Lena's Health Nugget: Cholesterol Truths

Welcome to our very first Health Nuggets newsletter from Lena Sanchez, who I introduced you to in last week’s newsletter.

Lena is a person with a wealth of knowledge and opinons on all matters to do with Natural Medicine and healing.

This first newsletter really should be called “Health Explosions!” as her views will rock the accepted views on the matter of High Cholesterol.

But that’s what we’re about—stimulating debate and upending the conservative world of the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

So sit back, make a big mug of green tea, add some Emperor’s Chi added and fasten your seat belts.

Lena has arrived in the building! – WG

Lena Sanchez

“Do you believe your doctor’s suggestion that cholesterol causes heart attacks, heart disease and/or strokes and you need to take a drug to lower it?

This is a fallacy and you need to know the truth that too low cholesterol is actually dangerous to your health.

I’ve dealt with this subject for almost 40 years.  My husband was told – in the early 80’s – his cholesterol levels were going to kill him if he didn’t do something!

At that same time, I began seeing patients who had been prescribed cholesterol lowering drug, and after experiencing serious side effects, the doctor took them off the cholesterol lowering drug.

It was then I began years of study to find out the pros and cons of cholesterol in our bodies and learned some pretty surprising things.

Cholesterol is not the danger to your health conventional medical doctors believe it is.

In fact, their medication IS THE DANGER!

Today’s article explains all that.”


Brain Disease Increase Connected To Low Cholesterol!

© Lena Sanchez

Has your doctor said you needed to lower your cholesterol? Tens of thousands are being told that and are taking cholesterol lowering medications, pushed on them out of fear of having a heart attack, stroke or heart disease, if your cholesterol isn’t lowered.

It’s a fallacy!

And, we can even go a step father and ask: Is it even good to lower your cholesterol?

According to studies published in the over the last five years “..low LDL cholesterol levels may actually increase your risk of Parkinson’s disease.” The study involved 236 people — 124 Parkinson’s patients and 112 controls. The researchers measured all the participants’ cholesterol levels and gathered information regarding their smoking habits and use of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

They found the subjects with the lowest LDL levels (less than 114 milligrams per deciliter) had a 3.5-fold higher occurrence of Parkinson’s than the participants with higher LDL levels (below 138 to 250 milligrams per deciliter).

Finally, they’ve actually documented what I’ve been telling you for years, but this information hasn’t yet reached the doctors, even though those figures were released in 2010!

Conventional medicine keeps wondering why millions-and-growing Alzheimer’s cases exist, yet they say they haven’t a clue.  The clues are there but they are  being concealed by BIG PHARMA money and since doctors seldom study what happens when they prescribe a drug, they don’t know either.

Conventional medical doctors continues to stick their heads in the sand about patients reporting side effects to their medications. Looks to me like the pharmaceutical industry,along with doctors who never check things out, aim for an LDL below 200, are actually causing the Alzheimer’s increase!

No mystery there!

Are they mistakenly diagnosing Alzheimer’s? Very possible.

Here is what Mayo Clinic Cardiologist, Dr. Thomas Behrenbeck stated:

“Rare cases of memory loss have been reported in people taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, such as Lipitor. But these reports were anecdotal and have not been substantiated by formal testing of cognitive function. In most of these cases, memory improved after the individuals stopped taking the statins.”

That absolutely depends on how long they were taking the drugs before stopping.

Now, I find it rather strange since I’ve continued to see advertising pushing those drugs that say statin drugs are now being prescribed to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Does that make any sense? If the drugs cause memory loss, are all those Alzheimer’s people really suffering with Alzheimer’s or suffering with drug induced memory loss? Watching this happen when I worked conventional medicine offices I can tell you Alzheimer’s is mostly medication induced!

Remember, a drug only has to have an effect in 20% of the clinical trials to be released to the medical world!

Statin drugs have other side effects besides memory problems; they simply do not do what they are prescribed to do…

The doctor will tell you that lowering your cholesterol will stop your risk of heart attack, stroke or heart disease.  REALLY?

