Born around 1945 – Your Muscles are Wasting Away Rapidly

Resistance weight training coupled with increased Protein & Chromium intake in your 60s and 70s wards off severe muscle loss that weakens posture, balance and the entire muscular systems.

Strength training can help people build muscle mass to assist in the fight against the debilitating effects of old age until they reach 80, a new study says.

“We know that there is accelerated muscle loss as we get older,”

Scott Trappe, director of Ball State’s Human Performance Laboratory, said in a university news release.

“The best way to keep our muscles from shrinking is through resistance training, which allows our body to maintain muscle size and strength as we go through our 60s and 70s.”

Trappe said aging eventually causes the loss of “fast-twitch” muscle fibers, reducing the ability to produce the explosive movements that allow us to move our feet and arms to keep from falling. Adding to the loss of slow-twitch muscles, the large muscles found in the legs, thighs, trunk, back and hips, weaken posture as well. Together, these losses make it harder to balance and maintain an independent life.

“At this point,” he said, “I would strongly advise people to actively engage in some sort of resistance training once they hit their 60s. From our study, once you hit the threshold of 80, that is not simply possible.”

Dramatic muscle development is also triggered by adding high quality Protein with the miracle mineral “Chromium”.

A 2003 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, estimated U.S. health care costs directly attributed to sarcopenia, the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, exceeds $26 billion. Indirectly, sarcopenia has contributed to a doubling of home health care and nursing home expenditures to $132 billion annually.

The Power of  Soy Isoflavones and the Triple-Miracle Mineral, Chromium
To freeze muscle wastage and bring back muscles, I have continually had exceptional results with an amazing combination of protein from Soy Isoflavones and the miracle-mineral, Chromium. You can’t turn fat into muscle without Protein. Dr Atkins proved that. But what many doctors, researchers and 99% of the population don’t know, is the power of Chromium.

This little-known compound has extraordinary powers. I use it for all diabetes patients for its blood sugar controlling action. But what it does most spectacularly is turn fat into muscle. It converts flabby fat into lean tissue in seconds. Not only that, Chromium increases stamina, firms the entire body and actually builds muscle.

Protein Plus

My passion for over 20 years in the field of alternative medicine, has been to spread the gospel of minerals.
Minerals are the spark plugs of all life. A lack of any one of the 84 needed to live on this planet, means disease creation and body breakdown. This epidemic of muscle wastage is just one more irrefutable piece of information.

Without Chromium, linked with non-animal protein, the body literally wastes away. That is why so many seniors look like concentration camp victims. No Chromium, no Protein.

I created a blockbuster formula to address this.  Protein Plus is the most powerful Protein/Chromium combination formula ever.  It even has a patent!
Four to six capsules daily will change your body chemistry overnight.
I have many body builders, boxers and endurance athletes on this formula and they swear by it.

Further Tips and Suggestions:

  • Get small hand weights and pump the while watching TV.
  • Join a gym or the YMCA.The membership fee is the best health insurance you can buy.
  • If you can’t join a gym, just do push ups. These alone will build important strength and muscles. And they’re free.
  • Quit all animal protein like dead red meat, pork and especially dairy such as milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. You are not a cow; the alien hormones will kill you.
  • Get my High Chromium Muscle-Up Soup. It works wonders.
  • Have a glass of high quality white wine every night with dinner, white wine is high in Chromium.

As always, here’s to your contagious Health!

Dr. G

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