Life on a Wire

On June 15th, 2012, two hundred feet in the air above the roaring waters of Horseshoe Falls, the largest of Niagara Falls, daredevil Nik Wallenda walked 1,500 feet across on a 2 inch wide, tightrope.

His feat was historic. No one has ever crossed Niagara Falls before on a highwire.

33 year old Wallenda endured blinding mists and gusting winds from the powerful Falls below to cross in just 25 minutes.

Even with so many difficulties ahead of and below him, Nik Wallenda shared before the crossing the Falls that he hoped the experience would be “peaceful and relaxing.”

Watch the live news coverage of Nik Wallenda’s historic tightrope walk across Niagara Falls (Click here to watch the video.)

Looking down from 200 feet above the Falls, it’s impossible to imagine even the hint of peace and relaxation! Walking over Niagara Falls is the opposite of peaceful!

Think a second about your own life on a wire – commuting, your job, kid’s activities, family crisis, personal appointments – how often life feels like we are constantly on a wire walking across Niagara Falls, with the waters below roaring and threatening to pull us under.

Can you imagine the storms of life coming at us with hurricane force winds – and then feeling relaxed and at peace?
Restore Your Balance
Remember our philosophy of Body as Doctor? Your body knows what it needs and if you allow it to, it will naturally achieve “total balance” in a way that nothing else can.

Ancient Chinese herbalism teaches us of the Three Treasures, the essential energies that sustain human life.

  • Jing is like the base of a candle, what embodies and makes you who you are.
  • Qi (or Chi) is like the flame of the candle that burns, moving you throughout each day.
  • Shen is like the light from the candle; it is the Spirit and Light you share with the world.

Most of us run on Qi energy, always on the go at full-tilt. When we run out of fuel, we reach for another cup of coffee, soda or candy bar to power through until we collapse at night. Burning your “Chi” is like burning kindling instead of firewood. Kindling burns hot and fast and is gone before you know it. If you have ever suffered burnout, you know firsthand what I’m talking about.
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The Year of the Dragon

2012 is the Chinese “Year of the Dragon”, a new dawning of global spiritual healing!

In Chinese culture, the Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and intense power, regarded as a divine beast, not a demon to be slayed as portrayed in Western literature.

The Dragon is larger than life and its appearance means big things are to come. Associated with the changes of Spring, like a flowing river where change happens quickly, particularly earlier in the year. The Dragon marks progression, perseverance and auspiciousness. It may also bring about unpredictable events.

What better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year than with our two most popular and famous Chinese formulations?

Emperor’s Ch’i
The secret of the Chinese Emperors themselves, used exclusively in their courts and palaces to ensure a life of supreme longevity and serenity.

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TCM-c Medicinal Mushroom Complex
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May the Dragon be with you in 2012!