19-1/2 Miracles: And You're Next

People always ask,

“can changing my diet and taking your supplements really work for my health situation?”

Instead of hearing me emphatically say yes, I asked a few of our customers to share a brief comment of what they have experienced.

“Lipitor’s not a miracle drug for cholesterol – my recipe is! Steel-cut oatmeal each morning with almond milk and honey. And three Cholesteine capsules. My doctor couldn’t believe it, as I could never get my score below 230 before. On September 11th I started at 236. By November, it dropped to 198 and then on January 17th it was 180 – and still coming down. That’s my miracle for you!”
… Judy Porter, IN

“I hope I live as long as my dog “Pepper” – he’s 145 in dog years. The secret? Pure filtered water from your whole home unit, the Liquid Minerals each day in his bowl, good food and the Shark Liver Oil gelcaps. The vet said he’s the dog that became a person, he’s my miracle!”
… Mike Calabrese, OH

“People would consider me a fitness fanatic, yet recently I discovered I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My dad always had high cholesterol, so the doctor said it must be hereditary and he wanted to put me on a drug to control it. Instead, I was introduced to you guys and switched to a plant-based diet and starting taking your heart formulas. I was very skeptical at first, wondering how I was going to get my protein to maintain my muscles and strength? After six months my doctor ran some tests and said he’d call in a week. He called that night! What was wrong, I asked? Your (bad) LDL cholesterol has dropped 55 points, from 164 to 109. I’ve never seen anyone lower it this much without taking a statin drug, he said. I’m a walking, riding, running miracle!”
… Ken Terrell, CO

“My breast cancer has completely disappeared following your all-natural diet and your formulas. I think this is a miracle.”
… Suzanne Pierce, AL

“Your minerals and heart formulas worked so well, the pacemaker didn’t even kick in. My doctor said this was a miracle.”
… Pat Ensch, MI

“The bones in my spine were crumbling and the pain so bad I couldn’t stand it. Your Bone Density formula completely rebuilt my bones in under six months. I know this is a miracle.”
… Stephen Jones, GA

“I stood in the rain and cold for an hour waiting for a bus to Manhattan and got a terrible cold next day. But your Shark Liver Oil and Immune Support formulas got rid of it overnight. No doctor visits or prescriptions needed. Miracles do happen.”
… Lya Meltzer, NY

“Miracles? You want a miracle? My Stage 4 Breast Cancer has gone, gone I tell you. No mastectomy, no chemo, no radiation – just your formulas and the diet. I’ll give you a miracle.”
… Judith McClimans, OH
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Arthritis Clinic's Secret Recipe

Did you see the report recently from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) about Arthritis? Amazingly 2 in every 9 Americans has crippling Arthritis.

That’s the ‘average’ across all age groups. In older age groups it must be 9 out of 9, or very close to it!

As usual, all of the so-called “wonder drugs” like Celebrex and Fosamax are pitifully useless and massively over-priced. But there is a NATURAL ANSWER, and just pennies a day. It’s like having the most famous Arthritis Clinic in the world, right in the palm of your hand, in pill form.

I bet you didn’t know this startling fact:

Disease in America is so out of control, that the CDC has it’s own weekly report, grimly titled “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report“.

The latest issue is sober reading indeed.

Two in every nine Americans, a total of 49.9 million adults, now suffer from doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The number is growing by about 1 million per year and is expected to reach 67 million by 2030

67 Million?! Some countries that don’t even have that many people!

The driving factor for the rise in arthritis patients appears to be obesity, the researchers said. (Brought on by the typical American Diet of fast food and processed foods.) Among those who are obese, 33% of women and 25% of men have been diagnosed, roughly double the proportion among those whose weight is normal.

The statisticians tell us that there are over 335 different forms or variants of Arthritis.  Arthritis of the knee and other joints disables about 42% of those with arthritis, or 21.1 million people. (That’s more than the total population of my home country, Australia!) The total cost of medical and impaired activity to the U.S. economy is about $128 Billion annually.

