Give Me One Month!

I’ve said this for years.  The best doctor is always your own body.

Recently, we introduced our Clinic Without Walls and the response has been extraordinary.

Giving us the privilege of walking with you through your healing process is the passion of my life and the mission of our entire company.

Your body can heal itself – but most people who are struggling with their weight or depression or even worse, usually don’t have an idea of where to start.  For most, it’s easier just to listen to their physician and let him make all their decisions.  For some, it doesn’t turn out so well.

We created the Clinic in order to train YOU to listen to your body.

No more dependance on pharmaceuticals.  No more depending on other people to tell you what you need.

Your own body is able to heal you – if you let it.

Give us a month working together, and we guarantee YOU will change your life forever.

Take a moment and listen as several people, just like you, chose to invest in their education and have now changed their lives.

Will you be next?

True Stories of Lives Changed

When you get to the point where you want to start experimenting with vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, you need to consider the assistance of these extraordinary folks and get ready for the surprise of your life! My husband still cannot believe the tasty omelets have no eggs in it and tonight we ate the best vegan BBQ ever!

This is honestly exciting and I believe you too will enjoy the process as much as we have.

And thank you Community Kitchen people for making this such an effortless event.”

Plant-Strong Nutritional Support client

“I just had to tell you how very proud of myself I am! I have nearly gone VEGAN! – YAY!  My refrigerator is very colorful!  I have found Vegan chicken, meat, tofu (I haven’t experimented yet), cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, and veggies galore.

I have walked the aisles of Whole Foods, Harry Farmers Market, my local Kroger and WalMart to scout out what is available at easier access than some of the online sites for purchase.  I have found this food is a bit more expensive, but my family is embracing this very easily which, I think, they realize will take away my stress of this task.

You had asked what I was eating to already go to more of a vegan day?  I have gone cold turkey – ha, ha – NO MEAT, just like Dr Garland said I need on my program.  I have eaten many salads ( I admit the dressing is a challenge for me as Ranch is my favorite).  I have experimented by mixing it with salsa and sometimes using Olive Garden dressing.  I also understand this is not a clean vegan choice yet, so you see my struggles. Oh, and I have been embracing broccoli — this is quite an accomplishment for me – you have no idea.

It all takes a little more effort, but becoming the choice I want to make.

Thanks to you and Dr Garland for being in my life and helping me be a healthier person for it.  I want to get the Einstein pill for my 82 year old mom and Emily is on my mind for some supplements to send her back to school with, especially after ER trip last night…

Thank you for all your time you have spent on me so far, I am so appreciative.”

Healthy Living and Nutritional Support client

My journey to a miracle started in June of 2008 when my doctors diagnosed me with DCIS breast cancer, stage 4. The surgeon suggested I have a mastectomy and chemotherapy. I knew for sure I didn’t want to radiate my body and I certainly didn’t want to lose my breast.

I called Dr. Garland who immediately got me started on his cancer recovery program. I followed it without waiver and in just six months we shrunk the tumor from 3.8 to 2.0. At that point, I decided to have a lumpectomy to remove only the tumor, and am happy to say that I have no cancer in my lymph system and I still have my wonderful breasts! I continue to follow Dr. G’s program and I remain cancer free and very grateful.

Thank you so much for your love and guidance.”

Critical Health Support client

Critical Health Support (CHS) – so you don’t drop over dead… today.

If you are suffering with a chronic health issue, no doubt you’ve already figured out drugs don’t really work well- they are just masking the problem and come with dangerous side effects.

Our Body as Doctor approach to healing empowers you to address the problem, not just treat the symptoms. Our bodies are designed to heal naturally. Critical Health Support supports anyone dealing with serious health issues like Heart Disease, AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, and other life-altering sickness.

The first step is an in-depth consultation to review your situation, your lifestyle, diet and medications and/or nutritional supplements you are taking in order to create your personal program.

When you are ready to begin, we support you with dietary planning (see Plant-strong Nutritional Support below), weekly check-in with your health coach (and emergency phone calls as necessary,) as well as ongoing phone and email support.

Healthy Living Support (HLS) – so you don’t drop over dead… tomorrow.

The overwhelming majority of the work we do is lifestyle support. We provide tailored programs and personal support as you address both physical and emotional blockages.

We’ll be with you each step of the way, as you face/adopt lifestyle, dietary and emotional changes necessary to achieve your current wellness goals, including weight loss, detox, insomnia, hormone imbalance, memory recall, focus and concentration, and more.

The first step, like for Critical Health Support, is your initial assessment and creation of your personalized program. Then, we support you with dietary planning (see Plant-strong Nutritional Support below), weekly check-ins and ongoing phone and email support.

We’ve discovered our HLS clients find the first month of this individualized support to be incredibly eye-opening as dramatic changes begin to happen and realize more support is necessary to achieve their goals. Ongoing support is available at reduced rates.

Plant-Strong Nutritional Support – so you stay alive… and HAPPY!
Our team is available throughout your entire healing process to help you transition to a life- giving, plant-strong diet. Vital for Critical Care and Healthy Living Support clients, Nutritional Support is also available as a stand-alone service.

These services include education and support for transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, meal planning, pantry makeover, shopping/ recipe/ meal preparation, Our Community Kitchen and emotional support, for you and for your family, as you transition.

As a Nutritional Support customer, you receive all the benefits listed above, PLUS, an initial intake and assessment of needs, phone and email to help you get started, weekly check-ins and ongoing support.

After the first month, we find clients require less time from our nutritional support team as you gain confidence, listened to their ‘Body as Doctor’ and applied the principles learned. Ongoing support is available at reduced rates.

Here’s to your “Contagious Health”!

Contact our Customer Support team at 877-975-9080 ext 2 or CLICK HERE to schedule your assessment consultation today!

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