"Now, I can't keep weight ON!"

Joe Cross detoxed for 60 days and changed his life! You can too! Our 14-day Detox cleansing program, combined with our detox formulas, can help you achieve rapid cellular detoxification and change your life too!

The Possibilities are Endless

Nature’s Energy Secret combines 3 simple, ultra powerful ingredients, DMG, Rhodiola, and Amla fruit extract, to boost energy, slow the aging process, detoxify the body, and reduce stress by acting as an adaptogen.

Becoming an 8%'er

Cellular detoxing is absolutely vital in order to achieve Contagious Health and our Detox Kit and detailed diet are essential for you to begin.

STRESS: The Silent Killer

Combining Age-Less Rx and 5-HTP formulas can help to lower stress and the inflammatory response caused by internal and external stressors.

Russia's Secret Olympic Weapon

DMG & Rhodiola – Nature’s Energy Secret is an all-natural supplement to increase your energy, reduce your stress, help you lose belly fat and make you smarter. Nature’s Energy Secret incorporates 3 relatively unknown, yet powerful ingredients – DMG, Rhodiola and Amla – to do just that.

Pure Unadulterated Life – in a Jar

Turn the hands of time backward while losing weight and detoxifying your body for the new year! Marine Phyto-Plankton is the most powerful superfood available to us – coming directly from the creator of the Universe. We can survive on this stuff – it contains every vitamin, mineral and amino acid our bodies need – as well as Omega 3’s.