That is not a misprint – $128 BILLION, annually!

The CDC says an additional 17 million Americans are projected to develop arthritis in the next 20 years, (that’s 67 million people) making it the most common cause of disability in America.
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The Age of Arthritis – Video

Whenever someone says modern medicine has achieved “so much”, I ask them why they haven’t found a true long term solution to the ancient disease of Arthritis?

It’s because medicine and the pharmaceutical “brains” tackle the problem the wrong way and cause more problems than they hope to solve. Look what happened with the Vioxx disaster – it was yanked from the market after killing thousands of innocent people.

I don’t claim to have a cure, but we do have a solid answer. In fact we have three different ways to fight arthritis! Sit back and let me explain it to you. Just click the play button on these two videos.

(And after you watch the videos, scroll down and read my additional Tips & Suggestions for fighting arthritis naturally.)

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"Rheumatoid Arthritis and God don't mix"

Today I want to introduce you to Mrs Liliana Prange. The two of you are going to become close friends, like she has with me these past few weeks.   Liliana is an extraordinary woman, fighting painful, crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis with grace, determination, humor and a firm, resolute belief in her body’s ability to heal itself.

This is the first chapter from her diary, published with her permission. Once a month we’ll publish her diary notes, recording her journey with us. This is your chance to “look over my shoulder” and witness me, my formulas and God in action.

Liliana Prange

“Losing my balance was the first sign of trouble. Then the pain set in. First in my hands, then my fingers wouldn’t move, my toes were glued together and my neck wouldn’t turn. Slowly, I was locking up and becoming a cripple.
The pain came over me like waves. The doctors put me on some awful, drug called “Arava” which just made me numb and turned my skin all yellow. I dropped that like a hot potato.

Then suddenly I couldn’t walk. I started using a cane, and then they put me on crutches, but I couldn’t even drag myself into church, the pain was so bad. My mother-in-law had two wheelchairs and gave me one to use so I could get to the park and enjoy the outdoors and  meet my family and friends. My husband could wheel me to my favorite chair at church. I kept praying of course, I always have. God didn’t send any of us here to be unhealthy or unhappy.

By chance, though knowing it’s all part of life’s plan, I got the name and phone number of a doctor who specialized in alternative, non-drug therapy. The story was that he’d saved a person’s mother from a bad heart, without surgery or drugs some 17 years ago, and she was doing just fine right up to this day.

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"Without my hands, I can't talk"

Can the fight against Arthritis have a happy ending? Even when your hands are frozen stiff and its excruciatingly painful to just lift a finger?

All of Italy wants you to read this story and rejoice.

Anna Marie Calabrese

“My name is Anna Marie Calabrese and I’m from Italy. My family is from the village of Toro in Compobasso, have you heard of it?

We all talk with our hands!

When we aren’t talking, we’re eating, and sometimes we do both at once. I raised my family around the kitchen table, eating and talking, that’s Italy.

Then my hands became frozen from arthritis. My fingers were like sticks. I couldn’t cook. And I couldn’t talk!

The pain was so bad that I couldn’t bend my fingers or make my pasta, my sauces or soups. It was so bad that sometimes I would cry.

Then my boy Michael told me about his friend Dr. Garland who had helped him. I refused to go to doctors – I don’t trust them. But Dr. G is different – a doctor who calls you back when you leave a message.

He listened to my story and said he’d fix me in no time. The man’s a saint. He sent me this bottle of pills in the mail – it was called “Celadrin”. My fingers moved again, I could hardly believe it. The pain disappeared in what seemed like just a few seconds.

Then a disaster occurred. I ran out! I didn’t want to bother my husband, he has so much to do, so I called Dr Garland myself and got him to send more of his Celadrin pills.

I was in tears waiting for the pills, but cried even more when the box arrived – because I knew my pain would be gone – and I could cook and talk with my hands once again.

