Does Vladimir Putin Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Vladimir Putin is quite irritable these days.  And probably, for a good cause.

On top of all the stress of invading and conquering, Vladimir, like most Russians, eats a ton of meat and dairy products, proven to be choke-full of antibiotics, which reek havoc on our gut and digestive tract.

Poor Vladimir, right?  WRONG!  Poor all of us.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) admitted during Congressional testimony that the overuse of antibiotics in cows, chickens, pigs and other animals is leading to new strains of antibiotic-resistant “super bugs”.

“(The) USDA believes that it is likely that the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture does lead to some cases of antibacterial resistance among humans and in the animals themselves and it is important that these medically important antibiotics be used judiciously,”

Antibiotics are now in our food supply, on your table for tonight’s meal most likely, or in that hamburger you grabbed for a quick lunch break.

According to a study from the Union for Concerned Scientists, meat producers feed some 25 million pounds of antibiotics to chickens, pigs and cows for non-therapeutic purposes each year.

Stated another way, the amount of antibiotics fed to healthy animals is eight times greater than the amount given to sick people, which is 3 million pounds per year.

Eight Times GREATER!

We need to restore our good bacteria, called “probiotics” that are killed by all of the “antibiotics”.

Read on to hear about our new, improved Pro-Biotic Max formula and learn how to avoid horrific digestive issues – like Irritable Bowel Syndrome – once and forevermore!

70% of all Antibiotics are used on Farms

The massive over prescription of antibiotics on animals is breeding new strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can, and have, spread to humans. One such “super bug” is Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or “MRSA” that is a growing problem in schools, hospitals, day care centers, locker rooms, public restrooms, and prisons.

In fact, more people die in the U.S. from antibiotic-resistant staph infections like MRSA than from AIDS. And antibiotics continue to decline in effectiveness for treating both human and animal diseases.

Please, take a moment now to watch this short video with Katie Couric of CBS reporting on the problem.

Factory farms pump the antibiotics into healthy animals at such saturation levels that they automatically flow through to us humans. The report, Hogging It: Estimates of Antimicrobial Abuse in Livestock, states that the livestock industry feeds 10 million pounds of antibiotics to healthy hogs each year; 11 million pounds to poultry; and 4 million pounds to cattle.

What scientists now fear is that the antibiotic saturation of our meat supply means drugs not approved for use in humans are now turning up on our family dinner table.
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"Antibiotic Alternatives" Has Arrived!

From the desk of Wayne Garland:

Pardon me if my enthusiasm for what I am announcing today spills over.

Every day is a giant occasion to me, just watching a new sunrise still leaves me in wonder of God’s power.

Today is even more special because my beloved friend, mentor, adviser and confidante, Lena Sanchez of the famous “Antibiotic Alternatives” website and newsletter has agreed to join forces with us to complement our team.

This is truly a GIANT event!

Lena is an angel and a well of healing wisdom whom thousands of thankful souls have benefited from over the past 20 years.

She has been dispensing her wisdom, along with our supporting formulas, from the very first day I started my mission.

A couple months ago, she said, “Joining with you just makes good damn sense!” and would benefit all her people and as well as ours so much more.

Well, we couldn’t have agreed with her more!

She brings incredible instinctive knowledge along with a phenomenal insight into medicine and healing that is just not duplicable.

It means that you can start getting this wisdom every week, right here, with her extraordinary “HEALING NUGGETS” newsletters – totally free as another benefit of being one of our customers and subscribers.

“Antibiotic Alternatives” is exactly what Lena delivers and more. I don’t think there is anyone in the Natural Medicine world who knows her “stuff” like she does.

To kick off this incredible association, we want to share Lena’s own healing story and invite you to get to know her, in her own words.

So sit down, brew a big cup of Green Tea, add some Emperor’s Chi, open your mind and welcome Lena Sanchez to your world.

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Low Vitamin D Linked to Vaginal Infections

Low vitamin D levels may increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis, a common vaginal infection linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes, suggests a new study.

In a study with 469 women participating in a pregnancy cohort study, vitamin D levels below 20 nmol/L were associated with a 34 percent increase in the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis, compared to women with vitamin D levels over 80 nmol/L.

According to researchers led by Lisa Bodnar,  from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, a potential protective effect of vitamin D may be due to the vitamin’s influence on the immune system.

The study adds to an ever growing body of science supporting the benefits of maintaining healthy vitamin D levels.

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