What's in Skeletal Support?

Ingredient Descriptions

    * MAGNESIUM (Oxide; Chelate; Ionic): The vital mineral required to transform inert Calcium into usable nutrient by the body. Dissolves calcification and also helps build strong bones and joints.

    * CALCIUM (Carbonate; Phosphate; Citrate/Malate): The most predominant mineral in the body. Essential for all bone formation and bone density.

    * BORON (Trace Mineral): The essential partner mineral to Calcium for strong bones and high bone integrity. Also known as “The Mineral of Life” for its testosterone generating capacities and fertility enhancement.

    * VITAMIN K: The Blood Vitamin. Without Vitamin K, essential Calcium cannot move out of the blood and into the bones.

    * VITAMIN D: The Life Vitamin. Large amounts of this vitamin are needed for a host of duties within the body. Most importantly is its bone-building and bone-formation capacities.

    * METHYLSULFONYLMETHANE (MSM): The new, Arthritis Miracle Nutrient. A highly advanced form of sulfurs that originate in the ocean as plankton. Helps reduce inflammation and painful joint problems.

    * YUCCA ROOT (Desert Flower): Revered by the American Indians for its bone and joint pain relieving capacities. Reduces inflammation in and around the joints as well as assisting in delivering high-potency Calcium to the bones.

    * DEVIL’S CLAW (Plant): Amazing pain relieving herb and anti-inflammatory. Also helps with new bone formation and bone density capacities.

    * ALFALFA LEAF: Translated, Alfalfa (“Al-Fal-Fa”) means “The Father of all Foods.” Revered for thousands of years as being the most minerally dense plant in Nature. In particular, apart from massive amounts of all minerals, Alfalfa is very high in Magnesium to help in the conversion of Calcium into strong, healthy bones.

    * NETTLE LEAF: High pain-relieving capacities along with being high in essential Iron and bone building Calcium.

    * HORSETAIL GRASS: Mother Nature’s richest source of Silica, one of the building blocks of all life and essential for bone formation and bone density.

    * CETYL MYRISTOLEATE: On the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of Arthritis. Promises to ease joint pain and stiffness while fighting joint decline in the aged.

    * OMEGA-3 FLAX SEED OIL: Stops Calcium from accumulating in the wrong places. Dissolves free radicals and helps in the overall relief of joint pain.

    * OCEAN SOURCE PEPTIDES/AMINO ACIDS: The building blocks of all life. Needed for all new bone, joint, cartilage and ligament formation.

    * OCEAN MINERALS AND TRACE MINERAL COMPLEX: All 84 Mineral and Trace Mineral elements required for life formation. Particularly high in Magnesium, Phosphorous, Boron and Strontium – the bone minerals.

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