30 lbs in 30 Days – Easy Cleanse Detox

I lost over 30lbs in 30 days following Dr. Wayne Garland’s detox program. The results I received was a direct relationship with trusting Dr. G’s system and an extreme amount of discipline along with hard work.

World's Healthiest Diet: In a Bottle

Around the world, people who faithfully follow a “Mediterranean diet” emphasizing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish (all very high in Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9 fatty acids) outlive people who follow the standard american diet by about six years.

Are You a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?

Over two-thirds of Americans suffer from some kind of cardiovascular disease; heart attacks, strokes, clogged-up arteries, dangerously high cholesterol and homocysteine, hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes, killing over one million people each year in America, all unnecessarily.

How Carl Bypassed a Bypass

Learn how Carl Bypassed a Bypass and download my eBook: Kill Cholesterol Before Cholesterol Kills You. Carl dropped his cholesterol from over 600 to 221 in just one week on this formula. The same thing can happen to you.

My Blood Came Back from the Dead

After being tired and exhausted all the time, my blood showed I had a “cancer virus”. I didn’t want to go through dangerous chemotherapy or radiations, so my chiropractor introduced me to Dr. Garland and I believe he truly saved my life with his naturopathic approach.

My Thyroid Recovery Miracle

During a routine physical exam in April 2004, my doctor noticed that I had an enlarged thyroid. He sent me to get a sonogram to get a better look and a few days later it showed two nodules or growths; one on each side of my thyroid gland. One was 1.2cm, the other just over twice that size.

I was then scheduled me for biopsy to check for cancerous cells and of course, the “c” word scared the heck out of me!