Snoring Causes Cancer??

Did you know 50 million Americans suffer with snoring and its partner, sleep apnea. According to shocking new research, snoring and apnea are associated with up to 90% of all known diseases and chronic conditions.

Did you catch that? 90%!

Snoring and Apnea have been linked to CANCER in a University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health study. Dr. Javier Nieto found that participants with the most severe sleep disordered breathing were 5 times more likely to die of cancer than those with normal breathing!

Snoring is a very serious breathing problem causing the body to run low on oxygen while sleeping. This lack of oxygen causes sleep deprivation and also stimulates blood vessel generation that nourishes cancerous tumors.

Snoring has also been linked to increased risk for heart attack, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity and diabetes.

Are you snoring and sick all the time? Read on to find out how to STOP snoring and live longer.

Snoring Linked to Cancer!

Did you catch the ABC News and Fox News special reports recently explaining the link between cancer and sleep disordered breathing (the medical term for snoring and sleep apnea) where oxygen flow is significantly reduced or even cut off, while sleeping.

The news reports came about from two new studies following 1,500 people in America and more than 5,000 in Spain, were presented at an international conference just a few weeks ago. In both studies, researchers ruled out the possibility that the usual risk factors for cancer such as age, smoking, alcohol use, physical activity and weight played a role in the results.

Dr. Javier Nieto of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health found that individuals with the most severe cases were 5 times more likely to die of cancer than those with normal breathing!

In the Spanish study, Dr. Miguel Angel Martinez-Garcia of La Fe University and Polytechnic Hospital found a 68% greater likelihood of developing cancer in test subjects whose oxygen levels dropped below 90 percent compared with those whose oxygen levels did not plummet.

Please take a moment right now to watch the videos.

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Who Knew Snoring was so Dangerous to our Health?

We all know someone who snores or has sleep apnea. The most common treatment prescribed by doctors today is a CPAP mask that you wear over your face at night that delivers constant pressure and flow of air all night long to keep your airway open.

I don’t know about you, but I would not want to wear one! I don’t think I could sleep a wink with a contraption like that on my face.

Instead, I would turn to Mother Nature and her cupboard for a natural solution to address the problem, not just treat the symptom.

Introducing our new Stop Snoring Formula

a photo of Wayne Garland's Stop Snoring formulaUsing secrets from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, our new, all-natural Stop Snoring formula calms and supports the entire respiratory system by reducing swelling and mucus secretions that create snoring vibrations. The unique combination of herbs relax the airway, aid in increasing airflow and total lung capacity, leading to deep, restful and silent sleep.

Stop Snoring provides you with an array of super-powerful ingredients working together to bring deep, silent and oxygenated sleep:

  • Ophiopogon – Breaks-up phlegm, moistens lungs and soothes a hacking dry cough.
  • Astragalus – Inhibits the release of histamine, preventing allergic response.
  • Codonopsis root – Improves lung function, increases energy and assists digestion.
  • Cordyceps – Increases oxygen in lungs, reduces lung inflammation as an expectorant and bronchodilator.
  • Buplerum – Clears blockage and stagnation in the organs of the body, including the lungs.
  • Tylophora indica – Long used in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for asthma.
  • Dong Quai – A natural expectorant, Dong Quai aids in healing bronchitis and strengthening the blood system.
  • Licorice Root – Considered the great blender and detoxifier, has anti-spasmodic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Long Pepper– Removes toxins, rejuvenates the body and increases circulation, specifically to the lungs. Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Ginger– Rids body of excess phlegm, heals bronchitis, aids digestion, increases circulation.
  • Prince Ginseng – Nourishes the lungs and generates needed fluids.

Special Offer for Preferred Members Only

Our new Stop Snoring formula aids in delivering deep, restful sleep by helping to relax the throat and increase airflow and oxygenation in the lungs. It cuts down on mucus production and encourages a more productive, restorative night of sleep.

The formula uses only natural ingredients, time tested by ancient cultures, as a natural remedy for sleep disordered breathing.

With Stop Snoring and lifestyle changes, you can eliminate your night-time snore once and for all!

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Further Tips & Suggestions

  • Eliminate ALL dairy – dairy products are notorious for mucus production which worsens snoring. Switch to soy, almond or the new hemp milk products. You’ll see remarkable results in just one week!
  • Limit alcohol – alcohol relaxes the muscles in your airway, making breathing more difficult.
  • Stop smoking – do I really need to say anything about smoking? It causes all sorts of respiratory problems.
  • Get active and lose weight – physical activity reduces snoring and all the complications associated with it – particularly for the obese. If you are pregnant, physical activity is even more important as snoring while pregnant has been closely linked to gestational diabetes.
  • Sleep on your side – for short term relief, use a pillow that helps you stay on your side. Sleeping on your back is healthier long-term, but if you snore, find a pillow that supports your neck and allows for side-sleeping.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!


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