toxic chemicals.
  • contains antioxidant properties, protecting skin cells from premature aging!
  • provides relief from psoriosis and eczema
  • reduces itchiness and inflammation.
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • smooths and softens the texture of your skin
  • makes your skin look more radiant and supple
  • hydrates and soothes dry, irritated skin
  • protects your skin from free-radical damage

Topical Squalane Oil delivers the same skin improvements that over-priced, anti-aging serums promise, and is a 100% natural remedy from the sea!

And the best part?

Your skin instantly recognizes and easily absorbs Squalane, penetrating deeply into your dermis, rejuvenating, regenerating and stimulating skin cells from the inside out.


Say HELLO to Firmer, Younger Looking Skin!

See softer, visibly younger skin from this natural ocean secret. Squalane (pronounced squa-LON) will give your skin back what it needs to regenerate and look naturally younger and healthier.

You’ll feel its soothing effects instantly as it lubricates skin, rather than “sitting on top” of your skin like so many moisturizers with synthetic materials.

Squalane contains sebum, a natural compound in your skin and is what keeps your skin soft, moist, and young. Squalane is also an antioxidant, so it gives you extra protection against skin-damaging free radicals.

Suggested Usage: For optimum results, apply daily to face, neck, feet, elbows, lips and hands at bedtime or as an after-shave balm.
Warning: Any person with a known allergy to fish products should consult a health care professional prior to application of this product.

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Dale’s Story:

“I was working on a remodel of my daughter’s bedroom when the board I was ripping on a tablesaw lifted up. Like a fool, I reached for it and as I pushed it back down, my index and middle finger came down directly only top of the saw blade!

It all happened in an instant, and when I looked at my fingers, I knew it was serious!

As soon as the stitches were removed, I applied Manuka Honey directly into the wounds and dressed them with gauze to speed healing and prevent infection. After just a few days, I started rubbing the Topical Squalane Oil onto the scabbing and massaging it in several times a day to stimulate skin growth.

In 3 months the skin healed so well you could barely see where I cut my fingers. And now, a little more than a year later, you can barely tell I cut my fingers – the scars are nearly invisible!

The Squalane Oil worked so well with healing my cuts that I’m now using it on my face, especially the crow’s feet!”

– Dale Aychman

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