Nuclear Radiation and Your Thyroid

Like any caring person, right now our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the tragedy that has hit Japan and that has so profoundly affected all of humanity so deeply.

It is as if we are caught in a nightmare that will never end or stop. For elderly Japanese in particular with the memories of World War 2, this must be like the end of the world all over again.

As conditions worsen, rumor and panic are becoming heightened and more widespread. Germany just shut down all its nuclear power plants. The British yesterday told all their nationals to “get out of Japan NOW before the situation gets any worse.”

To help you make sense of what is fact and what is fiction, what the danger really is, how likely a “worst case scenario” is, and how to be prepared if we really do experience nuclear fallout and how to prepare yourself ahead of time “just in case”, please read this article.

And to help those in the epi-center of this disaster right now, please stop everything for sixty seconds and say a prayer that peace will come soon on wings from up high.

The China Syndrome

Most of the near-hysteria about this nuclear meltdown is in what is called “The China Syndrome”. Hollywood made a movie about it, the scenario being that the intense heat from the reactor would burn a hole all the way through the Earth to China.

Well, that just won’t happen. But the radiation will get into the atmosphere and it will get picked up by the trade winds and transported all over the globe. That’s how the world works.

The bottom line is that even if there is a meltdown in one of the Japanese reactors, it is unlikely to breach containment in an upward direction. The containment around nuclear reactors is really, really strong. In the United States they must be strong enough to withstand the impact of a fully loaded passenger airliner without rupture – for obvious reasons.

“Unlikely” however does not mean “impossible.” There is some degree of risk, no matter how small, that significant amounts of radiation may leak from one or more of the Japanese reactors, make its way into the upper atmosphere, and ultimately drop down on the rest of the world.

With radiation, small amounts of exposure can have significant health consequences – particularly for the weak, the vulnerable. The particularly dangerous forms of radiation are iodine-131/134, strontium-90, and cesium-137.

Your Thyroid is the Most Vulnerable

In a nuclear radiation disaster, even a “scare”, there are 3 things to do:

  • Protect your thyroid, the most vulnerable organ in your body.
  • Remove as much of the radiation as possible from your body, immediately.
  • Protect your DNA from genetic mutation.

It is a sad commentary on modern medicine and even the natural therapies industry that it takes a massive disaster like this (with a death toll now estimated to be over 10,000) for people to wake up to the giant role that the thyroid plays in our life.

The thyroid is the “core” of the entire endocrine system and it regulates just about everything from hormone production, to running our sex life, controlling obesity, even how we “think”!

The thyroid is run by one of the genetic minerals that are part of the code of all life. That genetic code is the mineral Iodine. And totally absent from any food made by fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC. Because iodine is absent in the “Standard American Diet” is the reason I believe we have an epidemic of Thyroid Exhaustion impacting nearly one-half of all adults.

As mentioned, radioactive iodine-131 is one of the elements likely to be released into the upper atmosphere after a nuclear event. Carried great distances on high speed winds, it can then drop down into the lower atmosphere, where it may be breathed into the lungs and contaminate crops on the ground, entering our food supply. Fruits and grapes grown for juice and wine are particularly susceptible.

The problem, if you will, is the thyroid gland has a tremendous affinity for iodine – radioactive or otherwise. In other words, the thyroid gland quickly absorbs iodine, regardless of whether it is natural or radioactive.

If we are not getting sufficient iodine from the foods we eat, then the thyroid will absorb radioactive iodine if it is present, where the radiation then weakens and can even kill the gland. In fact, radioactive iodine is often administered by the medical doctors to intentionally destroy the thyroid as a treatment in some under-active and over-active thyroid conditions. (Why the medical community would want to use such a barbaric form of treatment is totally beyond my comprehension, but that’s a discussion for another day.)

To protect your thyroid during these times, you can simply supplement with natural iodine. If taken before exposure, natural iodine will block any radioactive iodine from being absorbed into the thyroid gland. But it will not protect against plutonium, cesium-137 or strontium-90, which are also likely to be present in a nuclear reactor meltdown.

Natural iodine will thus protect the thryoid from potential injury. It will not, however prevent radiaction from entering your body. Iodine will not repair damage to the thyroid caused by radiation nor will it be able to remove radioactive iodine once it has entered your body.

