"God Just Pitched a Shutout!"

“The split second you were born, God prepared for you a special meal, His “Soup of Life.” This soup held all things needed from the universe to create, sustain and protect life.”
– Wayne Garland

There’s an old healing adage, “God never sent any of us here to be unhealthy or unhappy.”

Our body is God’s finest creation, a true miracle and tour de force of both creation and healing.

Our motto, “Body As Doctor” is a simplistic summary of this extraordinary power we can all tap to prevent disease and heal when necessary.

Today’s message is about one of the most powerful elements in God’s arsenal.

I call it “God’s Vitamin” for its demonstration of what God can do.

If you aren’t taking God’s Vitamin already, please spend 5 minutes or more to read this personal affirmation of what miracles I have witnessed first hand of its unique and clearly, supernatural powers.

But, unfortunately, I’ve found over the years, most medical doctors I’ve met don’t get it.

When I give a speech, they come by afterwards and dismiss my stories of extraordinary healing using God’s powers as Fairy Tale story stuff and not based on “scientific research” and “double blind studies”. According to them, “true healing” was the sole domain of pharmaceutical wonder drugs.

I hope these naysayers are reading this today as this is firsthand proof of a miracle I was personally and intimately involved with. This miracle came as a result of the greatest medical failure in modern history – or maybe even in all of time. God Himself interceded.

With yours truly coming along for the ride, so to speak.

AIDS: Modern Medicine’s Greatest Failure

Think back to the 1980’s during the height of the AIDS crisis – the epidemic was killing homosexual men like flies.

The medical and pharmaceutical world was in uproar. Nothing could stop this Gay Plague. Nothing.

To add insult to injury, rumors were flying that AIDS was originally started from a pharmaceutical drug testing failure that caused the deadly virus to jump from monkeys to humans. Other rumors swirled around the homosexual community that the unknown virus was the wrath of God coming against this population.

I knew in my heart nothing could be further from the truth.

I personally believed there HAD to be an answer to this horror and God would have the solution it if we just looked hard enough.

To test my theories, I volunteered at a famous AIDS Foundation in San Francisco, the hotbed of the AIDS epidemic because of the high homosexual population and lifestyles.

This was the Ashanti Foundation, funded by a billionaire oil man (name withheld by request) and housed in an old but comfortable hotel in the downtown area.

Along with six other students from the National College of Naturopthic Medicine, we gave our services and advice for free in the hope we would find some kind of answer.

Little did we know what lay ahead, for the patients and for us!
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The Key to all Health and Healing

Happy New Year! 2007 is upon us already. Make this the year you become healthier than ever before. The biggest health resolution you will ever make is here: “I Will Never Become Sick Ever Again!”

I have written a vitally important book, a textbook, a guide, a Bible of Nutrition, to help you achieve this goal. Print it out right now. Every word is crammed with centuries of healing knowledge.

This is my gift to you, enjoy it and reap the rewards. Its title tells you everything you need to know. It is truly The Key to All Health and Healing.
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