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Transform your life with ENZYMES!

Researchers estimate that up to 30% of Americans suffer from an affliction known as Leaky Gut Syndrome (just the phrase causes my stomach to turn a little), and as much as 90% of all chronic symptoms and chronic conditions are linked to it.

Leaky Gut almost always goes undiagnosed. Ailments like arthritis, diabetes, asthma, chronic fatigue, inability to lose weight are all related in part with poor or declining gut health.

Could this be happening inside of you without you even knowing about it?

There is simple remedy for Leaky Gut and the myriad of ailments it causes. Read on for the closest thing we’ve found to the discovery of the Fountain of Youth, that could just possibly heal your entire digestive tract!

Enzymes are the Building Blocks of Life

Enzymes are the building blocks of life itself. They help us to see, hear, feel, move, digest, think and heal. Enzymes assist the body in breaking down food, providing the body with life-giving fuel.

Secreted by the pancreas, production of these vital enzymes decline as we age, diminishing the ability of our digestive tract to break down and extract nutrients from the food we eat.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that lack of stomach chi (energy), leads to increased disease, fatigue and aging. Without enzymes, a person’s stomach chi becomes dangerously low.

As you might suspect, processed foods are devoid of life-giving enzymes. This is one of the reasons why I rail against the Standard American Diet of fast-food and sugary sodas! Adding enzymes to your diet every day allows you to nourish your digestive system and avoid chronic conditions associated with leaky gut.

Dr. Edward Howell pioneered the use of plant-based enzymes to prevent disease, teaching science that all disease (including the dreaded Leaky Gut Syndrome) is nothing more than the lack or imbalance of enzymes.

Enzymes have been found to work in many miraculous ways. They:

  • support colon health
  • support prostate health
  • support heart health
  • strengthen overall digestive function
  • optimize pH balance and support the entire digestive tract
  • support gastrointestinal related immune system health
  • reduce occasional post meal gas and bloating
  • aid the body in breaking down difficult-to-digest foods
  • support a healthy metabolism

We are excited to introduce our new Transform-Zymes formula, containing a high quality spectrum of plant-based enzymes that aid gastrointestinal and digestive function.

  • Protease – assists in the breakdown of protein
  • Lipase – assists in the breakdown of fat
  • Amylase – assists in the breakdown of carbohydrates and starches

We’ve also added natural sources of enzyme potentiators and intestinal soothers, like glutamine acid, papaya leaf, guava, fennel seed, pineapple, milk thistle and zucchini.

Transform your life with Enzymes!

Wayne Garland's Tranform-Zymes digestive enzyme formulaProper digestion is vitally important for optimal health.

Enzymes do more than just breakdown food for absorption in the small intestine. When taken on an empty stomach, enzymes aid red blood cells in carrying more oxygen, assist with the breakdown of uric acid crystals, reduce yeast bacteria and boost T-cell production and activity for balanced immune system function.

Transform-Zymes contains a high quality spectrum of plant-based enzymes, digestive potentiators and intestinal soothers to support gastrointestinal health and a healthy digestive function.

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Probiotics: Enzymes’ Best Friend!

Imagine an army defending your immune system in the gut. In a healthy person, there are over a trillion strong and healthy bacteria defending our immune system in the lining of the intestines. These good bacteria are called “probiotics”.

Without sufficient probiotics, we experience obesity, suppressed immune response and cancer! Intestinal bacteria composition is a huge component when fighting these health problems – even more important than dieting, exercising and genetic makeup!

Probiotics and enzymes work with each other to provide a strengthened immune system and protect the body against the forces of stress and processed, overly-cooked food. They are the “dynamic duo” against the inflammatory digestive disorders of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis.

Large doses of probiotics have been shown to aid in pain reduction and enhance BDNF or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. University of Colorado researchers have provided ground-breaking proof that a natural protein called BDNF administered to memory circuits in the brain, actually prevents cells from underlying disease and death.

Our Pro-Biotic Max formula contains a high quality spectrum of 25 billion (at time of manufacture) “live” bacteria per capsule, to support the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and intestines, as well as improve elimination of toxic compounds.

      We then blend the probiotics with chamomile flowers, slippery elm and Jerusalem artichoke to aid digestion and nourish healthy microflora balance in the digestive tract.

      Defend your body with Probiotics!

      Our stomach and intestines contain billions of good and potentially harmful micro organisms. The good bacteria in the intestines are considered to be an integral part of normal immune system support.

      Daily exposure to environmental toxins such as chlorinated water, meat, dairy and antibiotics change the optimal microbial balance essential for good health.

      Pro-Biotic Max blends ten (10) strains of friendly bacteria, containing 25 Billion live bacteria per capsule, in a base of Chamomile flowers, Orange blossoms, Slippery Elm Bark and Jerusalem Artichoke to assist the probiotics to stay intact through the stomach to the middle GI tract for increased absorption of nutrients and improved elimination of toxic compounds.

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      As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

      Wayne Garland

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