Kidney Stones and Gall Bladder Health

Also known as “Nephritis” and “Bright’s Disease, the occurrence of Kidney Stones is a highly painful and dangerous condition that requires aggressive application of natural therapies to remedy.

Diet changes are essential to ensure that the condition does not return. The gallbladder is invariably compromised  which further complicates the matter.

Blood hormones can become toxic from an overload of unfiltered wastes; inflammation then develops with blood in the urine, high blood pressure and water retention.

Kidney stones form  when vital minerals such as Magnesium are depleted in the overall body fluids and Calcium buildup occurs creating the stones.

It takes up to 15 hours of urgent treatment to dissolve the stones and return the kidneys to the right homeostasis and an ongoing diet and nutrition regimen is vital to the health of the patient. 

SYMPTOMS: Kidney disease means painful, frequent urination, chronic lower back pain and fatigue, chills and fevers and fluid retention.

For Kidney Stones, there may be no apparent symptoms except a dull ache in the lower back, until the stones block the urinary tract, which results in excruciating, radiating pain. Then there is very painful urination, nausea, fever and vomiting.

Causes of this condition are excess  sugar and red meat in the diet along with consumption of milk, cheese, butter and ice cream. Carbonated drinks, caffeine, diabetes, allergies and heavy metal poisoning such as excess aluminum and EFA deficiency, and overuse of prescription drugs can all combine to cause the problem,in particular a deficiency in Magnesium which is required by the body to convert Calcium into usuable nutrient. A deficit of this extraordinary mineral results in “calcification” in the bloodstream, arteries, the brain and in the kidneys. 

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