"My Feet Were Killing Me!"

“Are your feet and legs screaming out for HELP?”

My poor mother, bless her heart, worked all day on her feet as a short order cook to put my sister and I through the best schools in our rough and tumble city in Australia.

She’d come home and soak her feet while peeling vegetables to cook for our family meal.

Here’s to hard working moms and dads with aching feet everywhere! Are YOU pounding your feet non-stop to make a living?

Are you a…

  • Nun on your feet praying all night?
    – We have a foot formula from Heaven JUST for you!
  • Cop on the beat all night long?
    – We can keep your feet moving.
  • Night shift nurse in the ER or ICU?
    – Your feet are saved.
  • 24-Hour gas station attendent?
    – Keep on pumping! We have what YOU need
  • Door to door Bible salesman?
    – The Kingdom of Feet is at hand!
  • Diabetic Neuropathy patient?
    – This is the sweetest news you’ve ever heard!
  • Teacher, inspiring young people on your feet all day long!
    – We’ll give you strength to persevere!
  • Pregnant woman!
    – Press onward! Rescue is HERE!
  • Ballet dancer?
    – Dance on those toes!! We are here to save them!

Today we introduce yet another, 100% natural solution from Mother Nature’s cupboard…

We think it can save all the feet in America! EVEN YOURS! Are you one of the 75 MILLION Americans who suffer from foot pain?

Feet are our friends and when they are hurting – it’s like a toothache – it’s all we can think about. Diabetics and others with chronic foot problems watch their feet actually decay from lack of blood flow.

We want you to know we feel your foot pain and we want to help! Our newest product, Treat your Feet will not only help your feet and legs look their best, it can actually increase circulation and prevent loss of your precious toes!

Read on to hear more about this remarkable FOOT SAVER!

Diabetes and Charcot’s Foot

Diabetes can cause two major types of foot problems:

  • Diabetic neuropathy is the loss of feeling in your legs and feet caused by nerve damage in uncontrolled diabetes. As you might suspect, this is very dangerous, particularly if you happen to hurt yourself and become infected, stub your toe on a chair foot or sprain your ankle. Because the nerves are damaged, the muscles do not respond properly and feet become mis-aligned, creating great pressure in one part of the foot.
  • Charcot’s Foot is a complication of diabetes that occurs in those with nerve damage. When neuropathy is present, the foot bones become weakened and fracture easily, even without significant trauma. Neuropathy causes pain to go unnoticed, so the person continues to walk on a broken foot, leading to severe deformities.

Ten percent (10%) of all diabetics develop foot ulcers.

Foot ulcers are caused by nerve damage and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetes affects the flow of blood, causing cuts and sores to heal more slowly. If you have an infection that won’t heal, you are at great risk for developing ulcers and gangrene, the death of tissue due to lack of blood flow.

Anyone can get the foot problems listed below, but for people with diabetes, these common foot problems can possibly lead to infection and serious complications requiring amputation.

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Fungal infection of nails
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Dry skin
  • Foot ulcers
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Plantar warts

Finally a product is available to increase circulation and help put an end to neuropathy and all the other foot problems associated with diabetes.

But it’s not just for Diabetics!

I think back to my mom, standing on her feet all day as a short order cook. Oh, what she wouldn’t have given for something that would have improved the circulation in her legs and take away the aching and pain she felt everyday.

a photo of Wayne Garland's Treat Your Feet Rescue Cream, all-natural foot & leg circulation enhancerTreat Your Feet, the newest addition to our Skinny Dip Skin Body Care product line, is ideal for anyone who spends time on their feet, has dry, calloused feet or worse, has diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.

Treat Your Feet is a rich, all-natural topical cream clinically proven and podiatrist-recommended for the relief of foot discomfort associated with poor circulation, arthritis, and dry skin.

Treat Your Feet warms cold feet and soothes foot aches and pains. You won’t believe how quickly your tired, aching, swollen feet will start looking more familiar in just days.

The all-natural penetrating formula absorbs through the skin exactly where you need it, moisturizing dry skin and restoring circulation. The Yarrow plant, a key ingredient, is believed to have strong, anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown Yarrow can reduce smooth muscle spasms and increase circulation restoring warmth and life to previously cold feet.

After just 7 days of use, feet will feel softer, showing significantly enhanced circulation. It is also designed to relieve numbness and discomfort, leaving feet relaxed and restored.

Suggested Usage: Apply generously twice daily – especially after bathing. Massage and enjoy thoroughly!
Bottle Size: 8 fl. oz.

Retail priced at $34.95
Preferred Members always save 14% at $29.97.

Introductory Offer: SAVE additional 10% through September 19th.

Click here to order!

We all are at risk of developing foot skin-related problems. That’s why daily foot care is critical to good health and comfort for everyone!

Dry skin on feet can lead to calluses and cracks or tears (fissures) opening the door to bacteria, fungi, and infection.

Treat Your Feet:

  • accelerates healing
  • aids circulation
  • relieves the pain of neuropathy and arthritis
  • kills athletes foot
  • helps relieve redness
  • is safe for use between toes
  • reduces itchiness
  • stimulates new, healthy skin cell growth
  • is usable at home or on the road
  • is perfect for sensitive skin

The rich, luxurious, nourishing cream is enriched with vitamins and nutrients to penetrate dry skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.

Your feet support your body and your life. If your feet feel good, you feel good!

Further Tips & Suggestions

  • Soak your feet in a foot bath with pure, filtered water and 2 Tbsp of Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals added. Your feet will absorb the minerals directly into the bloodstream in minutes.
  • Remember if your feet are in severe pain, use the RICE principle – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate
  • For chronic pain relief not associated with neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease, apply Restrain Your Pain Relief Cream that gets to the cause of the pain instead of just masking the pain.
  • Use Supta Gluta every day along with Treat your Feet! Supta Gluta is the “Super Hero” of Antioxidants that does AMAZING things to help “SUP up” up your body to fight against foot disease.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland and Connie Albright

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