The Mack Truck of Immune Formulas

Ninety nine percent (99%) of the requests we get for help each day stem from IMMUNE SYSTEM deficiency problems.

Today’s over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and a truly destructive modern-day food supply and diet regimen has literally destroyed our natural Immune System defenses. It’s no wonders overnight calamities like the Bird Flu and Swine Flu wipe out thousand upon thousands of people.

Have you seen the new movie “Contagion”?

a poster image for the movie Contagion

Just released to theaters in September, Contagion is an environmental disaster thriller that follows the rapid progression of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do. It will wake you up with a jolt as to how a major apocalyptic disaster is brewing out there.

Click here or on the picture to watch the video trailer on YouTube.

We’ve become so accustomed to all of these infections that we take it for granted and that it’s all perfectly normal.

Nothing could be further form the truth! We aren’t supposed to get sick or to be depressed. That’s not in God’s perfect design for life on this planet.

Today, a BRUTALLY STRONG immune system is vital to each and every one of us. Just look at the laundry-list of immune system epidemics all around us:

  • Cancer – out of control
  • Diabetes – over 60% of Americans have it to some degree
  • Lupus -no medical answer
  • Fibromyalgia – doctors think patients are making it up
  • Multiple Sclerosis – once barely heard of, it’s raging like a forest fire
  • Mumps, Measles & Rickets – they’ve decided to come back
  • Tuberculosis – they told us that had been wiped out, but it hasn’t
  • Polio – look out, it’s breeding like wildfire again
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – it’s a kissing cousin to mainline cancer
  • Staph Infections – stay away from the hospital or jail, that’s where they’re breeding like wildfire
  • Common Cold – is a Common Killer with no medical answer despite billions spent on useless vaccines

The overuse of antibiotics has made the problem far worse! Last year, we wrote an in-depth report on this topic. If you missed it, read my article, What’s for dinner – Antibiotics!.

“Health Beyond Disease”

… an old Chinese Medical adage

Sitting where I do, the news gets grimmer each day. So many people are sick as a dog, or worse they are in a dire fight for their life.

The mad medico’s keep pumping people full of drugs and when that doesn’t work, they reach for chemotherapy and radiation, which just makes the problem worse by destroying the very immune system that is struggling with all its might to fight the infection or disease that has taken hold. Where is the logic in that, I ask you?

Despite having more than 20% of the world’s population, the Chinese do not have the incidence of the common cold, flu and other sicknesses like Americans do. If they do get a cold or flu, it goes away in days instead of sticking around for a year or two like here.

What is their secret, you ask?

Mushrooms! Medicinal mushrooms with amazing healing powers. Chinese medicine extends over 5000 years. Count all the zeroes will you, that’s Five Thousand, not a measly 120 years like in America. The Chinese observe “nature in action” and then apply it.

So the Chinese, cunning as they are, asked “What is in the mushrooms?” Over the generations, they tested and watched, tested and watched, and discovered that certain mushrooms had incredible healing powers. Scientists would later discover that mushrooms contain polysaccharide-protein complexes that enhance the body’s innate intelligence to defend itself against invasion by pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.

So I sat down with our team and with Greg Ashby, our esteemed health guru, and said we have a clean sheet to “shoot for the stars” and to leave nothing out in creating the most powerful immune formula on the planet. The result amazed even me in what we were able to come up with.

We started with researching the most potent medicinal mushrooms we could find. When we went to work to source these mushrooms, we had two unwavering conditions; they must be sustainably grown and certified organic.

Anything less and why bother. Exposure or treatment with pesticides and herbicides would totally defeat the purpose of our formula. We are pleased to report we found what we believe to be the highest potency, organically-grown mushrooms available, certified by Quality Assurance International.

Even though these mushrooms are incredibly powerful, they are safe and non-toxic and can be be consumed daily, like the Chinese do.

an image of Chaga mushroom growing on the side of a birch treeChaga – The “Mushroom of Immortality”
Chaga, a specialized tree mushroom, is a powerful immune system activator and antioxidant that is rich in immuno-modulating beta glucan polysaccharides and betulinic acid.

Chaga’s complex mixture of these phytonutrients work by stimulating the body’s ability to set up cellular defenses. These properties are particularly important for anyone with a Candida yeast infection, as the compounds increase natural killer (NK) cell activity, invigorating the immune system to consume and eliminate the excessive bacteria and yeast.

an image of Agaricus Blazei mushrooms growing on the forest floorAgaricus Blazei Murrill mushroom
Agaricus contains both alpha and beta glucan polysaccharides and is traditionally used to boost immune system response against a range of infections. In Japan, Agaricus Blazei is the most popular alternative cancer treatment method.

