Vitamin B "puts off" Alzheimer's

Next to “Cancer”, the most frightening word in everyday language is “Alzheimer’s”. It strikes without warning and finding a “cure” is next to impossible, researchers say.

But just yesterday, groundbreaking news hit my desk from England about an in-depth study that shows dramatic hope to “put off” Alzheimer’s and maybe totally beat it.

Illustration by Stacy Janis
Source: Alzheimer's Association

A new trial suggests high doses of B vitamins may HALVE THE RATE of brain shrinkage in older people experiencing some of the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Brain shrinkage is one of the symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, which often leads to dementia. Here’s some quick facts on brain shrinkage:

  • The average brain shrinks at a rate of 0.5% a year after the age of 60.
  • The brains of those with mild cognitive impairment shrink twice as fast. (1.0%)
  • Alzheimer’s patients have brain shrinkage of 2.5% a year.

If we can find a way to slow the rate of brain shrinkage, this could be the first step towards finding a way to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, researchers believe.

The study, published in the journal Public Library of Science One from Oxford University included members from several departments within the University, including members from the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA), looked at 168 elderly people experiencing levels of mental decline known as mild cognitive impairment. This condition, marked by mild memory lapses and language problems, is beyond what can be explained by normal aging and can be a precursor to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

In the trial study, one-half of the volunteers were given a daily tablet containing the B vitamins Folate, B6 and B12 at levels well above the recommended daily amount. The other half were given a placebo. After two years, the rate at which their brains had shrunk was measured.

The clinical trial found that on average, in those taking vitamin supplements, brain shrinkage slowed by 30%. In some cases it slowed by more than 50%, making their brain atrophy about the same as people without cognitive impairment.

Did you catch that? Up to 50% improvement! This is significant by any measurement.

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Mercury in your Omega-3?

Did you know that nearly everyone (statistically over 99% of us!) are deficient in vital Omega 3’s?

Omega fatty acids are a crucial component of life, yet our SAD (Standard American Diet) barely has any. Your brain, for example, is 70% fatty acids – without Omega fatty acids, your brain dehydrates.

Research suggests that Omega-3’s play a major role in combating most chronic illnesses, like depression, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, dementia, autism, ADHD, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases.

As a food-smart, nutrition-minded individual, you’ve probably been supplementing with fish oil for years. The latest research though, is frightening in its findings:

Fish-source Omega-3 can be dangerously high in Mercury!

According to a recent article in the NY Times, a sampling of tuna sushi from 20 restaurants and stores all had measurable levels of Mercury. In some of the restaurants, the level was so high, that just 6 pieces of sushi exceeded the “safe limit” set by EPA.

As even a negligible trace amount of Mercury can be highly dangerous, particularly to the brain, this is a matter of high importance to everyone.

That is why we have made the dramatic move to go totally “vegan” and non-seafood in our source of Omega-3 rich oils in our Omega 3/6/9 formula!

This new upgraded Omega fatty acid formula is a perfect blend of all the Omega’s needed by the body. And, it even has a higher quantity of Omega 3 compared to our previous fish-oil formula.

There’s no possibility of Mercury contamination, as the Omega’s come from Flax Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil and vegetable oils of the highest possible purity and strength.

To learn more, click the Play button on the video below and hear my presentation on this amazing formula, one that is necessary for everyone of any age to take each and every day.

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As always, here’s to your Contagious Health!

Dr. G

Brains that Sleep are Smarter‏

Did you ever get called “Sleepy Head” at school?

Researchers now tell us that “sleeping” is an ultra-powerful intelligence-boosting fuel for the brain. This latest research is fascinating for lots of other findings too.

Memory Improved, More Creativity, Better Intellectual Performance
All this from a good night’s sleep? That’s the conclusion of a spate of recent studies.

“The sleeping brain is not stupid,” said Jessica Payne, an assistant professor at Notre Dame University, “it’s making rapid decisions on what memories and information to store and access later.”

All of which makes us “smarter”.

Why sleep is so crucial for memory-retention and smarter-thinking capacity is ironically, still a mystery. It turns out that our brains are not like TiVo and able to store and watch something and at the same time and comprehend it all. We can’t simultaneously take in information and process it.

Sleep helps in the whole information-processing picture giving the brain a chance to go “offline” and shift into a different psychological mode that’s evolved to perform certain information processing just like a computer does. Memories, things to do, wondering.

Research suggests that “REM” sleep, the stage of sleep involving rapid eye movement, seems to be the phase that tells the brain what to do with new information. This is all surmised to be vitally important in preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Sleeplessness is a chronic problem in America and the use of stupefying drugs only makes matters worse. (And rear-end car accident rates keep skyrocketing!)

Sleep is not only important for your ability to remember, it also helps you be more creative and more innovative. Lack of sleep has also just been found to be directly linked to obesity because it disrupts insulin regulation which means instant fat formation and worse, early-onset diabetes.

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"Help – My Brain is Shrinking!"

Have you measured your brain lately? A very significant predictor of mental function is change in brain size.

  • Some body parts continue to grow in adulthood, for example our nose and ears and unfortunately, often our stomach!
  • Some parts shrink like the disks in our spine and the thymus gland.
  • Our brain also shrinks – and at an alarming rate – at least 1 1/2 percent per year.