Consuming natural iodine before exposure will merely “pre-fill” your thyroid, so that there is no room for the radioactive iodine. Supplementation with natural iodine after exposure is too late, as the radioactive iodine will have already been absorbed by the thyroid, leaving no room for your protective, natural iodine to save your thyroid from damage.

Genetic DNA Damage Control

Edgar Cayce, the mysterious, highly renowned seer, prophet and revelator about health and healing was said to have been told in one of his trances that “Iodine is the greatest missing link to all mankind.” In Bangladesh, decades of mongolism and mental impairment in newborn children were completely reversed with daily doses of good old iodine to trigger intelligence formation by the thyroid.

What Protective Measures Can You Take?

  • Start with a high-potency Antioxidant to protect the DNA of your cells.
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid formula is considered to be the very best “universal” antioxidant, as it is both fat- and water-soluble.
    • AntiOxidant formula combines the polyphenol resveratrol with pycnogenols for an ultra-powerful combination antioxidant.
    • Super AKG Shark Liver Oil is considered “Nature’s Amazing Healer” for it action in boosting immune system response.
  • Add natural iodine to protect your thyroid. Limit 1 per customer, while supplies last. I’m sorry we don’t have more available. We have more coming, but with all of the supplies nationwide neary wiped out in the past few days, it will be at least two weeks before we will be able to get more.
    • Edgar Cayce Detoxified Iodine is simply the most powerful thyroid rejuvenation formula available today, anywhere.
    • Thyroid Energy formula is a total “thyroid factory” in a capsule with natural iodine from Kelp and Tyrosine, the thyroid amino acid complex. This formula contains every single thing known to man to bring a thyroid to peak operating efficiency.
    • Miracle of Life formula at its core is a total Thyroid Nourishment Kit with natural iodine from Kelp, high Magnesium and Calcium, vitamin D, Resveratrol and micro-milled Chlorella, high in chlorophyll. A miracle of coincidence in a capsule.
    • Thyroid Repair Kit contains three formulas needed to repair, detoxify and protect the thyroid; Edgar Cayce Atomized Iodine, Thyroid Energy and Marine Phyto-Plankton (read below about this amazing product.)
  • Then Detox the Body. Get any of our detox formulas and clean out your body.
    • Marine Phyto-Plankton is 100% pure, micro-milled Chlorella, long recognized as a “Super Food” which also acts like a magnet on heavy metals and radioactive particles.
    • Easy Cleanse Detox is a two-part (AM/PM) digestive cleansing program that naturally support the body’s own detoxification mechanisms. Combine with Liv-RX to aid the liver in cleansing the blood during detoxification.
    • Life Transfusion Liquid Minerals (get the giant 32oz bottle) and add 4 oz to a hot bath in pure, filtered water (never bathe in tap water laden with chlorine, pesticides and other toxic chemicals.) Your skin will quicly absorb the minerals and your cells will have no choice but to let go of the junk and toxins to take in the life-giving trace minerals.
  • Say a Prayer for everyone in Japan

    “The chairman of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave a far bleaker appraisal on Wednesday of the threat posed by Japan’s nuclear crisis than the Japanese government had offered.”
    NY Times

    “UK Government urges nationals to GET OUT OF JAPAN.”
    BBC News Service

    US calls radiation “extremely high” and urges deeper caution in Japan.
    NY Times

    Meltdown possible at Japan nuclear plant, official says.

    Further Tips & Suggestions:

  • Every day, have a naturally-high iodine meal with sea vegetables such as Dulse, Kelp, Laminara, Kombu. That’s what the Okinawans do and they outlive everyone on the planet. Make up a pot of our Soothing Seaweed Soup. You can find sea vegetables at your local oriental market or contact Larch Hansen, aka “the seaweed man” at Maine Seaweed and get the family pack.
  • Alternate with my Miracle Potassium Broth to build your DNA-protecting antioxidant levels.
  • Get some Apple Pectin, this was used at Chernobyl to “suck out” radiation.
  • Totally eliminate all dairy products, as cow hormones play terrible havoc with the thyroid. Read Tuesday’s newsletter, Milk does NOT do a Body Good to learn more.
  • Avoid tap water and especially bottled water containing Fluoride. Fluoride interferes with proper functioning of the thyroid. Get one of our Water Filtration Systems that removes this poison from your drinking and bathing water.
  • Eliminate red meat and chicken from your diet and substitute iodine-rich fish and seafood.


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