Thank you Dr. G. This is a miracle, I’m going to tell the world.”
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My Spine was Crumbling Apart

Stephen Jones

A lot of skeptics say that natural medicine is all make-believe and fancy “placebo effect” science.

Watch this video by Stephen Jones, a young man’s fight to overcome chronic back pain, and tell everyone you know to watch it, and together we will refute the critics once and for all.

After the doctors told him he had degenerative disc disease and arthritis in his lower back and that there was nothing that could be done and it would only get worse with time, Stephen decided to give our Bone Density formula and special ‘Meals that Heal’ recipes a try.

After all, what did he have to lose but the pain?

In just three months, he felt like a new man – and better than he had in 10 years!

Dr. Garland’s comments:
“It is estimated that over 60% of America suffers bone degeneration. Osteoporosis in particular is nearly epidemic.   Drugs are useless in fighting this and the side effects from hastily approved and rushed to market drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex are downright dangerous!

If you suffer from pain in your bones, whether it be in your back, knees or hands, have arthritis or are concerned about osteoporosis, contact me for a personal consultation and soon we will be sharing your story of recovery with the world.

This is the miracle of Contagious Health!

Dr. G

"DMG" – Russian's Secret Weapon in the Olympics

For several years I have been helping children with autism make giant strides in their mental capacities. Autism is a frightening epidemic and getting worse by the moment.

The biggest thing that turns children around is an extraordinary discovery I made that the Russian’s used to super-boost their athletes for the Olympics. So too did the East Germans when they were at the forefront of Olympic performance and records.

Mislabeled for years as vitamin B-15, DMG is an effective energy booster, stamina-enhancer and cardiovascular-building nutrient, as it makes the process of metabolism in the body quicker and more efficient.

It is a super-oxygenation, metabolic enhancer that pumps tremendous fuel into the cells. DMG also promotes healthy neurotransmitter function, supporting the central nervous system glycine receptor, maintaining a healthy amino acid balance within the central nervous system.

Muhammad Ali even called it his “secret weapon” in becoming the heavyweight champion of the world.

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Heart Disease Wiped Out by Miracle Mineral

Just this past week, two major celebrities collapsed and died from sudden “Cardiac Arrest”. One was a true superstar, Michael Jackson. The second was an amazing TV spokesperson, Billy Mays, who touted laundry detergents and other products. I believe that neither of these super-talents needed to leave us, so far ahead of their time. I also believe I have the true answer behind their sudden deaths and how you can ensure it will not happen to you, or anyone in your family.

The answer is the massive necessity of daily supplementation with a Miracle Mineral, called Magnesium, the Mother Mineral of the entire Universe. If it ensures your heart will keep beating, what else can it be called?

The Double Tragedy of Michael Jackson and Billy Mays Deaths

If you’ve been following my messages on Facebook and Twitter, you will know my theory behind the tragic deaths of two superstars, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Both died suddenly, from a non-beating heart.

Neither of them, it appears, had any major heart problems. Their fate lay in a massive lack of the basic fuel to keep the heat beating.
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Celadrin® Proven More Effective than Glucosamine at Relieving Joint Pain

Studies have shown Celadrin® to be more effective at relieving joint pain than Glucosamine. The results of these studies have twice been published in the prestigious Journal of Rheumatology.

Celadrin is designed to increase flexibility and to restore comfortable, pain-free mobility. Celadrin is essentially “a cellular lubricant” that cushions and lubricates the joints. This Joint Health compound has undergone thorough investigation and has been medically proven to provide joint pain relief and reduce inflammation without side effects.

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50% of U.S. Adults will develop painful Osteoarthritis

One-half of all American adults will develop osteoarthritis by age 85, and their odds increase if they are obese in middle age.

Osteoporosis (porous bones) is epidemic, particularly with women.

How can this be when we’ve been told to take Calcium supplements, drink milk by the gallon and eat cheese and ice cream without benefit. What has gone wrong?

We have the answers and they will amaze you.

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