Have you read the small print of the insert that came with your cholesterol lowering drug? If not be sure you do.  (The pharmacy must give you that insert with your prescription.) Go to the small print buried somewhere deep or near the end of that insert and see what it says – something like “This medication has not been proven to prevent heart attacks, strokes or heart disease.”

Yet, your doctor has told you it does because he/she is being lied to and does not read inserts!

It is a known fact that statin drugs decrease the CoQ10 in people taking them and the heart as well as the brain must have sufficient CoQ10 supplies to function properly. Tests done for CoQ10 found that after 8 weeks of taking statin drugs the CoQ10 levels drop off 40%. This fact alone can starve the heart and brain of needed nutrients!

Smart doctors are beginning to talk about that very problem. An article published in the journal Biofactors, cardiologist and researcher Dr. Peter Langsjoen has stated:

“The depletion of the essential nutrient CoQ10 by the increasingly popular cholesterol lowering drugs, HMG CoA reductase inhibitors (statins), has grown from a level of concern to one of alarm. With ever higher statin potencies and dosages and with a steadily shrinking target LDL cholesterol, the prevalence and severity of CoQ10 deficiency is increasingly noticeable.”

The body manufactures cholesterol because it needs it and only when the body’s ability to do that is interrupted does it not produce effective amounts. Your body needs cholesterol and what may be high for one body could be exactly what another body needs to work correctly. My husband and his family requires as high as 400 to 500. Yes, you read that right!

Who set the so-called normal numbers?

When the first cholesterol drug came on the market I was working as a medical office nurse and the average cholesterol numbers to aim for then was 350. Good number, but that didn’t sell enough drugs for the pharmaceutical company so they have gradually lowered those normals until now the numbers are bordering on death for most patients.

An Osteopath doctor I worked with, when the first lower numbers were given to the office, told me that with that lower desired number – 250 – we would be seeing many more heart attacks and strokes in the future due to such a low number. He explained to me:

“You cannot live with cholesterol lower than 250 or 300 for very long without the body going into some type of revenge and overworking trying to produce more cholesterol thereby taxing the heart and blood vessels throwing the body off.”

We are there RIGHT NOW as the target number is 100 to 150 – killer numbers!  I have not seen that osteopath in more than twenty-five years and I often wonder what he thought when his predictions came to pass.

And the statistics prove he was right! The CDC mortality figures show that more people are having more heart attacks and strokes per capita than ever in the history of mankind.

Be strong! Stand up to your doctor and say NO to taking cholesterol lowering drugs.

High cholesterol does not kill, nor does it build up plaque in your arteries, even though the drug industry is selling that crock to the doctors of the world.

Inflammation and bad diets cause plaque to build up and cause heart attacks.

There are many independent scientific studies that have been done showing that inflammation kills. But for the most part you will not hear about them as they are not released to the news media and are suppressed by the drug industry. I have managed to read two or three scientific studies you can find if you look really hard, from scientists who have published proof, but only in scientific journals.

That fact is slowing being discovered by the public but not by physicians!

I’m not a doctor, just a concerned retired medical office nurse who watched what happened when people took cholesterol lowering drugs and convinced my husband, whose cholesterol numbers range from 324 to 480 and has for – most likely before cholesterol testing began in the early 1980’s…

A recent carotid ultrasound and MRI proved his arteries are cleaner than the average person’s.  His arteries– seven years ago at the age of 70 – contained only 12% plaque, while the fact is, the average person’s plaque at that age is more than 25% !

This, again, proves my point – cholesterol is not the culprit the drug industry wants you to believe!

His doctor unintentionally proved our premise and has finally stopped trying to force him to take a Statin drug.  Finally.

*No. 3/13 in an ongoing series

In all the years I have known Lena, she is not afraid to rock the very foundations of conventional medicine’s way of treating disease.

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  1. I am confused about the advice re cholesterol. Mine came back at 300, I am a 55 year old woman with a healthy diet. I have high HDL. If that is a good number for cholesterol, why are there testimonials on your site of clients using your cholesterol product to lower numbers in the 200s? Do you advocate lowering cholesterol if it is at 300 and otherwise healthy? Thank you

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