Diary of a Diabetic: Wk 1 "I'm Dreading This"‏

My name is Richard Weaver and I have chronic Diabetes. I have surgery scheduled in two weeks’ time to amputate my legs up to my crotch because of the severe lack of circulation and gangrene in my lower body (Dr. Garland has told me to cancel this for now.)

Dr. Garland swears that he can fix me and God bless him if he can, because no one else has in over 4 years of fighting this curse. The biggest thing I’m dreading is if I let him down and all his “stuff” doesn’t work.

    Patient Profile

Name: Richard Weaver
Sex: Male
Age: 65
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 424 lbs
Body Composition: 44% fat, 56% muscle
Blood Sugar: 384
Conditions: Diabetes (Type 2); Phlebitis; Sleep Apnea; Chronic Circulation problems in lower body/calves/legs/thighs; Needs crutches to support weight
Cholesterol: 668

“Not a pretty picture is it? My life is a nightmare and getting worse by the day. I feel as if my body is falling apart. These drugs I’m taking are doing nothing now – they helped a bit at the start – but my blood sugar is sky high and I keep putting on more weight because I can’t exercise properly.

Have faith, have faith, Dr. Garland keeps telling me, this is just the first week. Your body has no alternative but to heal itself, GIVEN the right help and God’s gifts from Nature. Well, here we go, week one coming up. Check back next week to see what happened.

Thank you for your time and interest in my condition, I appreciate all the emails of support.”

Comments from Dr. Garland:

This is the worst case of Diabetes I’ve come across, and Richard needs urgent action with my Master Formulas and also some special extra things that I have created specifically for his case.

Here’s Richard’s recovery program:

  • Diabesity Blood Glucose Formula – 9 capsules daily/ 3 capsules 15 minutes before each meal.
  • Protein Plus Chromium Chelavite Formula – 12 capsules daily/4 capsules with each meal.
  • Rapid Burn Fat Blocker Formula – 6 capsules daily/3 capsules before breakfast/3 before lunch.
  • Night Time Fat Burner Formula – 4 capsules 30 minutes before retiring at night to burn fat while asleep.
  • Life Transfusion High Magnesium Liquid Concentrate –1 teaspoon three times a day to increase insulin sensitivity.
  • Super-Powerful Pancreatic Enzyme Formula – created for Richard’s condition. This pumps enzymes into the pancreas to rejuvenate it and in turn, generate more insulin to bring down blood sugar levels and control sugar cravings – four capsules three times daily and just before going to bed at night.
  • We put Richard on a no junk food diet, eliminated all Diet Coke and Pepsi, no milk, cheese, ice cream or butter. Richard has an organic, non-GMO soy milk in a smoothie twice a day that works wonders.
  • We are getting him into the local YMCA so he can drag himself up and down the pool on the lane dividers for daily exercise. I have a hard bamboo rod to belt him with if he doesn’t do it!

Diabetes has been called a “foot and mouth disease.” Lack of feet movement and the wrong things going in the mouth. Richard’s new diet program and the daily exercise are vitally important to this comeback. I’ll detail these next week, along with special recipes that you can use too.

This is week one, tune in again this time next week for a progress report. Your prayers are much appreciated.”

If you have Diabetes, contact me at 877-975-9080 or email me and we can tailor a program specific to your situation.

Dr Garland

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