My best friend's heart attack

In Australia, my birthplace, every male has what is known as “a best Mate.”

This is your very best friend, confidante, protector of your family should you be lost, and the person who will always stand by you in times of need.

Last week, my “best Mate”, a world-renowned painter and artist, someone whom I thought would never crumble, was hit with a heart attack.

He wanted me to share his story for everyone to read and learn what to do, should it ever happen to you – or your best Mate.

Dear Wayne,

“Last Thursday I was working out in my keep fit exercise class. Nothing too strenuous, we are all of an age and wise enough to know our limits.

Suddenly I felt nauseous and walked outside to get some fresh air. For the next ten minutes I began to sweat profusely. My head became dizzy, I thought I may faint or keel over, I could feel the blood draining from temple. I was short of breath. My arms and legs began to tingle. A pain started to happen in the centre of my chest, it felt tight and getting tighter. I told Inger and she quickly drove me home. Just 3 minutes away. Luckily our GP doctor’s practise is just 50 metres from our home. Inger walked me down there. The doctor immediately spayed a fluid under my tongue to relax the muscles, gave me an aspirin to thin the blood, then called for an ambulance to take me to Sutherland hospital. Five minutes later the pain had eased and I began feeling more comfortable.

The trip to Sutherland takes 25 minutes. All that time there was a cheerful aboriginal paramedic sitting next to me, calming me down by chatting away. He told me he was born in Western Australia, spent the first 8 years in Perth before coming to Sydney for a good education. He loved surfing and that’s how he finished up living close to Cronulla. We talked about Aussie rules football and rugby. I told him our daughter had just given birth to her first baby, our third grandchild. His wife was also about to give birth to their third child. He already had two boys and this time they were hoping for a girl. Time passed quickly and by the time we got to the hospital I was feeling quite relaxed.

They immediately checked me in and within five minutes I was in a private room wired up in 20 places on my body with a screen in front of me recording my blood pressure, heart and breathing rate. Blood was taken to be analysed in the lab to check cholesterol levels and other symptoms.

The verdict was a minor heart attack.

The doctors told me I would have to have an angiogram to determine what was needed to repair and fix the problem. I was given time to ask all the difficult questions which there were many having not been ill most of my life, before agreeing that they should go ahead.

I was taken in for surgery the next morning, given a local anaesthetic in the groin area. then a thin tube was passed up an artery to my heart. I could see it all on the screen and felt no pain. The doctors studied the pictures on the screen, found the problem area (see photograph attached) and suggested I should have 2 stents inserted to enlarge the area where the artery had narrowed and was causing a blockage.

Once I agreed this was immediately done, the stents were inserted in the correct area, then a spring activated to expand each to the right size. The doctors agreed the procedure had gone well, it had taken less than an hour, I was then returned to my room, wired up for monitoring for the next two days and released on Sunday the 5th of June, the day Inger and I were to celebrate our 46 wedding anniversary.

Cups of Green tea and a light meal replaced the normal family celebration lunch.

I am now back home feeling good. This morning we had a lovely walk on the beach with our dogs. I now have to take it easy for two weeks, the doctors say this gives the heart a chance to get over the shock, I can walk but not lift anything heavy. I have to take 4 pills daily to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and to thin the blood. Then they tell me I will be able to do everything I could do before the heart attack.

I’m back.

Hopefully more dangerous than ever now I have stronger blood flow through my arteries.

What I can’t understand is how this suddenly happened. I’ve always felt so strong, always been able to do heavy physical work, never smoked a cigarette, never taken drugs, never had heart palpitations, never been short of breath, always had lots of exercise, swimming, walking daily, attending an exercise class twice a week for the last three years, there was never a sign of a problem, nothing major has ever shown up on my medical yearly check ups.

It came from out of the blue.

I’m lucky it was dealt with quickly.

I have nothing but praise for everyone at the hospital. I was amazed to find out how many people who staff our hospitals if Sutherland is a typical example are originally from other countries. 8 of the 10 nurses and staff who looked after me were from Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Malaysia or India. The heart surgeon was from India.

I don’t have private health insurance but I couldn’t have received better treatment anywhere in the world.

I’m sending this because it may help someone deal with a similar situation. My message is to act quickly.

Hugs and kisses”


Bob is as big as Mount Rushmore in power, size and message – just like his incredible paintings. He couldn’t understand how this could happen, as he exercised regularly, never smoked and generally took good care of himself.

Unfortunately the first indicator oftentimes of heart disease is a heart attack itself. Read my suggestions below, as this could happen to you – or your best Mate!

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Eliminate all forms of dairy. No more milk, cheese, ice cream or butter. Get Almond Milk, Hemp Milk and Earth Balance spread, coconut milk ice cream.
  • Eliminate animal proteins, especially red meat, pork, chicken and turkey. Sign up for Our Community Kitchen newsletter on how easy it is to make the transition preparing delicious “plant-strong” meals.
  • Walk every day for 45 minutes. First thing in the morning if you can, to meet the new day head on. This lowers blood pressure amazingly fast, and cholesterol and stress too, while exercising the heart.
  • Become a “juicer” like Jack LaLanne who lived to be 94 on fresh juices like carrot/beet/cucumber every day.
  • Get a copy of The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and read it cover to cover. It changed Bill Clinton overnight and will do the same for you. (Watch the video story I wrote last year, The Veggie Butcher & President Clinton, and learn more.)
  • Make these Heart Formulas an essential part of your daily regimen:
  • If you have a high-stress lifestyle, seek out a yoga or meditation class, take up Pilate’s and learn to control anger, anxiety or impatience. These are triggers sudden strokes and heart attacks.

If you have further questions, or have concern that you or a best friend may be at risk, call me for a private conversation.


P.S. Visit Bob’s online gallery at His paintings and drawings are truly amazing and capture the true essence of Australian spirit.

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