Libido Resurrection

  • Love Lost?
  • Libido exhaustion got you down?
  • Has your SEX Drive disappeared?
  • Those horrendously expensive little blue pills not working anymore?
  • Tired of saying “not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache”?

Guess what? We have found the answer to one of today’s biggest problems. And of course it is all natural, totally safe, without nasty side effects.

We’ve been testing it out for nearly a year now and the results have been extraordinary.

My wife says it is like we’ve gone back to our college days!

Today’s article might just change your life in a way you have only dreamed about!

Libido Resurrection

First, some background and perspective.

Reduced or inhibited sexual desire has become an underground epidemic. It is not something that only older people suffer from. More and more men and women in their 30’s and 40’s are complaining of zero sex drive.

There are many reasons; high psychological and physical stress, long commutes and demanding work schedules (or unemployment due to layoffs) and the typical “overextended” American lifestyle are the biggest contributors.

Both women and men today are overwhelmed with family and career responsibilities, kids’ activities and now more than ever, caring for elderly parents. It leaves us exhausted and wanting to collapse at the end of the day and praying for the weekend to hurry up and get here!

Well, we decided to do something about this. When I was in Asia, in China, Korea, Bhutan and India, sex was a daily occurrence! Men and women way into their 70’s and 80’s had active sex lives.

An active and fulfilling sex life is a perfectly natural part of God’s plan, bringing a wonderful dimension of love and intimacy to the totality of life.

Revive Your Youth

Our first bit of research was a tip from a scientist friend who spent time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He said he found something there that was literally sexual dynamite in a bottle. The Brazilians drank it every day for not just enhancing their libido and drive, but for overall health and homeostasis. The drink was a highly concentrated concoction of Brazilian and Amazon rainforest herbs, twigs, barks and berries (the recipe is a closely-guarded secret.) He said it was like capturing the gigantic vibrancy of the Amazon jungle in every sip.

The results are startling. Within a few days your testosterone levels skyrocket. You’ll have a desire reminiscent of when you were in your early 20’s that starts brewing within you. Women report that they are dreaming and fantasizing about sex.

“It was just like I was 15 again and walking around with a pickle in my pocket. Ah, those were the days.”
Scott W., TX

Therapists say that when the brain has a positive attitude about sex, this translates to the body and to performance as well.

This extraordinary discovery from Brazil is brewed into a concentrated tea. Take just one ounce daily in your morning coffee, favorite herbal tea (I like it in green tea) or sipped undiluted from the bottle. Formulated to provide a gradual effect, both men and women report they begin to notice the difference within 1-2 weeks.

We have also developed a capsule for men and women, taken when the moment is right, for that extra turbo-boost of stamina, enhanced sensation and pleasure.

For Men:

  • Natural way to help boost endurance and stamina
  • Quick recovery after orgasm
  • Heightened arousal and sensitivity
  • Increased intensity
  • Firmer and stronger
  • Results can last up to 48 hours

For Women:

  • Enhances desire and arousal
  • May experience erotic dreams and fantasies
  • Increases wetness
  • Heightens sensitivity for stronger, more intense orgasms
  • Increases intimacy and pleasure
  • Results can last up to 48 hours

Bring Home the Power of the Amazon

a small photo of Wayne Garland's all-natural Libido Resurrection formulas

We are excited to introduce our new Libido Resurrection line for men and women.

We have been testing these formulas for almost a year now and the results have been absolutely extraordinary!

Our solution is of course all-natural, totally safe and without the negative side effects commonly reported from using the little blue pills.

We have developed not one, but three products:

  • Libido Resurrection for Men & Women – a daily use liquid that enhances desire, sensitivity and performance. Retail price $74.95, Preferred Members save 20% @ $59.97.
    SAVE additional 10% through March 18th.
  • Libido Resurrection for Men – an “on demand” capsule for improved rigidity and stamina, without the negative side-effects. Retail price $84.95, Preferred Members save 23.5% @ $64.97.
    SAVE additional 10% through March 18th.
  • Libido Resurrection for Women – an “on demand” capsule just for women that heightens arousal, exhiliration and pleasure, emotionally and physically. Retail price $34.95, Preferred Members save 14% @ $29.97.
    SAVE additional 10% through March 18th.

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a photo of Mae West, famous hollywood actress “A hard man is good to find!”

Mae West

Famous Hollywood Actress

As I pointed out in the introduction, an active, healthy sex life is everyone’s God-given right and something that people in Africa, South America and Asia take for granted as part of their normal, daily life.

Those of your who remember our famous Male Ching and Female Ching formulas know of the power of herbs and natural compounds on the libido – well, just wait until you try our extraordinary new Libido Resurrection formulas for Men and Women.

As I have been known to say when introducing one of our amazing formulas, “Expect Miracles!”


Click here to learn more – Supply is Limited!

Wayne Garland

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