The immunological properties of Agaricus have led to increased scientific interest and study for suppressed immune system response, high occurrence of infectious diseases (such as colds and flu), allergies or skin conditions, radiation exposure, slowing down the the aging process, diabetes and chronic fatigue and arteriosclerosis, as it appears to have an ability to help draw extra cholesterol from blood, thus preventing further plaque formation on the arterial walls.

an image of Reishi mushroomReishi mushroom
Reishi is one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used medicinally, as it has shown to improve blood circulation, have activity against infuenza and HSV-1 viruses and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Reishi is generally used as a adaptogen and tonic. It may also be useful for anxiety, high blood pressure, hepatitis, bronchitis and insomnia. The ganoderic contained in Reishi may aid in allergies and auto-immune disorders. Other components of Reishi inhibit histamine release, improving oxygen utilization and lung function.

an image of Reishi mushroom growing on the forest floorMaitake mushroom
Maitake may best be known for its cancer-fighting properties. It contains grifolan, an important beta glucan polysaccharide shown to activate macrophages, a type of cell considered the ” heavy artillery” of the immune system.

Researchers have found Maitake effective against leukemia and stomach and bone cancers, as well as an ability to regulate blood pressure and blood lipids (such as cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids), which are key risk factors in cardiovascular disease. Maitake has also shown it may be useful in reducing insulin resistance and moderating glucose, beneficial for managing diabetes, and may also be useful for weight loss.

an image of Shiitake mushrooms growing on the side of a treeShiitake mushroom
A symbol of longevity in Asia, Shiitake has been featured in Asian cuisine for thousands of years and is a prominent source of protein. Shiitake is also a good source of selenium and iron, and contains vitamins A, B, B3, B12, C, and D, along with all eight of the essential amino acids.

Shiitake mushrooms possess Lentinan, another beta glucan polysaccharide with natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, particularly against viral infections such as influenza and even AIDS. Research also shows Lentinan to have cancer fighting properties.

While much of the research focuses on its immunity-boosting properties, Shiitake is also proven effective in lowering cholesterol and protecting blood vessels by preventing excess immune cell binding to the lining of our blood vessels.

It’s like having the Mayo Clinic in a Bottle!

Our new & improved Immune Support formula is like a “Mack Truck” of immune boosting nutrients, delivering immediate and long-lasting results. It’s like having the famed Mayo Clinic in a bottle – I truly believe it is “that” good.

In addition to medicinal mushrooms, we hand selected supporting ingredients for their proven capabilities to stimulate our body’s natural defense against colds, flu, infection and disease.

  • an image of Wayne Garland's Immune Support formulaIonic Trace Mineral Complex – The foundation of all our formulations to give the body all the “Life-generating” elements.
  • Zinc – as L-OptiZinc (the highest bio-available form of Zinc) is the “orchestrator” of the body’s thymus gland, which needs Zinc to make T-cells.
  • Selenium – Selenium is considered the “Most Valuable Mineral” for the vital role it plays as a protector against cancer and for supporting the thyroid.
  • Copper – Copper stimulates the immune system to fight infections, repair injured tissues, and promote healing.
  • Amla Berry -The Amla fruit is nature’s richest source of Vitamin C. Superior free radical fighter and antioxidant.
  • Cat’s Claw Bark – This amazing Amazon Rainforest herb is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory beneficial for arthritis, stomach ulcers and infections. It also helps joint cartilage and protects/repairs cellular DNA and promotes healthy cell division.

Retail priced at $48.95, Preferred Members save 28% at $34.97.

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Take Your Health to the Next Level
It’s a little-known fact (unless you read our newsletters) that there is a GIANT missing link in supporting the body’s immune response. You’ve heard me talk about it repeatedly – and for good reason.

an image of Wayne Garland's Ultra vitamin D3 + K2 formulaVitamin D3 activates the body’s T-cells (the foot soldiers that fight our wars and protect us from viruses and epidemics) and without sufficient D3 in your blood, the T-cells are literally useless.

We wrote an in-depth story about this titled, CRACKED: The Vitamin D-Vinci Code. Here’s a quote from the lead researcher:

“When a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signaling device or ‘antenna’ known as a Vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for Vitamin D,” said Dr Carsten Geisler of Copenhagen University’s Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology, who led the study.

“This means the T cell must have Vitamin D or activation of the cell will cease. If the T cells cannot find enough Vitamin D in the blood, they won’t even begin to mobilize.”

When you combine our new Immune Support formula with our Ultra D3 formula, it is like combining nitroglycerin with dynamite – you will have an explosion of instant immunity boosting action that will rival Krakatoa and Mount St Helen’s.

Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • Always exercise and try for ‘Always Every Day’, this boosts immunity ten fold.
  • Add crushed garlic to everything you can.
  • Have an orange a day – it is packed with Vitamin C.
  • Oysters are high in Zinc for more T-Cells.
  • 20 minutes of daily sunshine on the naked body triggers natural Vitamin D3 production.
  • All junk food destroys immunity.
  • Make a pot of our Miso Shiitake Soup and our Soothing Seaweed Soup. Both work wonders with every spoonful.
  • D3, D3, D3 and repeat after me.
  • And don’t forget, Mack Trucks never wear out.

Remember to Look after yourself, because no one else but God will.

As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Wayne Garland

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