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Knowledge is Power.

I’ve committed my life to gaining knowledge in order to help people. The tricky part is knowing enough to recognize what is TRUE information and what isn’t.

I believe knowledge is power … and it’s vital you know the knowledge you have is true!

Let me explain – You might hear something from a friend or on the news you believe is true, but later find out, it wasn’t.

Or how about when the food industry asks us if we, “Got Milk?” or tells us to “Eat More Chicken!” – millions follow – and some follow right to the grave!

Take back YOUR power and JOIN US for the 2013 Food Revolution Summit coming April 27 – May 5 to learn everything you need to be empowered to greater health!

We are pleased to invite you to register for the 2013 Food Revolution Summit, a free event featuring interviews with PCRM President Dr. Neal Barnard and 23 more of the world’s top celebrated experts in the movement for promoting healthy, sustainable, humane, and conscious food.

Click here to Register –> You need to check out the Food Revolution Summit!

From April 27 through May 5, John Robbins (who left his father’s Baskin Robbins empire to become a bestselling author and a leading advocate for compassion) is interviewing some of the top food experts who will be exposing factory farms and the “ag gag” laws that make it illegal to even take pictures of them.

They’ll tell you how to avoid health dangers and how to thrive on a plant-strong diet.

And they’ll give you the latest breakthrough insights and up-to-the-minute research on the link between diet, health, and the future of our food.

Check out these amazing speakers now.

Feedback from PCRM members about last year’s summit was extremely positive. In the Food Revolution Summit, you’ll get incredibly current resources to help you:

  • Find out why some vegetarians thrive and others do not.
  • Cut through corporate BS and get the real story on GMOs, the Paleo diet, soy, good and bad fats, vitamins, and more.
  • Bring your food choices into alignment with the world you want to create.
  • Be an effective food advocate.

Find out more and sign up here.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

P.S. The Food Revolution Summit starts April 27, and when you sign up now, you get access to a Food Revolutionary Action Guide and lots of other great empowering tools, all for no charge. Check it out and sign up here.

P.P.S. Once you get registered, please feel free to invite your friends and loved ones to this timely and important event about the future of our food and our health.

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