Use your brain right now and do the math. Get out paper and pencil and work it out. We’ll wait for you…

In 20 years, that’s nearly one-fifth of your brain shrunken.  Its gone, disappeared, poof!!

This shrinkage begins around age 30 and occurs all throughout the brain. There’s a solid connection between this shrinkage and a decline in thinking/cognitive abilities; in patients with only mild cognitive impairment the rate of shrinkage can be closer to two percent per year.

No matter what size an individual’s brain is to begin with, as it shrinks, one begins to see declines in memory, concentration, and other measures of cognitive function. And a sure-fire foundation for dementia and Alzheimer’s.
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Omega-3 and Vitamin E combo shows potential for Autistic speech

A combination of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E may lead to speech improvements in autistic children with verbal disorders, suggests a new study.

Verbal apraxia is a speech disorder common in an estimated 50 percent of children with autism. Furthermore, many thousands more are reported to have apraxia but are not autistic.

According to new research published in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, daily supplements of omega-3 and vitamin E were associated with improvements in speech, imitation, eye contact, and behaviour.

Claudia Morris from the Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland (CHRCO) and Marilyn Agin from the Saint Vincent Medical Center in New York recruited families with experiences of omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E supplementation. The majority of families used doses of 800 IU of vitamin E, while the average omega-3 consumption was 280 to 840 mg DHA and 695 to 2,085mg EPA.

The ratios and dosages determined through the work with the study led to a patent for Dr Morris through the CHRCO (US patent # 2008/002216).  Kate Bolton, VP of speech nutrients at NourishLife, told NutraIngredients:

“The results of the study are significant in that 97 percent of the participants with apraxia and/or on the autism spectrum reported dramatic improvements while taking a combination of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

The study represents the largest summary of children with apraxia to date, she added.

Antidotal evidence had previously shown that omega-3 can help children with apraxia and those known as ‘late talkers’. The researchers discovered that they symptoms presented by children with apraxia mirror those of vitamin E deficiency, said Bolton.

The addition of high dose vitamin E with omega-3 fatty acids is the breakthrough.”
(my bold emphasis added)

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Instant Migraine Headache Relief

Anyone who ever had a Migraine knows that it’s the most debilitating and painful thing possible.

Migraines generally means vascular instability potentiated by chronic stress, cranial artery constriction and inadequate blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Inflammation of the brain tissues results in a feeling like a jackhammer is coming through your skull.

Feverfew is the Anti-Migraine Herb
Feverfew is a member of the sunflower family and commonly known as Bachelor’s Button.  The name adapted from the Latin word febrifugia or “fever reducer”, as Feverfew was initially used to treat fevers, and has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for headaches, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, labor difficulties, skin conditions, stomach aches, and asthma.

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Breakthrough Autistic Drug Found to be "Useless"

Nearly 90% of children with autism are regularly prescribed anti-depressants as part of their overall treatment.

New research published this month in Archives of General Psychiatry, has found that the most prescribed drug to treat autism, Celexa, is nearly useless when compared to a placebo in children with autism, and the side effects are twice as bad.

The results of this nationwide trial have experts reconsidering the appropriateness of antidepressants overall, and other mind-altering drugs, used to treat children with autism spectrum disorders. Worldwide spending on drugs to treat autism is estimated to be between near $2.5 billion annually.

An estimated 1.5 million children in America have autism, a group of poorly understood developmental disorders characterized with communication and social interaction problems.

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Brand New Hope for Autism

As many of you know, I have a passion to fight Autism and help every parent and family member cope with this terrifying epidemic.

This following story give us all distinct hope. Please read it and forward it to everyone you know.

Jacob's Ladder Center for Autism

Brand  New Hope for Autism

Amy O’Dell’s school may or may not transform the brains of autistic kids.

At the moment her techniques are more art and gut feel, than science. She works out of a house in a very woodsy area, just outside Atlanta. The upstairs kitchen doubles as an office and consultation room. Downstairs there’s a cabinet-like device with inflatable plastic sacks to simulate muscles and calm hyperactive children.

In other rooms and cubicles, O’Dell and her aides work with children forming sounds and matching colors. They are fighting the terrifying epidemic of Autism and having dramatic success, without drugs and doctors. The attached garage has also been turned into a workplace. At one end it sits O’Dell’s 14-year-old son, Jacob, who ten years ago doctors diagnosed with “pervasive developmental disorder.” Parents of kids like Jacob were told that their children could be institutionalized for life.

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Silent Epidemic: Brain Shrinkage

A fascinating study has just been published in the September 2008 edition of the prestigious journal Neurology. This study convincingly showed how “Brain Shrinkage” or “Brain Atrophy” is now at epidemic proportions in the Western world.

Could this be why we have so much Alzheimer’s, Autism and Attention Deficit? There is an answer, a profound one that everyone with a brain needs to utilize.

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More Powerful Than Any Anti-Depressant Drug

What is it, you ask? An incredible thing called a “Vitamin”.

Not just any vitamin. It’s one proven to work on a multitude of diseases, including heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s and now on chronic anxiety, manic depression and dementia.

Just last week another research report came out with staggering information about this amazing vitamin.

Of course, the drug-company media ignored it completely!

But not us.

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