The HIGH Cost of CHEAP Food

Do you remember the egg recall last month where two “factory farms” in Iowa were forced to recall over one-half a billion eggs contaminated with salmonella? (Yes, that’s Billion!)

Well, just a few days ago I received an email from Gianni Stefanini, Owner of Apollo Olive Oil in northern California (they have the best organic olive oil – visit their website) and I just had to share it with you.

His email hits on so much of what I believe in as the root cause of all diseases impacting Americans today and why our message of “Body as Doctor” and that the food we eat is so vitally important – not only in the recovery of any illness or disease, but in preventing illness and dis-ease in the first place!

When Something is Not Good – It is Always Too Expensive

The recent outbreak of salmonella poisoning that caused 500 million eggs to be recalled has people wondering about the integrity of our food supply.

In fact, this catastrophe is merely the latest in a string of huge recalls. Just this June, 28 million boxes of cereal were recalled by Kellogg’s; in early 2008, 143 million pounds of beef were recalled by a California company; and in 2006, more than ten million portions of salad were withdrawn from the market.

There are two excellent resources that reveal the truth about why these outbreaks occur.

The movie, Food Inc., and the book, Animal Factory, document the harmful effect of modern practices in two key areas: price and safety.

While many are vaguely aware of the dangers of factory farming few know the details that will cost our society so dearly.

(Dr. G’s comment: If you have not yet watched the movie Food, Inc., I strongly urge you to do so – and do it with your entire family.)
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Should McDonald’s be renamed "McDiabetes"?

Type 2 Diabetes, long an “adult” disease, is now becoming prominent in children, fueled by a constant diet of processed foods, Big Macs and fries, and high sugar sodas.

Kids today are more sedentary and eating more junk food than ever before. With the advent of video games, computers and seemingly endless television channels, kids sit for long periods at a time, instead of spending the day playing and exercising.

Along with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and clogged arteries, this all combines to develop diabetes.

What can a parent do?  Take action!

Limit their intake of junk food and sugary sodas. Push fresh fruits to counter the sugar cravings they’ll complain about as they withdraw from ultra-high carbohydrate foods.

To help with the cravings, get them on our Max Chromium formula. Chromium is the miracle mineral that curbs sweet cravings and stimulates the metabolism, burning body fat while promoting lean muscle growth.

If your child is more than 20% overweight for their age, start them on our DiaBesity formula, supporting the pancreas with rejuvenatory herbs and minerals.

Remember, You are what you eat! Kids need to learn this now, before it is too late.

Don’t miss my major report in Tuesday’s newsletter, Diabetes – The Disaster Waiting to Happen“.

Fast Food Linked to Higher Risk of Strokes

People who live in neighborhoods with fast-food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King are far more likely to suffer strokes, researchers said on Thursday, Feb 19th, 2009.

Residents of one Texas country who lived in neighborhoods with the highest number of fast-food chain restaurants, had a 13% higher risk of experiencing a stroke, that those in neighborhoods with fewer restaurants.

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