Top Ten Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Earlier this week, the White House put up a giant pink ribbon over the front steps in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Follow these “Top Ten” vital tips to help prevent Breast Cancer from occurring in the first place.

This Health Alert is not just for women – men need to know this information too!


1. Get regular mammograms. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many women don’t.

Earlier this month, an Australian study found that women who get regular mammograms had a 4.7 percent risk of dying of breast cancer; women who weren’t screened had a 56 percent mortality rate. Some women “hate” mammograms, I don’t like them either, see Tip #3 below.

2. Find out whether you or women close to you have “dense breasts”.

What does this mean? It means the breast cells grow and multiply more rapidly, raising your risk. Plus dense breasts make it harder for a mammogram to “see” through the tissue and detect a tumor.

While dense breast tissue is more common in younger women who haven’t yet had children, it’s also hereditary and can affect any woman. I have a dear 43-year-old friend whose breast tumor failed to show up on three years’ worth of mammograms before her doctor finally ordered an MRI.

How to find out? Schedule a breast exam and ask your doctor. Also talk to the radiologist who’s administering your mammogram.

3. Ask your doctor to recommend other tests.

Surprise: Mammograms are only 16 to 40 percent accurate, studies show.

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