Energizer Bunny, Starbucks and Lazarus: Bottled

Do you feel tired all the time? Has your get up and go, got up and went? Got dead weights in your shoes? Yawning at breakfast?

It seems today that everyone complains about being dog tired and having no energy – and they all ask:

“What have you got for me Doc?”

Whether you have a demanding job or hectic lifestyle that leaves you exhausted all the time or want an extra “boost” for your exercise routine, you need our new Super Charger formula.

It truly is nutritional dynamite in a bottle. And totally legal, totally safe and totally INSANE in the amount of natural, instant energy – and long term energy and stamina it provides.

It’s no wonder we’re all tired, everyone is doing two, three or even four jobs nowadays. I don’t know anyone who sits around doing nothing anymore. Some of the mom’s at our church work two jobs, run the household, drive the kids to school, soccer games, choir practice, four supermarket “runs” a week and cooking for everyone every day! Phew – no wonder we’re dog tired!

So, I sat down and went to work on this and really burned the midnight oil, in order to get something that would be a blockbuster of dramatic energy and performance in a capsule.

Red Bull has 4 Ingredients – Super Charger has 22!

The trick is to understand the energy production “factory” inside the body. You can’t force the energy – that just exhausts the adrenal glands and makes the problem worse, long term. (That’s what happens with sugar and caffeine-laden energy drinks.)

You need to get the prime energy producing nutrients into the body so that it naturally produces more energy but then, balance this with lots of special vitamins and Ginseng to help the body stay in balance.

We combine no less than 22 vitamins, minerals and herbs. Special plants found in the Amazon, Andes Mountains and China, such as:

  • Green Tea – china’s preference over Starbucks coffee
  • Ginseng – “adaptogenic” herb that keeps the body calm and balanced
  • Rhodiola, Gotu Kola and Yerba Mate – powerful stamina enhancing elements
  • Eleutherococus and Octacosanol – used by marathon runners and endurance athletes

No one to our knowledge has ever crammed this much pure unadulterated energy into one formula.

One super jock at my gymnasium who tested it out for me over two months calls it the “Lazarus” formula for the way it can raise anyone from the dead and put new life into them.

I think he’s right – my workouts have doubled in intensity since taking it!

Get Your MoJo Back

If you’re sick and tired of feeling worn out and dragging through the day, here is your answer. Super Charger gets to work in just minutes and lasts for hours.

And the natural energy lasts and lasts and lasts – just like the Energizer Bunny! Without the jittery feelings or exhausted let down later.

Retail priced at $31.95, Preferred Members save 28% at $22.97.

Click here to order. (Remember to login as a Preferred Member to receive your special pricing.)

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. Wayne Garland, ND/TCM

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