Miracle of Life Teleconference – Replay

The now-famous worldwide teleconference launching our extraordinary Miracle of Life formula is now available for replay.

People joined us live all over the world – from Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and of course, here in America!

Listen as I take you through a fascinating “tour of the formula” in word pictures – and you will understand why Miracle of Life is the single most powerful nutraceutical product in the world today – and most importantly how it can literally “read your body” to deliver what you need.

Conference Code: 469930
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And thank God when you take this gift from the Universe.

Retail Price: $65.95
Preferred Members: $39.97 (save 40%!)

PRICE ALERT: Due to the increased cost of manufacturing and FDA compliance, Preferred Member pricing will increase to $45.97 on September 1, 2011.

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Due to overwhelming worldwide demand – limit 3 per customer.