What's in Bone Density?

Bone Density is a highly absorptive combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and other key minerals and vitamins required for building strong bones and teeth.

Kidney and Gall Bladder Detox Protocol

This is an intense Kidney/Gall Bladder detoxification program, but one that has exceptional results when followed to the letter over a 5 week period. Follow the complete program and total recovery is practically guaranteed.

Breast Cancer "Cure"

Those deficient in Vitamin D at time of diagnosis were 94% more likely to have their cancer spread and 73% were more likely to die than women with adequate Vitamin D levels.

Ritalin is Rubbish

One study found that preschool-age kids who spent most of their school hours playing games designed to improve self-control scored far better than other kids on a range of tests that measure executive function.